Police made blunders in Aligarh case: Ex-DGP Vikram Singh

Police made blunders in Aligarh case: Ex-DGP Vikram Singh

Noida: Former Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police Vikram Singh on Friday lambasted the state police for allegedly making blunders in the Aligarh murder case of two-and-half-year-old child while asserting that getting the accused punished in 30 days may help in winning back people's trust.

Speaking to ANI, he said, "People are furious which is obvious. First of all, the police should work on gaining the trust of people. If the case was registered after 30 hours of delay, this is a very big lapse.

Secondly, the parents of the victim were pushed out of the police station, which is again a mistake. The police also failed to take action under Section 166A of IPC." Demanding a fast-track court hearing of the case, Singh further said, "They have made the team but this is not rocket science.

Best forensic science experts, statements under 164 CrPC, fast track court and private counsel should be deployed to make sure that the accused get punished within 10 days." He also criticised the local police head of the village and stated that the incidents could have been averted with "better watch".

"Tappal is not a big place and the station in-charge must have kept better watch if there was a family dispute. Police and administration should have made more efforts to catch the culprits. I would say that it was a total miscarriage of the police procedure," he said.

The police said on June 5 that the girl was abducted and killed in a revenge crime over a financial dispute her father had with the accused, Zahid.

A postmortem was conducted under the supervision of a team comprising of three doctors which confirmed that she was strangulated but ruled out the possibility of rape.



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