Naxalites scared with this new move of police, now targeted by common people

Naxalites scared with this new move of police, now targeted by common people

In Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district, the police changed strategy against the Maoists seems to prove to be effective. Since January 2019, Maoists have not been able to cause big damage to the jawans in the district. On the other hand, the Maoists scared of the continuous successes of the security forces on the Naxal front, are now in the forefront of spreading panic in the district by making the target of the common citizens.

With this changed strategy of police, Naxalite has come back to Bijapur in Bijapur. The jawans are constantly getting success on the Naxal front. Bawled Maoists are now targeting their citizens. Since Bijapur in the year 2019, the police are continuously working on the Naxal morchas. In addition to one or two small incidents, the Maoists in the district are not able to face any major damage.

Within a few days of changing the government in the state, the police captain of the district also changed. At the same time, the police has also changed their strategy. The police has started using the security of the security forces as a direct benefit to the changed strategy. The angry Maoists now target the common citizen and want to keep their horror alive in the heart and mind of the people.

How did the security forces get success in the last 5 months

In the last 5 months, in 8 different encounters, the jawans killed 12 Maoists. During the area domination, patrolling-and anti-Naxal operations, security forces claimed to arrest 1-2 Maoists instead of 1-2 permanent warranties. Due to the increasing pressure of the police, 24 Maoists, filled with red terror, surrendered.

With 22 IEDs of different mechanisms, 28 of the Maoists have also recovered the jawans. Attacked by the police, the Maoists attacked civilians and killed 3 civilians, while 10 civilians were injured in Maoist attack. Bijapur SP Govardhan Thakur says that in the case of police loss, two Maoists were killed in the attack while 1 in the second attack was injured.


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