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In school, plastic waste is being taken instead of fees from children

In school, plastic waste is being taken instead of fees from children

10-20 pieces of plastic are taken from children every week
110 economically weaker children read in this school

Guwahati. There is a school in Guwahati, Assam's capital, where children's plastic waste is taken as fees. More than 100 children who are economically weaker in school The school is alerting the children and their people about the damage caused by plastic.

The 'Akshar' school was started by Paramita Sharma and Mizin Mukhtar in 2016. Here economically weaker 110 children read. They are offered 10 or 20 old and deteriorated plastic bags every week as fees. Also, they are advised not to burn plastic.

Paramita is doing masters from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences at Guwahati Center. He said, "Our school is very different in many ways. Especially we started it for poor children. Here, training of business skills along with mathematics, science, geography is also given.

He said, "Most of our children are out of school in our school. Their parents were not able to send them to school. They used to send them to earn nearby stones in Khadan. We inspired them to go to school. "

Magazine used to live in New York. They came here with a plan to open a school here. He worked for another time in Lakhimpur for another school. Later, in collaboration with Paramita, he started 'Akshar' school in Pamohi of Guwahati. Paramita is from Assam. Both had the dream of working in the field of education. Both of them got married in 2018.

Paramita said, "We notice that people use plastic much more here. Plastic is not only harmful to our environment but also damages our ecosystem. We asked the people not to burn it. "

The children have made eco bricks with waste plastic in the school premises and have prepared a security cover for the plants. Paramita said, "We are using these eco-bricks to make toilet in the school. Along the way, they made the way. Children use it after school is flooded. With the help of these eco-bricks we have also siege of the premises. "

There is no age limit like the traditional schools for Admission in the letter school. He said that the level of children is fixed on the basis of the test given at the time of admission. The test takes place every Friday at the school.

Magazine said, "We inspire older children to teach young children. In the letter 'we' teach the first thing, become a good teacher. The school has courses for singing, dancing, solar panelling, gardening, organic farming, carpenter, cosmetology, electronics and recycling.


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