Raj Thackeray reopened Maharashtra's tension, BJP opened the photo of the stolen photo on IT cell page

Raj Thackeray reopened Maharashtra's tension, BJP opened the photo of the stolen photo on IT cell page

MUMBAI: Raj Thackeray, chief of Maharashtra Navnanghal Sena (MNS), has exposed the "lie" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his much-awaited IT cell. While highlighting BJP's agenda on poverty alleviation programs by the Modi government, Raj Thackeray has shared a video which is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Addressing a massive rally in Marathi, Thakre invited a family to the stage and asked his viewers to watch on a big screen, where he showed the screenshot of BJP's promotion page. The Facebook page of which he shared screenshots on the screen, the name of it is 'Modi for New India'. It was written in its caption, "It is not a slogan campaign for Modi to give a better life to the poor. Congress can give slogan to poverty only, but it can not do anything. '

Caption posted while sharing a picture of Modi with family of seven members. It has also been claimed in the photograph, "In the last three years, 7.5 million people came out of poverty." The picture posted by Modi for New India page claimed that the photo of the family used in the Facebook post. It was one of the beneficiaries.

According to Thackeray, BJP's IT cell used his photograph without his knowledge. He also called the family on the platform to highlight the lies of BJP's IT cell, whose photo was shared on the Facebook page of 'Modi for New India'. According to Thackeray, the unclaimed BJP cadre stole that photo from the family's Facebook account and promoted fake publicity for its poverty reduction program. He said that there is no shame to the unavoidable cadre of BJP.

While addressing the crowd, he said, "How false will people preach, people of their unclaimed IT cell These people keep sharing different things on social media. Do not put yourself on authorized items, spread out things. One thing out of that was on our hands. 'Then he shows a screenshot of a Facebook page named' Modi for New India 'on a large screen. After showing a screenshot of the Facebook page, he called the family on the stage whose photo was shown on that page.

He further says, 'This photo is a family photograph drawn in the house, which he shared on social media. His IT cell picked up the photo and spreading the photograph of Modi on it is spreading on social media. The people who are not even shy about them are not ashamed of who are taking photos of whom they are advertising, they are not known. Take them out of the whole 5 years, see. '

Raj Thackeray's video is now increasingly viral on social media. At the same time, social media users are also enjoying this video and are targeting BJP and their IT cell. One user wrote, "Raj Thackeray is showing the right earner of this jamblebare ... it should be exposed in the whole country like this, nothing will happen to the Modi devotees, but people will see the truth."

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