Why this friend of India is putting the dragon on the country, know what is the biggest move of China against India

Why this friend of India is putting the dragon on the country, know what is the biggest move of China against India

New Delhi : The small country of South Asia is in the headlines these days. China and India have a sharp look at the general elections here. You may be wondering what India and China have to do with the Maldives elections. What is the interest of the two countries in the elections in Maldives? Let us tell you why China and India have looked at the election results here.

Look at the dragon on Maldives, India's worries
The Maldives attracts tourism for the countries around the world. But for China, this country is useful in economic and strategic terms. Indeed, the Maldives of China's ambitious project 'One Belt One Road' is an important part. That's why China's interest in Maldives has increased in recent years. Maldives is also important for India. The way Chinese intervention is increasing in the Indian Ocean. It poses a major threat to India's strategic and economic interests. The Maldives diplomacy and strategic vision are important for India. India periodically provides assistance in several projects besides warships, helicopters, radars.

Yameen and China's strong friendships have influenced India's interests. During Yemen's regime, China has invested in many projects here. It includes an airport in Malédie's capital Malé. According to a report, China has invested about $ 83 million in the Maldives.

India is special for Maldives
Strategically, the geographical structure of Maldives is very special for India. The distance from Maldives to Lakshadweep of India is only 1200 kilometers. In such a case, if China enters the Maldives, it will be easy to reach India's strategic targets. That is why it is imperative to distract India from any dragon stir here. China is cleverly spreading the foot in the Maldives. He is fulfilling his strategic interests under the guise of economic interests in the Maldives. He is planning his infrastructure in Maldives in the name of development. This is a matter of concern for India.

Maldives is also very important for business and business. Actually, the Maldives is a country of islands. There are about 1200 islands here. The 90,000 square kilometers of this country is an important route for sea ships. That's why China's eyes are on this country. This sea route is a double-profit deal for China. In addition to trade, these routes also serve its strategic interests.
India's party is Solihay
The end of monarchy and the democratic process started in the Maldives in 2008. Mohamed Nasheed was elected the first president of this country. Nasheed is considered a supporter of India. During his tenure, India-Maldives had a warm relationship. But these conditions did not last long for India. In year 2015, Nasheed was ousted from power under anti-terrorist laws. During the political crisis in the Maldives in 2018, Nasid sought military help from India.
In 2018, India has diplomatically condemned Yameen's rule and has given his support to Sohil in the elections held here. In this election, Maldivian President Mohammed Solih's Maldivian Democratic Party is heading for victory. This will make the Solihah stronger. Mohammed Solihah will be stronger with the victory of the Maldivian Democratic Party It is also believed that Nasheed's return is being decided with this victory.


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