US warning of Pakistan: Another terrorist attack on India will bring great trouble

US warning of Pakistan: Another terrorist attack on India will bring great trouble

The US has asked Pakistan to take strict action against the terrorists. With this, the US warned Pakistan that another terrorist attack on India would be 'very problematic'.

A senior official in the White House told reporters on Wednesday, "Pakistan needs strong and consistent action against terrorist groups. There is a need to take action against Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba, especially in the region, due to the situation of tension.

On condition of anonymity, the official said, "If Pakistan does not take action against terrorists and there is another attack on India then it will be a major problem for Pakistan which will cause tension between the two countries and both of them Would be dangerous. '

On being asked by Pakistan about the steps being taken by Pakistan after the air strikes by Pakistan in Pakistan, the official said that there is a need for 'irrevocable and sustained' action against terrorist organizations by the US and international community. The official said that it will be quick to evaluate the full evaluation.

The official said that Pakistan has taken some action in recent days. The properties of some terrorist organizations have been seized and some have been arrested. Some of the features of Jaish-e-Mohammed have been taken into control. However he further added that they want to see more action now.

The official said that the US is working with its international partners to increase pressure on Pakistan. Given that Pakistan also has economic concerns. He said that FATF is an area which reflects their need to take action against terrorist organizations. Otherwise they are in danger inside the system.

Pakistan needs to decide that she wants to see herself as a responsible global player, where she has access to all financial systems or wants to see herself isolated if she fails to act against terror organizations. . The official said the option is to select Pakistan.

The US official said that even though the tension between the two countries has come down, the army of both the countries is still on high alert. The official said, "Therefore, we feel that if there is any terrorist attack, God forbid that, then you can see the increase in tension, therefore we are making clear that any kind of additional military action There is an unacceptably high risk for both countries and regions.


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