Congress announces new announcement on minimum income plan, says women will get Rs 72,000

Congress announces new announcement on minimum income plan, says women will get Rs 72,000

Congress has made a new announcement on Tuesday for the minimum income. Randeep Singh Surjewala, spokesman at the Congress headquarters in the national capital, Delhi gave this information. Surjewala said that '72, 000 rupees will go to the women's home account '. He questioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should tell that he is in favor of it or in opposition to it.

Surjewala said that 20% of the poor families will get 72,000 each year. This scheme is female centric, this money will be deposited in the account of the housewives. ' He said that this scheme will be implemented for both the urban and rural poor.

Surjewala said, "This is a new beginning in Congress 'poverty eradication justice journey' in this country. "Justice from the poor and justice to the poor" - that is, 'justice' means the minimum income plan. ' In the press conference, Surjewala claimed that Congress governments reduced India's poverty from 70% to 22% after independence. He said that we will work to remove 22% of the poverty in the rest of India.

Attacking Prime Minister Modi, Surjevala said that "he can forgive the handful of Rs 3,50,000 crore for the handful of businessmen, but for the poor of India 72,000 is difficult for them." Why is the BJP opposing this plan? '

Surjewala said that when 'Mr. Modi can spend' 5,000 crores for his publicity and advertising, why are he opposing 72,000 for the poor family? ' Surjewala said that it has three facets. Firstly, 20,000 of the country's poorest families will get 72,000 annually, which will benefit about 50 million families and 25 million people. He said it is not a top-up skim. This is a women centric scheme and money will be deposited in the women's account. Surjewala said that this scheme will be applicable to the poor of the entire country.

Surjewala claimed that this is the biggest plan that strikes poverty in Azad Hindustan and the whole world. He said, "The truth is that BJP and Modi are always standing in front of the poor of the country. At the same time, as the Prime Minister, Moji ji resisted MNREGA, which had already crushed poverty in the speech in Parliament. NSSO statistics show that since Modi ji came to power, 40 million jobs were over. Surjewala said that Modiji, the GST you put in, ruined small industries.


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