For this reason Congress has bet on Imam Pratapgadhi

For this reason Congress has bet on Imam Pratapgadhi

There is a special status in Hindi and Urdu shires. It has become the identity of the current situation and its exact comment on it. Because of which, they continue to remain targets of the state. Mob Lynching, Najib, Vemulah, Karaana Migration, etc., included dozens of cases in their eyes and came to the headlines. Giving slogans 'blood is speaking' against all this, hundreds of people gathered and performed on Jantar Mantar.

Apart from all this, there is no other person but his shayari does not miss the aim of targeting PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi. These are all the reasons that millions of young people imran Pratapgadhi take hands. There is no shortage of people on social media also.

On a Facebook page alone, he has more than 10 million followers. More than 3.50 lakh people follow him on the tweeter. Their followers have made several groups on the social media in the name of Imran Pratapgarhhi.

When reaching any city, there are thousands of people behind Imran. Videos and photos of this kind of crowd can be seen on their Facebook page. Perhaps these are the reasons for which Congress has made him the candidate of the Rajbabber in the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

As it is, there is a clear indication that the prediction will be of the same kind. When Congress made its candidate from Moradabad Lok Sabha seat, Imran first read this lion,

I still despise the legacy of the elderly, I accept to support the land!

Political war is in this era, people of Zamhuriyat, Moradabad pray for this war!

Born on August 6, 1987, Imran is from UP's Pratapgarh district. His full name is Mohammad Imran Khan. He used the name of Pratapgarh in his district as Takhalus. In the same way as Kumar Vishwas Kavi emerged from the conventions, Imran Pratapgadhi also made his identification in Musashire. Though it is said that less and political arrows of love are more in their poetry.

Imran has studied Hindi from Allahabad University. He has a good catch in both Hindi and Urdu languages. His father Mohammad Ilyas Khan is a doctor by profession. Imran started writing a poem from the fifth class to the Sher-O-Shayari. Apart from the country, Imran also participates in the foreign countries of Mushahars.

Madarsa, Palestine, we are Muslims and their names written on Najib have been quite popular. He advocates for the training of Muslims, as well as their clear thinking on the rights of the Muslims and the political issues. From time to time, Imran has also been seen on political forums. He also read a book against Anna Hazare in a round.

This meeting brought Imran to the state

Referring to Imran in a program, he said that Rahul Gandhi had met in November 2018. The meeting was scheduled for 25 minutes. But when we sat, the meeting lasted 1.30 hours. From Shayari to Politics and the issues of the country were discussed. In this entire meeting, I am impressed by Rahul Gandhi's simplicity and his vision. And it is good to sleep that when Priyanka Gandhi came, a passion was filled.


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