Delhi: Mentally ill woman beheads her eight-month-old son

Delhi: Mentally ill woman beheads her eight-month-old son

New Delhi: A mentally disturbed woman allegedly beheaded her child, chopped his body and was found sleeping with it in outer Delhi’s Aman Vihar area, police said on Friday.

They said that the woman had decapitated her son’s head using knives and mutilated the body using bricks.  The incident happened late last night, when the baby boy was with his mother. His two sisters, aged seven and two, were at their grandfather’s residence, the police said. The boy’s father was out for work. The woman had also inflicted injuries to herself and she is currently admitted to a hospital, they said.

When the father returned home late in the night, he found his wife sleeping with the body of the infant. The boy’s father said that when he reached home, his wife did not open the door. “I sensed something wrong and broke open the door. There was blood all around and my son’s head was lying on the floor while my wife was holding his body in her lap,” he said. The boy’s father said that his wife had earlier killed their two-month-old son four years ago but they had not informed the police at that time keeping the woman’s mental condition in mind.

He said that he had sent his daughters to their grandfather’s house nearby to keep them safe. The woman had been undergoing treatment at Lady Hardinge for mental health issues, the police said. Meanwhile, locals alleged that the woman had killed her son under the influence of a godman but her husband denied it even as the police said that further investigation is underway.




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