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User account is empty with these 23 dangerous apps! Delete instantly from mobile

Android is a bad news for smartphone users. 23 such dangerous Android apps have been found on the Google Play Store, which do not even let users find out and empty their account. Delete them from your mobile immediately.


new Delhi. Cases of fraud with users through mobile applications are constantly being exposed. Due to which, once again issuing a warning to Android users, it has been advised to remove 23 mobile apps immediately. These applications do not allow users to know and gradually empty their account. If you also use Android smartphone, then it is important to be alert before installing some apps. Researchers at cyber security and software firm Sophos have revealed these dangerous apps. According to the report, these are all fleeceware apps and they have violated the policy of Google Play Store.

Researcher Jagdish Chandraiha told in a blogpost that the terms and fonts of these apps found in Google are very light which are not read. However, there are some flaws in it that allow some dangerous work.

See the complete list of these apps- Sophos researchers have released a list of 23 apps and have advised to remove them from the mobile


Chandraiha said that spyware is a type of malware mobile application, which comes with hidden subscription fees. These applications take advantage of those users who do not know how to cancel the subscription after removing the app. They use 'spam subscription' technology. Once the users accidentally sign up, then there is an option to subscribe them to a group of different apps. The user unknowingly clicks the button and subscribes to many apps.

Corona cases cross 32 lakhs in country, highest number of patients and deaths among these 5 states

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases in India: India is the third most affected country in the world in terms of number of corona virus infections. The United States is the most affected by the Corona epidemic after Brazil. Maharashtra has the most active cases in the country.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases in India: The number of corona patients in the country crossed 32 lakh on Tuesday. So far, 32 lakh 34 thousand 475 people have been infected with this corona virus (Covid-19). Within the last 24 hours, the report of 67 thousand 151 people came positive. In one day 1059 infected people have also died. There are 10 states in the country where more than 1000 patients have died, Maharashtra is at the top, where 22.7 thousand patients have lost their lives. Apart from this, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab are included. India is the third most affected country in the world in cases of corona infection, but every day new cases of corona are coming here. On the previous day, 40,098 new cases of Corona arrived in America and 46,959 new patients were found in Brazil.

According to the latest information of the Health Ministry, there are now 7 lakh 07 thousand 267 active cases in the country. So far, 24 lakh 67 thousand 759 people have been recovered from Corona. So far, 59 thousand 449 patients have lost their lives. Meanwhile, the central government has increased testing. Now 26,648 people are being investigated in every 10 lakh population. Of these, 8.72% i.e. 2,324 people are found to be infected.

Maharashtra has the most active cases in the country. More than 1.5 lakh infected people are being treated in hospitals in Maharashtra. It is followed by Tamil Nadu at number two, Delhi at number three, Gujarat at number four and West Bengal at number five. These five states have the most active cases. India is third in the world in active case.

Highest deaths in these states
In Maharashtra, 329 patients died in 24 hours. The death toll has now risen to 22,794. Karnataka was followed by 148 people in Karnataka and 107 in Tamil Nadu. 92 in Andhra Pradesh, 58 in West Bengal, 49 in Punjab, 20 in Gujarat, 19 in Madhya Pradesh, 17-17 in Delhi and Bihar, 14 in Jammu and Kashmir, 13 in Rajasthan, 12-12 in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, Haryana and 10-10 in Kerala, 9-9 in Telangana, Goa and Odisha, 8-8 in Assam and Puducherry, 6-6 in Uttarakhand and Tripura, 3 in Chandigarh, 2-2 in Manipur and Andaman Nicobar, 1 patient in Himachal Pradesh Lost his life

The condition of the major states affected by Corona
>> The total number of infected 10,425 new patients of Kovid-19 in Maharashtra has reached 7,03,823 on Tuesday. With this, the cases of corona virus in Maharashtra went beyond seven lakhs. Earlier on August 17, the number of Kovid-19 patients had crossed six lakhs. In 24 hours, 12,300 patients have been cured. With this, the number of people getting free from Corona virus infection in the state has increased to 5,14,790.

>> 1544 new cases of corona virus infection have been reported in the national capital on Tuesday. With this, the total number of people infected in Delhi has been 1,64,071. At the same time, 17 more patients of Kovid-19 died in the last 24 hours. So far 4330 people have lost their lives due to corona virus epidemic in Delhi.

>> In Uttar Pradesh, more than 24 thousand cases have increased in the last five days. At the same time, 349 patients lost their lives. The government says that the reason for increasing the case is more testing. On Monday, 1.6 lakh samples were examined in the state. The good news is that in the last 24 hours, where 4 thousand 601 patients were found, 4 thousand 494 people also became healthy.

>> In Patna, Bihar's capital, the number of corona infected has increased to 18843. So far 15885 patients have been cured. There are currently 2885 active cases. Five corona patients died in AIIMS. There are two patients from Patna among them. There has been a decrease in the number of corona tests in the state. Only 60 thousand 215 samples were examined on Monday. On Sunday, this number was 1 lakh 1 thousand 36

How much testing done so far?
According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 3 crore 76 lakh 51 thousand 512 tests of Corona have been done so far in the country. Of these, 8 lakh 23 thousand 992 people were tested on Tuesday.

Decline in mortality, recovery rate and improvement
There is a steady decline in the death rate and active case rate from corona in the country. The death rate fell to 1.83%. Apart from this, the rate of active cases undergoing treatment has also come down to 22%. With this, the recovery rate means that the recovery rate has been 76%. The recovery rate in India is constantly increasing.

India has highest daily corona cases in the world
According to the Worldometer, America ranks first in the list of countries most affected by Corona. So far, more than 59 lakh people have become victims of infection. In the last 24 hours more than 39 thousand new cases have come in America and 1261 people have died. At the same time, there have been 47 thousand cases in Brazil in 24 hours. Everyday, the highest number of corona cases are coming to the world.

Horrific road accident in UP; 6 killed, 8 injured in a head-on collision between two roadways buses

In Kakori, UP, 8 passengers were seriously injured in a face-to-face collision between two roadways buses. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath) gave instructions to provide immediate relief to the affected people in the bus accident.

Lucknow. A horrific road accident (Kakori Bus Accident) has occurred in Kakori, Uttar Pradesh. A face-to-face collision between two roadways buses of UP Roadways killed 6 people, while 8 other passengers were injured. The injured have been admitted to hospital. Two buses of roadways going from Lucknow to Hardoi and Hardoi to Lucknow collided with a severe collision. In this accident, the bus of the bus flew away. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath) has expressed condolences to the passengers killed in this accident. He has directed to provide immediate assistance to the affected.

The administration has released the names of the 6 people who died in the bus accident in Kakori, UP. The age of the deceased Nitesh Bharti has been stated to be 20 years, Lucky Saxena 18 years, Rajendra Saxena 48 years and Hariram's age of 40 years. At the same time, the age of another deceased Dr. Ramkishan has not been revealed. An unknown woman has also died in the bus accident, which is being identified. Police and administration officials are trying to gather information from local people regarding the accident. Along with this, arrangements have also been made to inform the families of the passengers on the bus.


Eight passengers injured in a face-to-face collision of buses coming from Lucknow to Hardoi and Hardoi to Lucknow have been admitted to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. However, the number of injured passengers is also expected to increase. In media reports, the number of injured is being reported up to 12. However, Joint Police Commissioner Naveen Arora confirmed that 6 people were killed and 8 passengers were injured in the bus accident.

Here, after the horrific road accident, the administration has started investigating the cause of the incident. Police-administration is trying to gather information from the local people regarding the accident. Especially after the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the administrative officials are trying to find out the reason for the accident.

Rahul Gandhi will now have to fight with the BJP as well as his own people, the question raised within the party increased the problem

Questions are not raised on Rahul Gandhi but on his advisors, managers
Leaving the post of president in 2019 was a big mistake of Rahul Gandhi
Not bad to write a letter, but it was wrong to make public
A major trouble is arising within the Congress party for Rahul Gandhi, former President of the Congress Party. Senior party leaders are questioning the managers, advisors of Rahul Gandhi. A former Union Minister says that the people whom Rahul Gandhi is surrounded by are people of non-political background and political decisions are taken on his advice.

A woman leader in Rahul Gandhi's team believes that the difficulties have increased slightly. Such contradictions have come at the wrong time in the party. For this, she considers the former Congress president's sudden resignation in 2019 as a huge mistake. The fast-paced leader of the party says that not only he, but all the young leaders of the party like him think. However, he says that the Congress party will be able to give further political direction to a leader like Rahul Gandhi. It is not a question of anyone else.

What is angry with Rahul Gandhi?
A senior leader who wrote letters to 23 party leaders said that there was no personal displeasure with Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has been active in the Congress party since 2004. He has been doing front line politics for the last five years. He has given a lot to the Congress party. The question here is about the future and future challenges of the party.
There is a changed BJP of 2014 and 2019 in front. The image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It needs a strong, active, united opposition. The senior leader says that this is not possible without strong leadership at the central and state level in the Congress. Therefore, radical change in the organization is the need of the hour.
Leaders like Anand Sharma want to know in the meeting held at the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad that what the party wants to do next regarding the issues raised by writing letters. Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tiwari also believe that given the challenges, the party will have to take transparent steps.
Why did Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mukul Wasnik sign?
Walk towards the team of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. A former Union Minister says that writing letters is fine. It is part of the democratic process. Sometimes, by writing a letter which you are unable to say to your leader, you can raise it on the party forum. It has always been a tradition within the Congress party.

But Mukul Wasnik has seen the functioning of the organization for a long time. Ghulam Nabi Azad is a very senior leader. He should have thought before signing the letter to the party leader. It would not be good for a serious leader like Kapil Sibal. The health of the party president was not good, the timing was not right. Secondly, after writing this letter also became public. This did not go right.

Sources reveal that Mukul Wasnik later apologized for the mistake. Ghulam Nabi Azad also softened slightly. Rahul Gandhi called him in honor of Kapil Sibal. However, everyone believes that many issues are necessary. Many changes are necessary within the party. I am sure the Congress President will take note of this.
Congress is a democratic party
A former General Secretary of the Congress Party says that where there is such a big party, small things keep going. If there are people doing politics, then there will be politics. This is the beauty of the Congress party. The source says that in the last 10 years, you should give such an example in BJP? According to the senior leader, no one would mind obeying Sonia Gandhi as a leader within the Congress party.

Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress Party had unanimously elected Rahul Gandhi as the President under the election process of the party organization. It is a good thing that we are discussing 'what is good and what is bad' in our political affairs? Sometimes confusion also occurs. But when a situation like this (writing letters, talking, creating controversy) comes on the forum of the party, then all the confusion is also removed. The source says that former Union Minister P Chidambaram has also done the same thing. The Congress president will take the decision that will be right next.
Is there internal strife within the party?
A senior leader from Maharashtra said that do not call it an internal conflict. This can be called a concern keeping in mind the future of the party leaders. Assembly elections of the states are due in the coming time. The central government is continuously failing to face the imminent challenges facing the country. Public problems are increasing.

The Congress is taking up important issues, playing the role of the opposition. Other opposition parties are isolated in this matter. Therefore, to present a challenge to the ruling party, the opposition will have to come in a strong role. This is not possible without Congress.

Missed questions for Rahul Gandhi
The Congress Working Committee meeting held on Monday has left many questions for Rahul Gandhi. A section of the party believes that this question is also important for Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. A source close to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, says that any question stands for change. It is also important to raise questions from time to time. So that the system remains alive.

Young leaders like Rohan Gupta also believe that the Congress Party can neither stand united without the Nehru-Gandhi family nor face the political challenges ahead. Even leaders like Rajesh Mishra of Banaras believe that what happened since 1996, we all know. A prominent Congress leader from Kerala says that without the Nehru-Gandhi family, the Congress would lose the status of a national party.

The leaders within the party will start to fight with each other and all new parties will be formed. The source says that it is considered by almost all party leaders. He says that from 1950 onwards look at 2000. All the leaders who left Congress wanted to make their political existence as a new political party, how successful were they? Therefore, everyone has to move forward simultaneously in the national interest, party interest.

Passengers traveling in metro will now have to buy smart card, download app from here

Passengers traveling in the metro will now have to purchase a smart card. The initiative of the smart card will not cause the passengers to worry about infection, nor will it take time to buy the token or deposit it on arrival at the destination. For the convenience of travelers, the app has been given the facility to download through the Google Play Store.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) decided to introduce smart cards for passengers instead of tokens for protection from Kovid-19 infection. Anurag Vajpayee, founder of Autopay, a company that provides card facility through the app, says that all preparations for the smart card have been completed. Lakhs of cards are ready for this so that passengers do not face any problem in the journey when the services start.
Everyday more than 1000 passengers are being asked questions related to registration. It is also available on the Google Play store. Initial offers are also being given to travelers with smart cards.

Raise voice for betterment, not to lower Chief Justice's stature: Prashant Bhushan

Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan refused to apologize unconditionally for his controversial tweet in the Supreme Court on Monday in the contempt case. In his supplementary affidavit in the Supreme Court, Prashant Bhushan said, "As a court officer I feel that there is a deviation in this, I raise my voice."

I raise my voice for betterment and not for lowering the stature of the Supreme Court or any Chief Justice. My criticism should be taken in a positive way. The Supreme Court is the last hope for the protection of fundamental rights. People are hopeful from this court. The Supreme Court is the protector of the constitution and the rights of the people.
He said, my comment was constructive criticism of the court. Withdrawing it would mean a sincere apology. Today, in these times of trouble, the people of India are expected to ensure the rule of law and constitution in this court.
Earlier on 20 August, Bhushan had justified his remarks, but despite this, a three-member bench of the Supreme Court granted him till 24 August to reconsider the statement and apologize unconditionally.

Great disappointment after seeing the order of 20 August
There was utter disappointment after seeing the Supreme Court order of 20 August. During the hearing I was asked to reconsider my statement in two-three days. However, the order also said that if I want to apologize, then I have been given time to apologize unconditionally.

Found more than I did for the organization
Bhushan also said, I never hold back in apologizing for my mistakes. It is a privilege for me that I have served this institution and brought many important public interest cases before the court. I have found more than I have ever done for this institution.

Suspicious ISIS terrorist arrested with pressure cooker bomb in Delhi; police

Suspected ISIS Terrorist Arrest: According to the Delhi Police, the suspected ISIS terrorist was caught trying to carry out a major attack in Delhi. It also performed Reiki in many places. Police is now killing Red


New Delhi. A suspected terrorist (Terrorist) has been caught in the Encounter last night in Dhaulakuan area of ​​the capital Delhi. According to the police, the suspect is named Abu Yusuf and is related to the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS). According to the information received, the Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested this terrorist last night after an encounter near Ridge Road connecting Dhaulakuan to Karol Bagh. Two IEDs and a pistol have been recovered from it.

The Delhi Police said that the ISIS terrorist was riding on a bike. According to sources, this terrorist had 15 kg of explosives. However, police say that an IED made of pressure cooker has been recovered from him, the weight of which is not known at the moment.

According to the information, the Special Cell of Delhi Police was informed that a terrorist has entered the capital with the intention of spreading terror. On the basis of information, the police team tried to apprehend the suspect near Dhaulakuan, then he started firing. After firing from both sides, the terrorist was arrested. According to Special Cell's DCP Pramod Kushwaha, the suspected terrorist is linked to the Islamic State.

According to the information so far, the terrorist was in a bid to carry out a big terrorist attack in Delhi and had done Reiki in many places. After interrogating the terrorist, Delhi Police has started putting red in many places.

The UP police can also interrogate the arrested terrorist Abu Yusuf. Terrorist Yusuf told that after the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan, these terrorists had a plan to detonate in different states of India on a large scale. With these attacks ISIS wanted to spread panic all over the world. The terrorist said that within a month of Ram temple Bhoomi Pujan, there was a plan to explode.

For the first time, an ISIS terrorist was caught with weapons
An ISIS module terrorist has been caught for the first time with IED and other weapons. Kerala module of South India is quite active in ISIS module. The NIA is investigating many cases related to this. Many people from Kasargod in particular have gone to Afghanistan after joining ISIS. Kasargod militant's name came up as suicide bomber in recent attack on gurdwara and jail in Afghanistan.

Coronavirus Cases in India: Nearly 70 thousand new corona cases found in one day in the country, 945 patients died

Coronavirus Cases in India: According to the Ministry of Health, at present there are 6 lakh 97 thousand 330 active cases of Coronavirus infection in the country. So far, 55 thousand 794 patients have died from Corona.


Coronavirus Cases in India: The graph of patients infected with Corona virus (Corona) in the country is going up rapidly. The number of new corona patients has started approaching 70 thousand every day. According to the Health Ministry data, 69 thousand 878 new cases of corona have been reported in the last 24 hours. During this time, 945 people have lost their lives due to corona infection. After the new case of Corona found in the last 24 hours, the number of infected patients in the country has increased to 29 lakh 75 thousand 701.

According to the Health Ministry, there are 6 lakh 97 thousand 330 active cases of corona in the country while 55 thousand 794 patients have died due to corona infection. At the same time, it is a matter of relief that so far 22 lakh 22 thousand 577 people have recovered. Let us know that for the first time more than 10 lakh people have been corona examined in 24 hours. Maharashtra seems to be the most affected by Corona. Here, Corona records are being seen every day.

On Friday, 14,161 new cases of corona virus were reported in Maharashtra and with this the number of people infected with this virus has increased to 6,57,450 in the state. According to the health department, the number of dead has increased to 21,698 with the death of 339 patients in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, 11,749 patients have been discharged from hospitals after recovering. With this, the number of healthy patients has increased to 4,70,873.

1250 new Corona cases found in Delhi
The total number of cases in the city has increased to 1,58,604 after 1,250 new cases of Corona virus infection were reported in Delhi on Friday. According to Delhi Health Department, with the death of 13 patients due to this deadly virus in the last 24 hours, 4,270 people have lost their lives due to infection here. At the same time, on Thursday, 1,215 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported while 22 patients died. The highest number of 3,947 cases of corona virus infection were reported in a single day on 23 June in Delhi.

14 more people died due to corona in Bihar
During the last 24 hours 14 more people died due to Corona virus infection in Bihar. With this, the total number of people who died of this disease increased to 588 on Friday, while the total number of people infected so far has increased to 1,17,671. According to the Health Department, due to Corona virus infection during the last 24 hours in the state. Six people have died in Begusarai, two in Gaya and one each in Khagadia and Madhubani districts.

1335 new cases of Corona came out in Rajasthan
With the death of 12 more patients due to Corona virus infection in Rajasthan on Friday, the total number of people who died in the state has risen to 933. With this, 1335 new cases were reported, bringing the total number of infected with this deadly virus to 67954 in the state, out of which 14525 patients are under treatment. By 8:30 pm on Friday, 12 more infected people died in the state, including three in Jaipur, two in Tonk, one each in Bharatpur, Bikaner, Jalore, Nagaur, Rajsamand, Sikar and Udaipur.

Air travel in Corona era more safe, Kovid-19 less susceptible to infection- Study

Due to Coronavirus, many questions were being raised on the flight journey. However, it has been pointed out in a study that if proper measures are used, the passengers can avoid getting infected.


New Delhi. In the early days of the coronavirus epidemic, two people were caught during the 4 hour 40 minute international air journey. It has now been confirmed on scientific grounds that the corona infection can spread in the aircraft, but its transmission rate is lower than before. The 2 people who were infected during the air travel were 102 people on board. On March 9, seven people were found to be Corona positive in a Tel Aviv-Frankfurt flight. Four people had symptoms during the flight itself and none of the passengers were wearing masks. Explain that closed spaces i.e. indoor space have become a concern for the spread of Kovid-19. These viruses can roam as aerosols. Usually, during the speaking of people, many very small particles go into their body. When a person coughs or sneezes, its quantity increases greatly. In such circumstances, experts have feared that the long flight may be risky.

The study said that seven infected air travelers must have been hit by the hotel a week before the flight. At the Destination Airport, we conducted a medical evaluation of the tourist group in which Sars-CoV2 from the swab sample was tested. Apart from this, after four to five weeks all the passengers were contacted on phone and interviewed.

Small droplets in this area increase the risk of infection
According to a report in the English newspaper Hindustan Times, Professor Sandra Sisek, in a study done on two people found infected in a Tel Aviv-Frankfurt flight, said that there is a possibility that both were placed on the two-row parameter. This means that the line was placed where the passenger was 2-2 in front and back. In this area, the risk of infection from small droplets is high.
Overall, 71 of the other 78 passengers (91%) who were in group contact with the flight completed the interview, and serum samples were taken from 13 of these individuals six to nine weeks after the flight. Analysis of these showed that two people who had contact with the infected group also found the virus. However, the researchers, on the other hand, also believed that he may have been infected before or after the flight.

Airflow can be slow here
Professor Sandra Sisek, one of the authors of the study published on the JAMA Open Network on Tuesday, said that the circulation of air within the airplane seemed to slow transmission and avoid the use of masks as viruses. Can.

A report by people doing research on this said that airflow in the cabin from the roof to the floor and from the front to the back can be slow. It is speculated that the wearing of the facemask of the passengers reduces the chances of getting infected by the infection.

Professor Sandra Sisek, who was involved in the study, said that 'it is important to keep in mind that the infection of Kovid in air travel can spread. To prevent its transmission, rules such as wearing masks should be followed.

WHO chief said - Corona virus epidemic will end in two years if we remain united

The World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that the coronavirus pandemic will end in the world within two years.


Geneva. The World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that the coronavirus Pandemic will end in two years in the world. It will end in less than the time it took to stop the flu pandemic of 1918. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday that the Spanish flu had ended in two years, about 102 years ago. He said that if the world remained united and the vaccine was discovered, the epidemic would end in less than two years. Tedros said that once in a century such a health crisis occurs. It is worth noting that due to Spanish flu, in February, 1918 to April, 1920, more than two years, around two crore people died in the world.

Corona virus spread rapidly due to globalization

The WHO Chief said that due to globalization, the spread of corona virus has been much faster than in the year 1918. Although today we have techniques to stop the virus compared to that time. The technology to stop the virus was not the same as it was a century ago.

'Corona virus has spread at lightning speed'
Tedros said that in today's world, the possibility of getting in touch with each other is much more than in the world of that time. He said that due to globalization, the corona virus is spreading in the world at lightning speed. With this, we now have the technology and knowledge to stop it. So far, 22.81 million people have been infected with the corona virus. A total of 793,382 people have died.

The disease is still the worst in the United States and Brazil. The total number of infected in the US has crossed 57.01 lakh, while in Brazil more than 34.60 lakh cases have been reported so far. Similarly, in the case of total deaths, both countries have crossed the figure of one lakh. More than 1.76 lakh deaths have been reported in the US while more than 1.11 lakh people have died in Brazil from Corona.