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4% of those with underlying respiratory condition tested positive for coronavirus: ICMR

According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, nearly four per cent of people in Maharashtra who suffer from severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) have been diagnosed CoVID-positive.

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) had collected swab samples from 553 people suffering from SARI in Maharashtra, of whom 21 (3.8 per cent) tested CoVID-positive and did not have any international travel history.

Considering the rising number of such cases, health experts are saying the outbreak has now undeniably entered the community transmission phase. The ICMR has been conducting random sampling tests on patients, having tested 5,911 SARI samples from February 15 to April 2.

Of these, 104 people - 1.8 per cent of those who were tested - from 52 districts in 20 states and union territories tested positive for coronavirus. “In at least 40 cases (39.2 per cent of those who tested positive), there was no foreign travel history or any connection with a foreign traveller.

These cases were reported from 36 Indian districts in 15 states. In 15 Indian states, more than one per cent of SARI patients were CoVID-positive,” said an official.

The highest number of SARI samples were collected from Gujarat (792), followed by Tamil Nadu (577), Maharashtra (553) and Kerala (502). In Maharashtra, 21 of the 553 SARI samples in Maharashtra were confirmed COVID-positive, higher than other states.

Doctors from the Indian Medical Association have said that Maharashtra has entered Stage 3 but the government is not accepting it. “The ICMR study also shows community transmission has begun but to avoid creating panic among citizens, the government is not revealing it,” he said.

Dr Om Shrivastava, infectious diseases expert, said it was too early to comment on the study, as for now, they were focusing on the immune system of patients. “It has been learnt that many patients with good immunity have also tested positive for corona,” he said


Coronavirus in Mumbai: 33-year-old woman tested positive for COVID-19 made to wait 12 hours before being admitted

Flying in the face of the claims made by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation that it has enough isolation facilities in the city for corona patients, because of space cruch issues, a 33- year-old female dialysis patient, who had tested CoVID-positive on Friday, was made to wait almost 12 hours before being admitted to the King Edward Memorial Hospital.

She had came to the hospital in the afternoon on the same day, to be admitted to the CoVID ward. But doctors made her wait in the hospital premises, saying there was a space crunch.

“We were scared when we learnt she was a corona patient and was waiting inside,” he said. She told The Free Press Journal that for the last few months, she had been suffering from a kidney problem and she had to visit the hospital twice a week for dialysis.

However, a few days ago she had symptoms similar to those brought on by a corona infection. Her swab sample was sent to a private lab for testing on April 8. “The report revealed I was CoVID-positive. Accordingly, my family was quarantined and their samples were also sent for testing. Police brought me to KEM Hospital,” she said. But she was only admitted to the hospital almost 12 hours late, after senior health officials intervened and made arrangements for her.

“I was kept waiting from afternoon but because of a shortage of beds, I was denied admission and had no option but to wait. Security officers were constantly asking me to leave the hospital premises. It was 12.30am by the time I was admitted and they started treatment,” she added.

Health officials said they will take action against the hospital dean for such lethargy, considering the seriousness of the situation and will now trace all those people in the hospital who may have come in contact with her in the period she was waiting.

In the meanwhile, the Directorate of Health Services has ordered all dialysis centres in the state to be open 24/7, formulating new guidelines which must be strictly followed.

“Keeping in mind the needs of patients with kidney disease, all dialysis centres have been ordered to stay open. Under no circumstances should these services be discontinued,” said Dr Sadhana Tayade, director, DHS.

Raipur : Video conference with the Prime Minister: Chief Minister Mr. Baghel requests for permission to carry out essential economic activities within the states

In view of the current COVID-19 crisis, Mr Baghel suggested to extend ban on inter-state road, air and rail facilities

Demand for Economic Package from Central Government for MSME Sector Industries

Emphasizes on the need to have more samples taken and tested to prevent COVID-19 infection


Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has urged the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi that in this duration of lockdown, permission should be given to carry out economic activities within the states. Mr. Baghel further suggested that maximum number of samples be taken to prevent coronavirus infection. He also emphasized on the need to continue the ban on inter-state road, air and rail facilities, in view of the current status of corona crisis. Mr. Baghel made the above suggestions in the video conferencing of Chief Ministers of all states, called by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi,  to review the status of Corona virus infection in various parts of the country.

        Chief Minister Mr. Baghel also urged the Prime Minister that the number of PPE kits should be increased and testing facilities should also be expanded. He also suggested that Central University examinations should be postponed or taken online.  Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that lack of clear instructions in the guidelines set by the Central Government for the purchase of test kits is creating confusion.  Clear guidelines are required in this regard. He said that the MSME sector in the state is constantly demanding economic package. Due to the extended period of lockdown, the existence of this important sector, which provides maximum employment to the people, is in danger. He requested to announce an early economic package by the Central Government to save these industries.

The Chief Minister affirmed that Chhattisgarh was the first state in the nation to implement the lockdown by 31st March. There is a better situation here due to complete lockdown. A total of 18 persons with corona infection have been found infected in the state. Of these, 10 have recovered so far.  Condition of the remaining 8 patients is stable. All 7 members of Tablighi Jamaat who were found infected with Corona virus have been admitted to AIIMS Raipur, their condition is also stable. No death has been recorded because of corona virus infection in the state so far. He informed that only 5 districts have been found to have corona infection patients in 28 districts of the state, infected persons have not been found in the remaining 23 districts. So far, 3,473 samples have been taken in the state. An average of 135 samples are being taken per day. Which are very less. Due to less testing, it cannot be said with certainty whether the condition of Covid-19 virus is actually under control or not. There is a need to take 3 to 5 thousand samples daily. A request has also been made earlier in this regard.

       The Chief Minister told in video conference that 107 members of Tabligi Jamaat have been kept in quarantine in the state. One of these members is undergoing treatment, he was discharged yesterday. He said that thousands of people were trapped in the state border. They are currently quarantined outside the state limits. But these people are facing a lot of trouble. There are also many travelers and families who want to return back to their homes. Guidelines are expected in this regard.

 Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that out of 56 lakh families in the state, 47 lakh poor families have been given a lump sum ration for two months, and sugar, salt has also been distributed. He told that the market in the state is closed due to which sale and purchase of forest produce is not happening. In the Scheduled Areas, the work of collection and procurement of forest produce Mahua, Tamarind is going on through Forest Committees. States should be allowed to conduct such activities. Daily food is being provided to two and a half lakh families in the state. 77 thousand people have been placed in Quarantine. 10,000 people have been placed in the quarantine in the state borders.
     In view of the increasing number of patients during the Corona crisis,  Chief Minister Mr.Baghel suggested to continue the ban on interstate traffic facilities through road, air and rail. He also said that considering the number of Corona-infected people and their status, it would be appropriate to authorize the state governments to decide whether economic activities in respective states should be resumed or not. Given the current situation, we will definitely face an economic crisis. Action plan has to be prepared as per requirement, to support and revive economy.

       On this occasion, Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdev, Home Minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu, Additional Chief Secretary Mr. Subrata Sahu, Health Secretary
Mrs. Niharika Barik Singh, Food Secretary Mr. Kamalpreet Singh were present.

Watch: Bhilwara village sarpanch slams Sonia Gandhi for crediting Rahul Gandhi for 'Bhilwara Model' to battle COVID19

Bhilwara Sarpanch Kismat Gurjar has hit out at interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi for crediting Congress scion Rahul Gandhi as the brainchild behind the Bhilwara Model that has ensured that the district hasn’t reported a single new coronavirus case in 10 days.

“I am hurt at her statement, as the work done to make the Bhilwara model successful is the work of all the local authorities.

Sarpanch Kismat Gurjar
भीलवाड़ा वासियों की मेहनत का श्रेय सोनिया गांधी जी द्वारा राहुल गांधी जी को दिया जाना दुःखद हैं।

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9:25 PM - Apr 10, 2020
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Earlier, she has shared a video of herself sanitizing her village. “Doctors and police personnel are engaged in saving the country from corona infection along with me, so why should I stay behind? Have tried a help like the help of squirrel in building the bridge of Shri Ram.”

Sarpanch Kismat Gurjar
श्री @narendramodi जी के साथ चिकित्सक और पुलिस के जवान कोरोना संक्रमण से देश बचाने में लगे हैं तो मैं क्यू पीछे रहुँ ?

श्री राम के सेतु निर्माण में गिलहरी की मदद जैसी एक मदद की कोशिश की हैं।

मेरी ग्राम पंचायत देवरिया , भीलवाड़ा में #COVID19 से बचने हेतु सेनेटाइनेशन करते हुए।

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1:39 AM - Mar 25, 2020
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Acting Congress President has claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s timely intervention had prevented the coronavirus outbreak spreading in Bhilwara, which was one of the earliest hospots of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

According to The Print, sources said that Sonia made the statement at a meeting with state Congress chiefs, where she reviewed the steps taken by them to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting lasted over three hours.

However, people laughed off the report, questioning why doctors and nurses weren't credited for their hard work.

Bhilwara had become one of the hotspots of the outbreak, registering 27 positive cases and two deaths.The city has so far not reported any new case in the past 10 days, and the credit can go to the administration headed by Rajendra Bhatt and his team that comprises IAS officer Tina Dabi

Notably, Bhilwara had issued a total lockdown days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued the 21-day lockdown. On March 20, the district administration called for shutting of all shops, and asking people not to panic.

Coronavirus outbreak: Punjab fears community transmission, Union Health Ministry stays in denial

New Delhi: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday set the warning bells ringing regarding community transmission of coronavirus in his state and projected a frightening scenario of the pandemic worsening in July and peaking in September, which could mean prolonged or recurring lockdowns to deal with it and relief only in October when the curve starts flattening.

However, the Union Health Ministry reiterated yet again that there is no community transmission and all new cases are of contacts with infected persons. Health Joint Secretary Lav Srivastava further asserted at the daily press briefing that 1.62 lakh samples were tested on Thursday and only 0.2% were found to be positive.

That shows the deadly virus is not spreading, he pointed out. He said the government's priority is containment and the ministry will be the first to admit to community transmission whenever it happens.

Sharing the projections he has received from experts, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh told the media via video conferencing that 58% Indians are likely to get infected, while the count would be 87% in his own state.

“Many able people, top class professionals, including scientists and virologists, have produced a report which suggests India could peak by mid-September. University of Boston and John Hopkins have also said India will start peaking in July-August. The curve will start flattening in October.” he said, stressing that the circumstances are such that no government could afford to ease restrictions.

The CM said the Government of India is also privy to these "frightening and horrendous" projections, but still it has not accelerated the testing.

"We can see the figures are rising every day; also, the testing is nothing compared to the population. Things are not good. This is the start of the battle; we are in for a long haul. Look what is happening in the US, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and UK… We have to keep that in mind.”

His assessment about the crisis acquiring dreadful dimensions was anchored in his revelation: Punjab has a huge problem of people who returned from abroad; 95000 came to Punjab directly and 45,000 came via Delhi.

To quarantine them was a major operation. Right now, we have only 132 confirmed cases apart from 11 deaths but we are geared up for four phases. In the first phase, we may need 2000 beds, then 10,000, 30,000 and finally the number may go up to one lakh. We are taking over private hospitals, arranging for testing kits, ventilators, PPEs.”

BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya has landed in trouble once again for spreading fake news.

Same old: Amit Malviya shares fake ICMR 'report' claiming that lockdown prevented lakhs of COVID-19 cases

Sharing an APB TV news clip on Friday, Malviya tweeted, “Corona infections would have crossed 8.2 lakh in India by April 15 if there was no lockdown here: ICMR research. The number of corona positive patients is around 6,400 as on April 10.”

Amit Malviya

Corona infections would have crossed 8.20 lakh in India by 15 April if there was no lockdown here: ICMR Research.

The number of Corona positive patients is around 6,400 as on 10 April. #IndiaFightsCorona

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3:09 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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However, soon after, journalist Arvind Gunasekar shared a statement made by the Indian Council of Medical Research Joint Secretary Lav Aggarwal. “Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secy, MoHFW has just said that there is no such report from ICMR which says Corona infections would have crossed 8 lakh in India by April 15 if there was no lockdown. Hope Amit Malviya ji will explain now.”

Arvind Gunasekar

Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secy, MoHFW has just said that there is no such report from ICMR which says Corona infections would have crossed 8 lakhs in India by April 15 if there was no lockdown.

Hope Amit Malviya ji will explain now ???? …

Amit Malviya

Corona infections would have crossed 8.20 lakh in India by 15 April if there was no lockdown here: ICMR Research.

The number of Corona positive patients is around 6,400 as on 10 April. #IndiaFightsCorona

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3:59 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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Malviya has still to delete the tweet and was trolled by many for his continuous sharing of fake news.

Krishan Partap Singh

Officially denied by Health Ministry. Mr Fake News is at it gain. …

Amit Malviya

Corona infections would have crossed 8.20 lakh in India by 15 April if there was no lockdown here: ICMR Research.

The number of Corona positive patients is around 6,400 as on 10 April. #IndiaFightsCorona

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6:11 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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This isn't the first time Malviya has shared fake news. Given his large following 4.5 lakh on Twitter, chances are such stories can be circulated on social media. Earlier this year, Malviya had shared "a proof of biryani being distributed at Shaheen Bagh". However, Netizens brutally trolled the BJP leader on Twitter. "Wow people eat at Shaheen Bagh...what a brilliant expose by Malviya !! Koi Padma Shri do isko," wrote a user. While another one wrote, "Looks like BJP IT cell head @amitmalviya is frustrated as he couldn't eat biryani for years. Koi Shaheen bagh se bechare ko mutton biryani parcel kardo yaar."


Some Twitter users even shared Malviya's previous tweets where he is seen asking people to suggest him places to have biryani. He is also seen recommending restaurants to have biryani.

Notably, Mumbai Police issued a warning to those who spread fake news in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Cracking the whip on social media against fake content, Mumbai Police said that WhatsApp group admins will personally liable if such misleading stuff is found circulating.

The Mumbai police commissioner has issued orders - valid from April 10 to April 24 - prohibiting any kind of fake or distorted information on all social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. It has also banned derogatory or discriminatory messages towards any community or causing panic and confusion among the people.

The order also says that any attempts to incite mistrust against the government officials or their acts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and such messages causing danger to public health or safety or public peace.

In the order, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Pranaya Ashok said that For all such acts by any person or groups, the person designated as "Group Admin" shall be held personally liable for such content in his/her group and attract action under the relevant laws.

On Thursday, Maharashtra Cyber police had said that there has been an increase in fake news, hate and communal content over coronavirus on social media in the last few days. The state cyber police have registered 132 cases till Wednesday in connection with fake news, rumours and hate speeches on social media since the lockdown.


Pak Science Minister harps about 'pendamic' India, Twitter says 'Punjabi mein lekh ke Google translate kar lo'

Twitter trolled Pakistan Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry for his anti-India rant while discussing the coronavirus pandemic.

“People of #Endia lesson from #CoronaLockddow is never support political oppression how #ModiGovtFailsIndia by indefinite lockdown of #Kashmir people suffered this agony for too long not becauuse of Pendamic but because #Endia political leadership failed humanity (sic)”

Ch Fawad Hussain

People of #Endia lesson from #CoronaLockddow is never support political oppression how #ModiGovtFailsIndia by indefinite lockdown of #Kashmir people suffered this agony for too long not becauuse of Pendamic but because #Endia political leadership failed humanity

8:06 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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Naturally, Twitter had a field day trolling him for his long-winded tweet that looked like a collection of words put together to form a random sentence.

Ch Fawad Hussain

 · 14h
People of #Endia lesson from #CoronaLockddow is never support political oppression how #ModiGovtFailsIndia by indefinite lockdown of #Kashmir people suffered this agony for too long not becauuse of Pendamic but because #Endia political leadership failed humanity

Keh Ke Peheno
Pendamic kya hota hai? Pencildamic ka bhai?

9:30 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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Keh Ke Peheno
 · 13h
Replying to @fawadchaudhry
Pendamic kya hota hai? Pencildamic ka bhai?

5min lag gaye samjhne me ki sala likhna kya chahraha tha..

11:01 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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Ch Fawad Hussain

 · 14h
People of #Endia lesson from #CoronaLockddow is never support political oppression how #ModiGovtFailsIndia by indefinite lockdown of #Kashmir people suffered this agony for too long not becauuse of Pendamic but because #Endia political leadership failed humanity

The-Lying-Lama 2.0
Bhai tu Punjabi mein tweet likh ke Google translate karta hai kya?

8:36 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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Ch Fawad Hussain

 · 14h
People of #Endia lesson from #CoronaLockddow is never support political oppression how #ModiGovtFailsIndia by indefinite lockdown of #Kashmir people suffered this agony for too long not becauuse of Pendamic but because #Endia political leadership failed humanity

Endia - India
Coronalockddow - CoronaLockdown
Becauuse - Because
Pendamic - Pandemic

Next time prepare karke aana. #Endia

10:07 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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Ch Fawad Hussain

 · 14h
People of #Endia lesson from #CoronaLockddow is never support political oppression how #ModiGovtFailsIndia by indefinite lockdown of #Kashmir people suffered this agony for too long not becauuse of Pendamic but because #Endia political leadership failed humanity

Harish (The Photoshop Guy)
Bhai kum se kum english ko to baksh de..????

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10:19 AM - Apr 10, 2020
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This isn’t the first time Chaudhry has been involved in tickling Twitter’s funny bone. In February, he left netizens rather baffled on Thursday after tweeting about how "whole Pak is a thong for RSS/BJP extremists".

"Yes Inshallah @peaceforchange is safe by the grace of Allah and not only three whole Pak is a thong for RSS/BJP extremists of #Endia," read the full tweet.

Earlier, when India successfully conducted one more ISRO mission, he misspelled scientist. While tweeting about ISRO, Chaudhry said, "All respect for ISRO and Indian Sciencetist they are great guys irony is #ModiSarkar irresponsible attitude... they are using prestigious organisation for cheap political ambitious projects to get political advantages are destroying otherwise great organisation."

Former IAS officer Vinay Sheel Oberoi passes away, Smriti Irani pays her respects

Vinay Sheel Oberoi, the former Secretary Higher Education in the Union HRD Ministry passed away on Friday night.

Former Union Minister Smriti Irani was one of the first people to pay tributes to him.

Smriti Z Irani

Vinay Sheel Oberoi - colleague, father figure , friend. Was blessed to serve with him in HRD when he donned the hat of Secretary Higher Education. Though we lost him last night , his guidance & kindness will stay with me forever. Om Shanti ????

View image on Twitter
7:31 PM - Apr 10, 2020
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Oberoi, who hailed from Bihar, studied in Doon School and St Stephen’s College. He also holds a postgraduate in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics.

Oberoi held several positions in Meghalaya, as well as in the Government of India.

He had served the Union Ministries of Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development as well as the Ministry of Women and Child Development. He also served as the Ambassador & Permanent Representative of India to UNESCO.

In 2018 April, it was announced that Oberoi would also be the Chairperson of the 7 member High Power Committee formed to examine the process of CBSE class examinations, with a view to prevent leakages

BREAKING- CM Bhupesh Baghel's big statement on Tabligi Jamaat in Chhattisgarh, 52 people not missing, only 107 people were found connected with Jamaat in the state, all identified

Bhupesh Baghel said that Andhra Pradesh SIB had released a list of 159 people considering mobile location as the basis, to compete with Corona, the Chief Minister emphasized on physical distancing instead of social, saying - words like social distancing will have to be removed from their mind

Raipur- Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel today made it clear that the number of people returning from Nizamuddin Markaz is only 107. On the list of 159 people released by the government, he said that the SIB of Andhra Pradesh had prepared this on the basis of mobile network data, such names were also added to this list, which have nothing to do with the tabligi. . All 107 people in the state are identified, out of which 8 people are being treated after being found corona positive. All other people have been quarantined. He said that after seven positive cases came, Katghora has been completely locked down. Every house is being investigated, a 20-day history of people who have been found positive is being extracted. Emphasizing the importance of taking balanced steps between life and needs in the midst of the corona epidemic, the Chief Minister said that words like social distancing should be removed from their mind and physical distancing should be brought.

Today, the Chief Minister discussed with the media through video conferencing the preparations of the government to prevent the spread of Corona virus infection. During this, he said that during the lockdown, social organizations, media as well as officials and employees of the state government have done a good job. We were successful in passing the government order to the general public. Describing the functioning of the government in the midst of the Corona disaster, he said that we are giving two months ration to poor families together. Ration has been reached to 40-45 lakh families. Now the work of distribution is nearing completion. Complaints have also not been received in its distribution. Those whose ration cards were not made, were also provided rice. He said that the work of breaking mahua, tamarind in the scheduled areas is going on. There was a problem selling it. Arrangements for procurement have been made through forest committees and self-help groups. This is an achievement in itself.

Bhupesh Baghel said that seven new cases have come up in the state on Thursday. Earlier, 9 positive cases have been completely recovered. Presently 9 patients are under treatment. He said that 100 percent lockdown has not happened in Chhattisgarh so far. Vegetable shops, ration shops, farmers' edible seed shops were opened, but after seven new cases came to the fore in Katghora, a complete lockdown has been kept there for the first time. Every house is being investigated. The Chief Minister said that in the state of lockdown, there was better discipline in rural areas than in cities. The rural system is as strong today as it was before. Roads have been closed in villages, banners have been installed, trees have been cut down. No one is going out Even if a person had gone out from the plains to remote villages, his living arrangements have been made out after coming back. Not being allowed to enter the village. This indicates that there is more alertness in the villages.

On the question of having a limited test, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the central government's guideline is that in which symptoms will be seen, they have to be tested. The availability of PPE and test pests is limited. It is available by the Central Government. Therefore, they are using it with frugality. For the first time people who returned from the UK were taken their first test. Most of the cases have come out of them only. People who have come in contact with them have taken their tests. Now we have issued orders to conduct tests on a large scale. The health department has put out a tender for the purchase. Arrangements will be made soon He said that now we have ordered the health department in the state for random investigation. As soon as the availability of test insect is available, large scale test works will be started. At present, AIIMS and Jagdalpur Medical College were allowed by the Center to be tested, now Mekahara has also got permission. In the midst of the Corona disaster, on a question related to Prime Minister Modi's plea to ring and burn lamps, the Chief Minister said that Corona will be treated with medicine. Will be from physical distancing. Only doctors can cure it, it is not possible with other things.

On the question of extending the date of the lockdown, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that on April 11, the Prime Minister is conferencing videos with the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country. Based on the decision to be taken during this conference, Chhattisgarh will decide the strategy ahead. We have called a cabinet meeting on 12 April. Further strategy will be decided in this meeting to be held by video conferencing. Here on the question related to Fake News, the Chief Minister has said that everyone should worry about this social harmony. The government has formed a fake news committee. Action will also be taken on receipt of complaint. Regarding the letter sent to the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister said in his reply that till now there has been no response to his letter.
On the question related to the harvest, Bhupesh Baghel said that due to the rains, there has been loss of crops. Despite this, the farmers of the state are busy in wheat harvesting and rabi crop these days. Their work is going on in the fields. Shops related to farming, food-seed shops are open. At present, about five lakh agricultural laborers are working. MNREGA works have also been opened, but in the meantime, there is a problem that too many laborers do not come out due to the closure of villages.

Mahabaleshwar Fiasco: Maha Home Minister suspends officer who gave permission for Wadhawan trip

The Wadhawan family, who are the promoters of the debt-ridden DHFL group, were on Thursday placed under institutional quarantine by the Mahabaleshwar police after they took a six-hour joyride from Khandala to ‘chill’ at the hill station.

The two main members, Kapil Wadhawan & Dheeraj Wadhawan have been detained in Mahabaleshwar, in violation of Sec 144 Police of Mahabaleshwar found 25 people at their farm house including family members. They have been missing since the YES Bank fiasco.

Question arises: How on earth did they get permission? A letter doing the rounds on social media, which has signed by Amitabh Gupta, the principal secretary (special) of the Maharashtra State Home Department. The letter gives permission to five vehicles, all having Jharkhand number plates, and says that special permission has been given to ‘family friends’ for a ‘family emergency’.

Questions are also being asked on how Gupta managed to print the letter on the Home Department's letterhead, and how it has been leaked to the media.


State home minister Anil Deshmukh has meanwhile ordered Gupta to go on compulsory leave with immediate effect. A pending inquiry will be initiated against him.


As per discussion with Hon. CM, Mr Amitabh Gupta, Principal Secretary (special), has been sent on compulsory leave with immediate effect, till the pending of enquiry, which will be initiated against him.#LawSameForEveryone

1:31 PM - Apr 9, 2020
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Some IAS officers like Ashok Khemka have expressed outrage, and demanded Gupta's suspension and called for a chargesheet against him.


 · 10h
As per discussion with Hon. CM, Mr Amitabh Gupta, Principal Secretary (special), has been sent on compulsory leave with immediate effect, till the pending of enquiry, which will be initiated against him.#LawSameForEveryone

Ashok Khemka

This is an eyewash. Suspend and charge sheet him for major penalty under rule 8 of the AIS (D&A) Rules.

6:22 PM - Apr 9, 2020
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AIS is All India Service (Discipline and Appeal) and Rule 8 imposes major penalties on an official.

Former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis also questioned the move, asking if the lockdown was not for the rich and powerful.

Devendra Fadnavis

No lockdowns for mighty & rich in Maharashtra? 
One can spend holidays in Mahabaleshwar with official permission from police.
It is not possible that a senior IPS officer would do such gross mistake knowing the consequences on his own.
(1/2) …


#Breaking on @thenewshour | Maha VVIP lockdown racism. Maharashtra IPS officers to be charged for helping 'fraudsters' to get lockdown free pass.
TIMES NOW accesses the 'guarantee' letter. 

Details by TIMES NOW's Megha. | #ContainmentZoneLiveReport

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10:28 AM - Apr 9, 2020
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