Our first step towards fulfilling the promises of the manifesto is the third supplement: Chief Minister Shri Baghel

Third supplementary budget passed more than 10 thousand crore in assembly

Together with the size of the state budget, now more than one lakh crores

Chhattisgarh first state to purchase paddy in 2500 rupees of quintal in the history of India: Shri Bhupesh Baghel


Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel said that the Government is fulfilling all the promises of the Jan Manifesto, respectively. Shri Baghel said that the third supplementary budget is the first step of his government in this direction. The provision of the necessary amount in the third supplement has also been made to fulfill the promise of Rs 6100 crores loan waiver and the promise of purchase of rice at the rate of 2500 rupees per quintal.

Mr. Baghel was responding to the discussion in the House on this evening in the Assembly on the third supplementary budget for the current fiscal year 2018-19. Mr. Baghel has specifically mentioned important decisions taken so far within 20 days of taking charge of his government. He said that we have come to work for farmers, poor, tribals and scheduled people of the state. After the inspection of Shri Baghel, a third supplementary sound vote of Rs 10 thousand 395 crore was passed in the house. He said - Government is committed to maintaining financial discipline. Mr. Baghel told the House that Rs 1,841 crore was paid for the regular salary payment of one lakh 09 thousand civil servants who had completed eight years of service in the third supplement and 5 thousand 501 Panchayat secretaries who had completed 15 years of service were given higher pay scale A provision of 100 crores has been made for giving.

He informed that in the main budget of the financial year 2018-19, the total provision was 87 thousand 463 crore rupees. On the first, second and the third supplement passed today, the size of the budget has now become Rs.1.55 thousand 170 crores. He said - In the Jan-Declaration, we had promised that within 10 days of the formation of the government, farmers' debt would be waived. What we said, we completed it within ten days. He said - The first thing we did when our government was formed on December 17, 2018, is the work of farmers' debt waiver. Our Government has decided to waive the agricultural loans of all the farmers of state cooperative banks and state rural banks upto 30th November 2018 on 17th December, 2018, besides a primary agricultural credit partnership between November 2018 to November 30, 2018. The loan amount paid by the committees in the form of linking or cash has also been waived.

For the debt waiver of farmers

More than 4223 crores in third supplement

 Shri Baghel said that for the implementation of the decision of debt waiver, we have also issued notification in the short-term agricultural loan forgiveness scheme 2018. Along with this, a provision of 4 thousand 223 crores 48 lakhs has been made for the loan waiver of the farmers in the third supplementary budget passed today. 1248 crores of rupees recovered in cash / linking from farmers by the Primary Agricultural Credit Co-operative Societies to the farmers on December 24, 2018 were returned to 3 lakh 57 thousand farmers. The Chief Minister said that the current debt waiver scheme of the state government is also important so that regular farmers will be benefitted with defaulter farmers as well. No maximum limit has been set in this loan forgiveness plan. All short term agricultural loans of farmers will be waived.

     Shri Baghel said that Chhattisgarh is the first state in the history of India, which has decided to purchase paddy at a rate of 2500 rupees per quintal from its farmers. They said that we had promised in the manifesto, which is being fulfilled. He said that it has been decided to purchase 2500 rupees per quintal of rice from the farmers of the state from Kharif year 2018. This amount is comprised of the support price (MSP) set by the Indian government.

About 1.7 million registered farmers will get paddy incentive amount

Shri Baghel told that in the Kharif marketing year 2018-19, the Government of India has fixed the minimum support price of 1770 rupees of A-grade and Rs 1750 for the general paddy, in addition to this increase by 300 rupees by our government to 730 for A-grade paddy Paddy production incentive (Paddy Bonus) has been decided to pay Rs 750 per quintal for rice and general paddy. With our decision, farmers will get paddy incentive amount at two and a half times higher than earlier. The benefit of this increased amount will be to meet all the nearly 17 lakh farmers registered in the Markfed for Kharif 2018 paddy. These will include two lakh 13 thousand women, one lakh 87 thousand Scheduled Caste farmers and four lakh 07 thousand farmers belonging to Scheduled Tribes. Shri Baghel said that in addition to the support price of our government, the provision of additional amount of Rs. 3 thousand 070 crore 10 lakh rupees in the third supplement to provide the farmers a paddy incentive (bonus) at the rate of Rs. 750.

For the education workers who have completed eight years

1841 crores provision

The Chief Minister told the House that the process of civilization of the education workers who have completed eight years of service in the state has been completed. An additional provision of Rs. 1,841 crore has been made in the third supplement for the reduced budget provision available for regular payroll payments after the civilian. Nearly one lakh 09 thousand regular education workers will get the benefit. The Chief Minister said that it is imperative for the people to get benefit of the public welfare schemes that the information about the schemes has reached the public. For the promotion of schemes, a provision of Rs. 60 crores has been made in the third supplement.

100 crores provision for Panchayat Secretaries

Chief Minister said that Rs. 111 crores have been provided for granting scholarship to children of scheduled castes and tribes and for other schemes. He informed that 5 thousand 505 Panchayat Secretaries who have completed 15 years of service in Gram Panchayats have been given the benefit of higher pay scale. In order to get the benefit of incremental salary on time every month, provision of Rs. 100 crores has been made in the third supplement.


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