Gurugram shooting: Judge didn’t let Mahipal go home early to see his ailing daughter, says PSO’s uncle

Gurgaon: An uncle of suspended policeman Mahipal, who allegedly shot dead his protectee judge’s wife and critically injured their son, Monday said that he possibly took the extreme step in fury over denial of his repeated pleas for leave to attend on his seriously ill, 7-year-old daughter.

Suspended Head Constable Mahipal’s uncle Daan Singh also accused Additional Session Judge Krishan Kant and his family members of mistreating him for resenting their orders to run their errands.  “My nephew Mahipal’s 7-year-old daughter was seriously ill and needed urgent treatment. On the fateful day, he had received repeated calls from his wife to reach home early to take his daughter to a doctor and he had repeatedly asked for an early leave,” Daan told TV news channels at his home town Rewari. “But the judge rebuked him and asked him to take his wife and daughter for shopping instead, possibly frustrating him,” Singh said.

Admitting that Mahipal’s gruesome crime cannot be justified, Singh appealed to higher-ups in police to keep these circumstances behind the offence in mind while investigating it. Singh also said Mahipal’s wife and children, besides his ailing mother and brother-in-law too have been taken away by the police. Singh said, “The medical prescription of his daughter illness is available with us. It was also shown to the police when they came to his flat at Gurgaon police lines. But they took away all family members to an undisclosed location.” Singh who brought up Mahipal since he was three, said Mahipal is not one to readily express his emotions.

“When upset, he would cry all alone,” said Singh. Mahipal has been working as personal security officer for various officials for the last four years. He was working as the judge’s PSO for over two years. Meanwhile, Gurgaon ACP Dharna Yadav, who is probing into the sensational murder case as part of an SIT, said, “We are doing fair investigation from all angles. The concrete reasons of murder have not emerged so far.” “We will not victimise any one including the accused’s family,” he said. The ACP said eight officers interrogated Mahipal today during the day, but Mahipal did not answer any of their questions.

“He often laughed loudly instead,” the ACP said. The police also scanned Mahipal’s two Facebook accounts and one WhatsApp account to ascertain his mental state, he said. “We are linking together all pieces of evidence to reach conclusion. The investigation is currently underway,” Haryana DGP (Crime) PK Agrawal said. According to the FIR, lodged on Judge Krishan Kant’s complaint, Mahipal shot the ASJ’s wife and son when they came out of the shopping mall. “When Dhruv asked for the car’s key from Mahipal, he shouted at him and and took out the service revolver and fired at him. When his wife came to Dhruv’s rescue, he also fired at her,” the FIR said.

Police said the shooting occurred around 3.30 pm on Saturday. Police officers said Mahipal was a head constable in Haryana police and was serving as a PSO of the judge for the past two years. Mahipal was suffering from depression, the officers said. “The judge also used to scold him often,” one of the officers said. On Saturday as well, the judge’s wife scolded him inside the car when they were going to the market, the officer said. “He had a grudge against the judge.”

— By PTI 


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