Will Chop off Nails of Those Poking My Govt: Biplab Deb

New Delhi: Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb is at it again. Now, a video of the Tripura CM has emerged in which the CM can be seen issuing threat against those taking on his government. 

In the video, Tripura CM can be seen saying that if anyone interferes in his government or pokes at it, he would chop their nails off. He offered a vegetable vendor's gourd analogy to drive home the point.

“Around 8 am, a vegetable vendor brings bottle gourd to the market. However, it gets rotten by 9 am due to repeated digging of nails by customers. This should not happen with my government. No interference in my government. If someone pokes, or interferes his nail should be chopped off. No one can touch my government,” Deb said. 

Biplab Deb, who is in the news for his controversial statements, has been summoned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 2. 

"Senior party leaders are miffed over the controversies triggered by Deb's statements. Deb is just saying anything and everything. Modi will talk to him," said a senior party leader on Sunday.


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