Sunday Gyaan! How to get in touch with our ever-busy Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In today’s time of distress, millions of people try contacting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a varied number of reasons. And it’s obvious if PM Narendra Modi, who is no less than a celebrity figure in India, is elected by the masses, the people should be able to reach him for their queries and problems. It could be for appreciating his government’s work, criticism of a decision, complaints, and grievances or just an urge to talk to the leader of your country.

Earlier, it was difficult for “common man” to reach out the Prime Minister, but since 2014, Narendra Modi has been elected as the Prime Minister of India he made many efforts through which he reached out to the masses. For instance, he launched his own “NaMo App” to interact with people. Prime Ministers are usually much insulated from direct public contact, but Narendra Modi allowed people to reach out to him and his team.

Well, people think that PM Modi will himself monitor and reply to all the messages that come through various means, well the answer is NO. He has a dedicated team for this purpose and he takes regular updates from them. It’s from them PM Modi takes regular updates and responds to lots of messages and also takes up grievances.

Here’s how you can contact PM Narendra Modi:

Official website of PMO: You can contact the PM over the official website of PMO at the web address This portal is especially for interacting with the Prime Minister.
Phone numbers:
If you want to take the traditional route and call PM Modi’s residence or office, or fax him or lodge a complaint with him, you can do it at:

PMO: 011-23012312

PMO Fax: 011-23016857

PM Modi’s contact numbers:  011-23015603, 11-23018939, 011-23018668

PMO helpline: +91-1800-110-031

Social Media: Nowadays, when people are on social media for most of the time the can get in touch with PM Narendra through his social media platforms.


You can tag him in tweets with the following handles: @PMOIndia or @Narendramodi.

At Instagram Narendra Modi:

NaMo App: Narendra Modi app or known as NaMo App has been specifically designed to get news and updates about the works of Modi Government. Narendra Modi also interacts through the app. Apps have been developed suited for Windows, iOs, and Android systems.


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