Nobel laureate Yunus speaks to Rahul Gandhi - Economy can take forward by helping the poor

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday spoke to Nobel Prize winner Mohammad Yunus about the slowing economy and its impact on India due to Coronavirus.


New Delhi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday spoke to Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus in a series of talks about the slowing economy and its impact on India due to the Coronavirus crisis worldwide. . Let us tell you Yunus is the founder and noted economist of Bangladesh Grameen Bank. In the video released on Friday, Rahul asked Yunus several other questions, including the impact on Corona's rural economy. Rahul said- you understand the economy of the poor. How has Corona damaged it?

In response, Yunus said that I am already saying that the Corona crisis brought the evils of society to the surface. Poor, migrant, laborers are part of our society and the crisis of Corona brought everyone to the fore. They were considered part of the informal sector, which is not part of our economy. If we help them, then we can take the economy forward with them, but we are not doing so. If we talk about women, then they are considered the lowest in the society. Nobody asks them in the economic sector, but women have proved themselves.

After all, why don't we create an economy in the village itself - Younus
Let me tell you that Rahul Gandhi is in talks with veterans of the world about the impact of the worldwide lockdown due to the corona epidemic and the consequences that will occur later. This time, Congress leader migrants discussed the role of technology in returning to their home district and promoting an economic revolution in rural areas.
During this time, Rahul said that it is difficult for people like India and Bangladesh to see that small business is the future but the system is not looking. On this, Yunus said that in economic matters, we go like western countries. Therefore, poor and small businessmen were not taken care of. It has a lot of energy but governments do not consider them as part of the economy.

Rahul Gandhi has talked to these celebrities so far
Yunus said that the people of the village are sent to the city for jobs in the western countries. The same thing is happening in India. After all, why don't we create an economy in the village itself. Yunus said that today everybody has the technology, yet people are being sent to the city. The government should be where the people are. They should be given work there.

Rahul said that we took a lot from the West but making the village strong is the model of both our countries. Mahatma Gandhi also said that we have to take forward our rural economy. Yunus said the Corona crisis stalled the economic machinery. Now people are thinking that the same situation will happen again. If this happens then it will be very bad. Corona has given us a chance to do something new. We have to do something different so that we can change the society by solving environmental issues

Let me tell you that in the last few months, Rahul Gandhi has been communicating with celebrities from different fields about the impact of the Kovid-19 crisis and ways to deal with it. In this series, he also spoke to former US Deputy Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, industrialist Rajiv Bajaj, public health professional Ashish Jha and Swedish epidemiologist Johan Gisek, distinguished economist Raghuram Rajan and Nobel Prize winner Abhijit Banerjee.



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