BREAKING- CM Bhupesh Baghel's big statement on Tabligi Jamaat in Chhattisgarh, 52 people not missing, only 107 people were found connected with Jamaat in the state, all identified

Bhupesh Baghel said that Andhra Pradesh SIB had released a list of 159 people considering mobile location as the basis, to compete with Corona, the Chief Minister emphasized on physical distancing instead of social, saying - words like social distancing will have to be removed from their mind

Raipur- Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel today made it clear that the number of people returning from Nizamuddin Markaz is only 107. On the list of 159 people released by the government, he said that the SIB of Andhra Pradesh had prepared this on the basis of mobile network data, such names were also added to this list, which have nothing to do with the tabligi. . All 107 people in the state are identified, out of which 8 people are being treated after being found corona positive. All other people have been quarantined. He said that after seven positive cases came, Katghora has been completely locked down. Every house is being investigated, a 20-day history of people who have been found positive is being extracted. Emphasizing the importance of taking balanced steps between life and needs in the midst of the corona epidemic, the Chief Minister said that words like social distancing should be removed from their mind and physical distancing should be brought.

Today, the Chief Minister discussed with the media through video conferencing the preparations of the government to prevent the spread of Corona virus infection. During this, he said that during the lockdown, social organizations, media as well as officials and employees of the state government have done a good job. We were successful in passing the government order to the general public. Describing the functioning of the government in the midst of the Corona disaster, he said that we are giving two months ration to poor families together. Ration has been reached to 40-45 lakh families. Now the work of distribution is nearing completion. Complaints have also not been received in its distribution. Those whose ration cards were not made, were also provided rice. He said that the work of breaking mahua, tamarind in the scheduled areas is going on. There was a problem selling it. Arrangements for procurement have been made through forest committees and self-help groups. This is an achievement in itself.

Bhupesh Baghel said that seven new cases have come up in the state on Thursday. Earlier, 9 positive cases have been completely recovered. Presently 9 patients are under treatment. He said that 100 percent lockdown has not happened in Chhattisgarh so far. Vegetable shops, ration shops, farmers' edible seed shops were opened, but after seven new cases came to the fore in Katghora, a complete lockdown has been kept there for the first time. Every house is being investigated. The Chief Minister said that in the state of lockdown, there was better discipline in rural areas than in cities. The rural system is as strong today as it was before. Roads have been closed in villages, banners have been installed, trees have been cut down. No one is going out Even if a person had gone out from the plains to remote villages, his living arrangements have been made out after coming back. Not being allowed to enter the village. This indicates that there is more alertness in the villages.

On the question of having a limited test, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the central government's guideline is that in which symptoms will be seen, they have to be tested. The availability of PPE and test pests is limited. It is available by the Central Government. Therefore, they are using it with frugality. For the first time people who returned from the UK were taken their first test. Most of the cases have come out of them only. People who have come in contact with them have taken their tests. Now we have issued orders to conduct tests on a large scale. The health department has put out a tender for the purchase. Arrangements will be made soon He said that now we have ordered the health department in the state for random investigation. As soon as the availability of test insect is available, large scale test works will be started. At present, AIIMS and Jagdalpur Medical College were allowed by the Center to be tested, now Mekahara has also got permission. In the midst of the Corona disaster, on a question related to Prime Minister Modi's plea to ring and burn lamps, the Chief Minister said that Corona will be treated with medicine. Will be from physical distancing. Only doctors can cure it, it is not possible with other things.

On the question of extending the date of the lockdown, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that on April 11, the Prime Minister is conferencing videos with the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country. Based on the decision to be taken during this conference, Chhattisgarh will decide the strategy ahead. We have called a cabinet meeting on 12 April. Further strategy will be decided in this meeting to be held by video conferencing. Here on the question related to Fake News, the Chief Minister has said that everyone should worry about this social harmony. The government has formed a fake news committee. Action will also be taken on receipt of complaint. Regarding the letter sent to the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister said in his reply that till now there has been no response to his letter.
On the question related to the harvest, Bhupesh Baghel said that due to the rains, there has been loss of crops. Despite this, the farmers of the state are busy in wheat harvesting and rabi crop these days. Their work is going on in the fields. Shops related to farming, food-seed shops are open. At present, about five lakh agricultural laborers are working. MNREGA works have also been opened, but in the meantime, there is a problem that too many laborers do not come out due to the closure of villages.


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