PM Narendra Modi spent Rs 355 crore, on 41 trips to 52 countries in 4 years: RTI

New Delhi: PM Modi has a reputation of being a globe-trotter. So, his most avid fans will find it fascinating reading that Modi (Ji) made a total of 41 trips to 52 countries in 48 months of his tenure. That makes it 165 days abroad during his 4-year tenure – an indulgence that cost the exchequer Rs 355 crores.

These nuggets of information were revealed after an RTI activist from Bengaluru submitted a query on the prime minister’s foreign forays, online media reports said. The PM splurged the most on his nine-day tri-nation visit to France, Germany and Canada between April 9 and 15, 2015, with the bill coming to a whooping  Rs 31,25,78,000; the least expensive for the nation was the trip to Bhutan — at  Rs 2,45,27,465. The RTI activist was, however, denied details of the PM’s domestic trips and the cost that the elaborate security entailed. The PMO argued that since SPG is not in the purview of the RTI, it is not obliged to share this information.

As against this, between 2004 & 2014, when Manmohan Singh was the prime minister, he made a total of 80 foreign trips spanning 303 days. He made at least 10 trips in each of the years 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2013. He made at least 5 foreign trips in every year of his tenure, except in 2012 and 2014. In fact, Narendra Modi made more foreign trips in his first 3 years as the prime minister than Manmohan Singh made either during his entire first term as PM (2004-2009) or his entire second term (2009-14).


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