Meerut: Alleging bias by men in khaki, nearly 100 Muslim families announce exodus

Meerut: Communal tension is witnessed at Meerut, West Uttar Pradesh. Nearly 100 Muslim families of Lisadi village of Meerut alleged one-sided action by the administration and announced exodus. They put up ‘on sale’ posters on their houses, which read “this house is up for sale. I am Muslim and selling my house. Even small incidents are given communal colour here.”
Muslim families accused police of harassment and being biased. About hundred Muslim families threatened to leave the city following alleged one-sided harassment by men in khaki.

A minor accident involving young men of two communities occurred. Family members of Muslim men alleged that their complaint was not lodged and the police held two persons from their side on the FIR from the other community. Police are detaining Muslims while setting the members of majority community free, they said. 


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