BJP MLA Surendra Singh courts controversy, says prostitutes better than government officials

Patna (Bihar): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA, Surendra Singh has courted a controversy by saying that prostitutes are better than government staffs. Addressing a gathering, Singh said, “Officials se accha charitra vaishyaon ka hota hai, woh paisa lekar kam se kam apna kaam toh karti hain aur stage pe naachti hain. Par yeh officials toh paisa lekar bhi aapka kaam karenge ki nahi, iski koi guarantee hi nahi hai,” Singh told his supporters (Prostitutes are better than government officials; at least for money they do their work well and also entertain us by dancing on the stage. But these officials even after taking the money they will not guarantee of the work being done.)”

Singh also ordered his supporters to beat up government officials if they ask for bribes. He also urged his supporters to record the voice of any official who demands a bribe. This is not the first time when the BJP MLA has made suchabsurd statement. Earlier, he had sparked controversy for blaming parents and smartphones for rising rape incidents.


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