Be fearless, maintain dignity of Parliament: Amit Shah tells new MPs

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday advised newly elected parliamentarians to be fearless while asking questions in Parliament and stressed the need to maintain dignity of the House.

Speaking at the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training Orientation Programme for newly elected members of the 17th Lok Sabha, the Home Minister said Parliament is not only a platform for political debate but also an institution to make laws. He said that parliamentarians play a crucial role in making laws, preparing budget as well as bring up the honour of the country. An MP, should, there be fearless, he said.

"Parliamentarians should put across one's point of view without any fear while representing one's party. We cannot make a new India if we are unable to speak fearlessly," Shah said while addressing parliamentarians on the topic 'How to be an effective parliamentarian'. Expressing his concern about the weakness of the legislature, Shah admitted that judiciary and bureaucracy had encroached on it.

"But, I also admit that this is not the fault of judiciary or bureaucracy, it is the fault of the legislature." "It is our responsibility to strengthen the legislature. If we do not play our role properly, the judiciary and the bureaucracy will encroach on it automatically," Shah said. Giving example of Mahabharat epic, he said that the historical war occurred when Hastinapur Sabha lost its importance and dignity.



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