Ambala: After the fuel tank collapses, pilot of Jaguar plane launches emergency landing

Ambala. Fighter plane of IAF Jaguar fell off the air force station flying from the station. As soon as the fuel tank fell from the IAF Jaguar, there was a fire with a blast. This fuel tank has fallen on Airfair Facing with Colony Except from the Gandhi Maidan located in Baldev city in Ambala city. As soon as the fuel tank fell, people were strongly supported by the blast.

Some earthquake felt, then some of the bombs came out of the house with fear. Seeing the whole of Baldev town residents gathered on the spot. As soon as the information was received, all the Air Force officers arrived in Baldev Nagar. Along with the police informed. Ambala police led by DSP Rajnish Sharma arrived on the spot. After this, the crowd gathered on the spot was scattered. There was no casualties in the accident.

Two Fuel Tanks of the IAF Jaguar fell on Friday, flying from the Air Force station on Wednesday morning at around 7:40 pm, but both fuel tanks fell apart and their pilot ship was taken away safely. There was no casualty in this way.

IAF Jaguar Crash Report Released Rumor

Earlier rumor was going on that landing at the Air Force station crashed due to collision with the Jaguar bird. Not only this, both the pilots are serious, but at around 9 in the morning, DSP Rajneesh Sharma has denied all these things. However, Air Force officials refused to say anything on the incident.

Blind-open sleep

At around eight o'clock in the morning, as soon as Jaguar's fuel tank fell, most of the people were sleeping in the house. But his sleep opened with the bang. People ran out of their homes and fled. During this fire in Jaguar's fuel tank was burning and the smoke took the entire Air Force station in its grip.

DSP Rajneesh says that the tanks of Jaguar fell while flying around eight o'clock in the morning. There was no casualties from this Jaguar's fuel tank and its debris have been raised from there. No ship crashed. Both pilots are safe.


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