Congress flags 60 lakh fake voters in Madhya Pradesh, EC orders probe

BHOPAL: Taking cognizance of the Congress complaint of hundreds of alleged discrepancies in the voters’ list in Madhya Pradesh, the Election Commission on Sunday ordered a probe. In its complaint, the Congress has flagged off 60 lakh fake voters. The commission has tasked senior IAS officers with the probe which will involve an extensive investigation and even door-to-door verification.

Under the scanner WILL BE electoral rolls and duplication of voter entries. The team will look into action taken by officials in correcting multiple entries. They will also ascertain whether such entries were made intentionally or inadvertently. The team has been instructed to fix responsibility of officers concerned in case of irregularities. The team will also look into action taken to delete fake and bogus voters from the electoral roll. Further, a deadline will be set for removal of fake voters from the voters’ list.

 The team will start investigation from Monday and submit their report within four days. State Congress chief Kamal Nath said the party has submitted to the commission what he called “evidence” of approximately 60 lakh fake voters registered in the voting list. Labelling it a case of “administrative misuse”, Nath said the names had been “deliberately added to the list”.

“We have provided evidence to the Election Commission. There are approximately 60 lakh fake voters registered in the state. These are not merely mistakes. The lists have been deliberately altered at the behest of the BJP government in the state,” Congress leader Kamal Nath said.

Senior party leader Jyotiraditya Scindia accused the ruling BJP. “How is it possible that the state’s population has increased by 24 per cent in 10 years but the number of voters increased by 40 percent? We have vetted the list in all constituencies, one voter is registered in 26 lists, there are similar cases at other places, too,” he said.

Demanding strict action against the returning officers for their alleged involvement in such “fraudulent” electoral rolls, the Congress leaders also said the EC should not deploy them on poll duty in future.”The officers, who produce the second corrected list, should also give an affidavit or a certificate, along with the correct list,” Scindia said. The BJP has said the lists should be investigated and the flaws be weeded out. “If there is a mistake in the voter list, it can be addressed,’’ said state minister Biswas Sarang. The EC teams will visit Narela, Bhojpur, Seoni-Malwa and Hoshangabad assembly seats to ascertain how the discrepancies occurred.


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