No objection to ban on burqe, but ban on veil before voting in Rajasthan: Javed Akhtar

Famous songwriter Javed Akhtar said on Thursday that there is no objection to the ban on the wearing of burqa in the country, but the central government banned veil practice before voting for Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan on May 6.

Jawed Akhtar told reporters here that on the question of Shiv Sena demanding a ban on burqe in the country, my knowledge on Bhaiya Burke was very low. Because of this, there were working women in the house I live in. I have never seen a burqa in my house.

He said that Iraq is a big fanatic Muslim country, but women do not cover faces there. The law that has come in Sri Lanka also is that you can not cover the face. Wear a burqa, but face should not be covered. They have put it in the law.

Javed further said that here (India) if you want to bring law (to ban wearing of burkes) and if there is any opinion, then I have no objection, but before the last election in Rajasthan, this will be done. (Center) The Government has to announce that there can not be any veil in Rajasthan. He said that I think the veil will also be removed and the burqa should also be removed. I'm so glad


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