Amit Shah neglected me for 3 years but Rahul Gandhi loves me: Udit Raj

New Delhi: Sitting MP of North West Delhi Udit Raj, who left BJP and subsequently joined Congress on Wednesday, has claimed that BJP president Amit Shah did not give him time to meet since last three years, however, Congress president Rahul Gandhi “loves” him.

“I was told from inside (the party) that I provoke the Dalits. I kept saying that all their schemes for Dalits are fake. I have joined Congress because they (BJP) do not need me. In BJP’s internal survey, I am the number one performer. This (North West Delhi) was the only seat on which BJP was winning. On the other six seats, they are on the verge of being defeated. I will surely bring down 10-15 seats of the BJP (across the country),” Udit Raj told ANI here.

“If I don’t like the Congress policy for Dalit and women then I will oppose them too. I am not a selfish person. Rahul Gandhi told me three-four times in Parliament that you are in wrong party. He said to me that your heart is not for the BJP. Of course, he loves me and I will work with him. I waited for last three years but Amit Shah did not give me time,” he added.

Udit Raj left the BJP on Tuesday after the party announced candidature of singer Hans Raj Hans from the North West Lok Sabha seat. Hans joined BJP in 2016. (ANI) Later in a press conference, Udit Raj claimed that on May 20, 2014, President Ram Nath Kovind had come to him with his bio-data, however, “the BJP didn’t even give him a ticket although he wanted it.” Raj said that Kovind was made the President for staying quiet.

He added, “If I had kept quiet then maybe they would have made me the Prime Minister.” The reason I was not given a ticket by the BJP is that I supported the Dalits when they called ‘Bharat Bandh’ on April 2, 2018. My mistake was that I was not deaf and dumb there (in BJP). If somebody remains deaf and dumb, then he can even be made the Prime Minister.


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