In the Rafael case, the Modi government is shocked by the Supreme Court

In the Rafal case, the Central Government has shocked the Supreme Court. The court has dismissed the government's initial objection in this matter.

The government had said that the matter had been dismissed earlier and the dismissal petition was rejected, which the Supreme Court has dismissed.

The case is headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi-led panel, which includes Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice KM Joseph.

The Supreme Court had earlier rejected the appeal to investigate the Ruffal deal in its decision.

After that some people, including Arun Shourie and Prashant Bhushan, filed a reconsideration petition in the Supreme Court.

The petitioners presented some new documents before the court.

At that time during the hearing, the attorney general of the Central Government had two specific things in front of the Supreme Court.

The government said that the documents presented in the court are theft, so the court should not pay attention to them.
The government's second argument was that these documents are privy and confidential and discussing publicly on these may threaten national security.
But on Wednesday, the Supreme Court dismissed these two arguments of the government while giving its verdict.

रफाल मामला

Arun Shourie, who was among those who filed the reconsideration petition, said outside the Supreme Court, "Three judges have unanimously decided that they have rejected the government's plea in which it has been said that these documents should not be considered. Because these are documents of theft. "

He also said that the Supreme Court will decide the next date for hearing on the reconsideration petition and it will be heard on the basis of merit.

Arun Shourie said that this is like an opportunity for us to help in the debate.

The first phase is going to be held on April 11. In such a situation, there is a shock for the government but it is difficult to say whether it will have any impact on voters or not.


After the Supreme Court's decision, the response to political corridors has started.

Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala said that no matter what the Prime Minister wants, he can not run away from the truth and now he can not escape under the law of privacy.

He tweeted, "To highlight the Rafal issue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had threatened to take action against independent journalists under the Privacy Act."

"Modiji, do not you worry, the investigation is going on, whether you like it or not."


At the same time, BSP chief Mayawati has also surrounded the Modi government after this decision.

He has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can not conceal the disturbance under the guise of national security.

Mayawati has said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologize for misleading the country within and outside the Parliament repeatedly, and the defense minister should resign."

ट्विटर पोस्ट @ArvindKejriwal: मोदी जी हर जगह कह रहे थे कि उन्हें सुप्रीम कोर्ट से राफ़ेल में क्लीन चिट मिली है। आज के सुप्रीम कोर्ट के फ़ैसले से साबित हो गया कि मोदी जी ने राफ़ेल में चोरी की है, देश की सेना से धोखा किया है और अपना जुर्म छिपाने के लिए सुप्रीम कोर्ट को गुमराह किया।

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi was saying everywhere that he got a clean chit in Rifal from the Supreme Court."

He alleged that the Supreme Court's decision proves that there is a mess in the Rafal issue.

Kejriwal said, "Narendra Modi has betrayed the country's army and misled the Supreme Court to hide his crime."


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