Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Arunachal Pradesh creates new location of Hindu nationalism

During the general elections, a special trend has been observed in the northeastern states for a long time, the result of these states is directly on the grants received from the center, but this time the tide of nationalist sentiments appears at the top. is.

This is the reason why Narendra Modi in his election meeting in western Siang district last week said, "When India struck the terrorists in their house, then how did the opposition parties react?

Modi said that Arunachal Pradesh was a shield for the country and that people here have the zeal to protect the country's border, in such a way the whole state should vote for the janitor, which is an acknowledgment for the security of the whole country.

There has been tradition in Arunachal that in the center there is a government, it gets majority in the state. In 2014, the Congress had secured 42 of the 60 seats in the state assembly elections, then there was a UPA government at the Center.

Professor Nani Baith of Rajiv Gandhi University told the BBC, "We are sure to look for resources towards the center, but the main reason for this trend is psychological viewpoint, people here want to be a part of the central government and we want to You have become habituated, you will not see commitment here at the level of ideology. "

अरूणाचल प्रदेश

The rise of Hindu nationalism
However, nationalist trends in Arunachal Pradesh's politics are not new. Ever since 1962, and especially when Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister, the state has been trying to strengthen the spirit of nationalism.

During these same efforts of the Central Government, the RSS got a chance to strengthen its roots in the state. For this, the promotion of Hindi as the national language and the field of education proved to be the most exalted.

Nani Bath explains, "Every person in Arunachal Pradesh will be connected to the Sangh Parivar in some form or connected to the All India Vidyarthi Parishad or from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, otherwise it will be related to Vivekananda Kendriya Vidyalaya."

Nani Nath has completed his studies from Vivekananda Center School. He explains, "They are in the service of social, medical and education, then in practical terms you will be connected somewhere."

It will affect you throughout the state because Arunachali people have used Hindi as a contact language to connect 26 major tribal communities and hundreds of sub-communities.

Assistant Professor Joram Ananya Tana of Hindi, at Dera Natug Government College in Itanagar, says that he adopted Hindi because of his beauty. Tana has married a Christian but he is an active member of the local branch of ABVP and RSS.

According to Tana, ABVP acts as a non-political organization in Arunachal Pradesh and its involvement is more in social work.

अरूणाचल प्रदेश

Effect of Modi ji
Tana views Narendra Modi as his ideal, he says, "Modi ji works for 18-18 hours in a day, I wonder how powerful he is but he always strikes me every time."

Tana Rosa, the first semester student in this college, points out that through ABVP she has got the chance to meet the people whom she has made her role model.

He explains, "When I was in Class IX, I did not know much about ABVP, but here a lot of personal development is taken care of and I am the first Indian pilot of Arunachal Pradesh, Mohonto Panjing, Tapir Mra, who climbs Mt. Everest And got the chance to meet the cartoonist Jenny Hi. "

Tana also shows how former Chief Minister Gegong Apang was involved in the first batch of ABVP in the state and he also participated in the state's first inter-stair living program (educational and cultural tour run in seven states for one month). Had taken.

Apang made the BJP government for the first time in the state 16 years ago. But recently he has left the Bharatiya Janata Party. Reasons for leaving the party included the allegation of leadership not being able to make a democratic decision.

However, ABVP's office in the state has been built in Itanagar just nine years ago, but this conclave has been active here since the year of the formation of the state ie, 1961. In Itanagar, ABVP district convener Shubham Shrivastav claims that more than 10 thousand students and teachers are members in his unit.

Although students of Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) in Arunachal Pradesh are more effective and this prevents local students from joining the NSUI, ABVP and SFI.

AAPSU is aware of growing popularity in the state of ABVP but is not much concerned about it. A student belonging to AAPSU explains the reason for this: "When the Congress is in power, more students join the NSUI, since the BJP is in the center of the BJP, then they are joining ABVP. Is for you. "

Movement on the faith of the local people is working with the RSS to impose unity on the Christian conversion in the state. However, according to the 2011 census, the population of Christians (30.26%) in the state has exceeded the Hindus (29.04%) population.

Taizom Tasung, Vice President of the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh, points out, "There is hardly any difference between Hindus and our faith, we also worship nature."

The community of people who believe in local faith is called Doniyi Polo, in which the people of the other tribe also get involved from time to time, when a member of another community becomes a Doni Polo, then he is called his homecoming.

However, due to the presence of ABVP organization in the field work of the RSS and the presence of ABVP organization in the state, there is an emergence of Hindu nationalism in the local population of the state.

Nani Baith says, "Modi is very popular in the state, people do not want to vote for Rijiju but he wants to return."

अरूणाचल प्रदेश

Arunachal West is contesting on the ticket of Janta Dal (Secular) against Kiran Rijiju, who is contesting for the elections. Only women contesting elections in the state of Atee state are the only women candidates.

Ate has left the Congress on March 15 as the Congress refused to give him the ticket for the third time.

They believe that the thinking of the youth of the state is changing, they need a platform to show it. He explains, "He wants an atmosphere to burn them, there is no advantage in the hurricane given in the storm."

However, Congress has made former state Chief Minister Nabam Tuki as its candidate from Arunachal West. It is astonishing to become his candidate from this seat because he has never won from this seat.

Although political analysts believe that Nabam wants to become Chief Minister instead of Tuka from the state to the Lok Sabha. According to Nani, "BJP has not given tickets to any strong candidate on Tuki's Sagali Vidhan Sabha seat. There may have been interaction between Rijiju and Tuki in some places."

अरूणाचल प्रदेश

The power of money has increased
Arunachal Pradesh Assembly has proved to be the most unsuccessful in the last five years.

In such a situation, Nani Baith estimates that in the state's elections, money, familyism and power of the ruling party will be strong at the center.

A senior BJP leader in the state told the BBC that money, family and power, these three things have gathered in the state politics. Tuki is still the richest candidate of the state.

Congress state president Takaram Sanjay has claimed that his party does not believe in money culture like BJP and we will be able to expel BJP from the power of the state along with his colleagues.

Sanjoy also points out that the decision to cast former Chief Ministers in the Lok Sabha seats of Nagaland, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh is that of the party, and no one else's.


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