Rabri showed stubbornness if she was angry with Taj sharing the U-turn

Patna [State Bureau] Tickets bent on rebellion caused by not getting involved in sharing Tejpratap Yadav's frown turned loose on Sunday. He gave a signal to Mahabharata in the family by tweeting late in the night. Regarding issuing notification, the press conference was called on Sunday. Access media were, but when Rabri Devi and stunning Yadav firmness so Tejpratap had come on foot. At last he canceled the press conference. This was the third such opportunity in the last one week when the media did not reach the glorious Pratap itself.

Two seats were asked for stunning

Leader of the Opposition, Chakshu Yadav, demanded two seats in the Lok Sabha. Along with the Saran seat, his father-in-law Chandrika Rai was also against the party's decision to make a candidate. From Jehanabad and Shivar, he wanted to take his choice of candidates. It also spoke with stunning. Seeing the case, they tried to put pressure on the family by adopting different types of tactics. Even before Jehanabad, the RJD made Surendra Yadav a candidate. He continued to pressure the remaining Shivhara seat to reach the rest.

RJD office was empty

Due to the strictness of the Lalu family, before the press conference of Pridepati Prasad, all office bearers were removed from the RJD office. Chairs were laid for journalists, but there was no sign except office secretary Chandeshwar Prasad. In fact, considering the family dispute, party office bearers wanted to keep themselves away from such a press conference. Tigers Pratap himself tweeted a day earlier and warned the party officials that whosoever comes between me and my family, his apocalypse is set. There was also pressure from the Lalu family in many ways that the pressure was being made that they would not come in front of the media.


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