The country's big bank has alerted the customers! Do not do this work, otherwise the account can be empty

Banks advise to use the correct methods of avoiding online fraud by warning their account holders from time to time.

The cases of online banking fraud have increased a lot. For this reason, the bank recommends using the right tips and advice to avoid online fraud by warning your account holders from time to time. HDFC Bank, the country's largest private bank, has alerted its customers by sending an SMS. HDFC Bank has asked customers not to forget to download any mobile app named AnyDesk. In doing so, your bank account may be empty in one stroke.

RBI had issued warning - Earlier RBI had issued a warning in this regard. AnyDesk is a software that can deal with a bank account through your mobile or laptop. The bank said, 'We have found that there are some fraudulent transactions on the UPI platform. The fraudsters can do banking transactions by accessing Victim's mobile device with the help of this app. A few days ago, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also issued a notification warning about this app.

It is recommended to Download AnyDesk from a mobile app or through another medium. After downloading this app your bank account may be empty throughout the moment. HDFC Bank has told clients how to avoid similar frauds, keeping in mind that you can avoid any bank fraud.

How does fraud - Guilt Victim lure you to download an app called AnyDesk from the Play Store or App Store. Victim's mobile 9-digit App Code is generated on the mobile. As soon as the trafficker enters this code on his device, the deceiver gets access to Victim's mobile phone. The fraudsters can deal with Victim's mobile phone. After downloading this app, there is no user control on your device. Cyber ​​criminals can clear the bank account by remotely accessing the device from any part of the world.


Do not allow any unfamiliar person to install aniDesk or other app because this increases the risk of fraud on your bank account. If this is done in your phone by mistake, then immediately delete it. Keep the Lock feature of Payments and Mobile Banking app enabled. Do not advance the advertisement or SMS of unknown caller. Cut suspicious calls immediately. The customer service number found on the search engine can be fraud, do not trust it. Do not share your banking password with any caller or person nor save it in the phone. Do not share OTP over any phone call. Avoid making payment or receipt of unknown caller's UPI app. Contact any phone banking, bank branch or customer care immediately upon any fraud.



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