Google will not be able to shut down this special Gmail service, after this day

This app has been deleted from the Google Play store even before it's close ...

After Google Plus and Allo, Google has decided to shut down its another service. Google has said that its Service Inbox by Gmail will be completely closed after April 2. For this Google has already started sending notifications to users, which said that it will be shutdown at the end of March. But now Google has confirmed that users will not be able to use it after April 2. Be informed that it has already been removed from the Google Play Store before Inbox by Gmail is discontinued. This app from Gmail was launched in 2014. Google launched this app to increase productivity, which was used by users, especially those who received more e-mails during the day.

If you talk about the importance of Inbox by Gmail, users can reply to e-mail via this app. In addition to this, users were given the option of bundles or bulk reply. (Also read: - Secret Trick: No one can read you except on Group Message)

However, according to the report, when this app is closed, Google is preparing to integrate features such as Auto Reply and Inline Attachment in its Gmail app. In a statement last year Google said, "After four years of launching Inbox e-mail service in 2014, we have learned how to improve email. We took the Inbox's Popular Experience and added them to Gmail. Now we will focus entirely on Gmail. (Also read: - Jio users are free to callerTune service, in such jokes activate

Let Google know that Google recently shut down its chat app Allo too. Also on April 2, its service will also close Google Plus.



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