Arun Jaitley accused PM Narendra Modi of opposing the word 'Hindu terrorism' and running a fake campaign.

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday called "binding paradox" for his alleged "fake campaigns" against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"For the time being, in every counterfeit campaign of 'Forced Paradoxes', the truth has finally come out. Jaitley wrote in a blog, titled 'Three Fake Campaign Busted in One Day.' According to Jaitley, the three fake campaigns are the principles of 'Hindu Terror', the 2004 Godhra train fire and the arrest of Neerav Modi.

The Union Minister said that the 'Jihadi' terror and conspiracy to bring a bad name to the liberal majority community in India. During the UPA regime, the vicious theory of 'Hindu terror' was fabricated by the ministers and leaders of the UPA government. It was an attempt to divert attention from jihadist terror, it was a conspiracy to give a bad name to the liberal majority community in India, "he wrote in his blog.

"In the series of incidents across the country during UPA-1, an attempt was made to invent terror terrorism." In one case, the actual terrorists were arrested. On reconsidering the government, a charge sheet was filed against a group of people belonging to the Hindu community and the whole investigation was completely contradictory. The Union Minister claimed that the US State Department and the United Nations are banning "a definite jihadi organization", but the then UPA Government considered it a 'Hindu conspiracy'.

Jaitley said, "The decision by the court yesterday has given the last nail in the coffin of the so-called 'Hindu Terrorist Doctrine'." Speaking of the 2001 Godhra train tragedy, Jaitley blamed "binding paradoxes" for that "burning". The train was self-engineered by state or tax service workers. The minister alleged that these "binding paradoxes" have made a career in creating social tension in Gujarat.

He said in his blog, "Many people, who had created a career in creating social tension in Gujarat, had started to argue that burning is either self-engineered by state or karsevaks." Jaitley also accused the then UPA Government of taking action in the "most irresponsible" manner. "In the most irresponsible act of the UPA government, Laloo Prasad Yadav was elected without consultation with the Railway Ministry, Chief Justice of India, Judge of a retired Supreme Court, UN Banerjee, Commissioner of Railway Investigation. He said that the judges are ready for the government and its political interest. He said that the mob was not burnt and the fire was taken inside the compartment where the Hindu pilgrims were.

In order to include the UPA as well as its Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) on the heinous crime act as the worst stigma, the Finance Minister termed the alleged 'evidence' as sabotage. "Tomorrow, the trial court has blamed another accused after rejecting all the evidence," he said in his blog. Jaitley also claimed that Nirvava Modi was arrested on request of India and it was claimed that whoever cheated India and its institutions 'he can not be far away'. He said, his properties (of Nirav Modi) are frozen, he is being auctioned, a criminal case has been filed against him, the recovery of recoveries is being done on banks and creditors.

They alleged that they were taken from one jurisdiction to another area. It goes to the credit of our investigating agencies that they were following him, "the minister hoped that India would withdraw it. He said, "It also bribed the fake campaign which the present government had nothing."


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