Shiv Sena allied with BJP to provide strong government at Centre: Uddhav Thackeray

Nagpur: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Friday said his party has forged an alliance with the BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls with an aim to provide a strong and progressive government at the Centre.

The BJP and the Sena have reached a pre-poll alliance for the next month’s Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra, where they will contest 25 and 23 seats, respectively. The differences between the two parties have been sorted out, Thackeray said, adding the Sena never had personal issues but only matters concerning the interest of people which have been addressed by the government.

Thackeray was addressing a jointmeeting of BJP-Sena workers here. Explaining his decision to align again with the BJP, he said, “I thought this is the election of the country. The government has taught a good lesson to Pakistan (in form of air strikes). “I recall the earlier governments of (Congress) which only condemned attacks on armed forces but did not do anything. Who would like to bring back such a government? The Congress-NCP should not teach us patriotism,” he said.

Agreed to alliance as BJP’s way of treating allies has changed: Uddhav Thackeray
However, things have changed under the BJP-led NDA government. “Now also attacks are take place and soldiers are being martyred. But, we are taking revenge of our martyrs by attacking Pakistan,” Thackeray said. There should be a government which gives support to the families of the martyrs, the Sena chief said. The Sena has tied up with the BJP in order to provide a strong and progressive government at the Centre, he said.

“Why should we only fight for power…yes we fought with each other but when time came we came together. Power is not our dream, but the country’s (welfare) is our dream,” he said. Thackeray took a swipe at NCP chief Sharad Pawar, saying in Pakistan a cricketer (Imran Khan) became prime minister and herea person dreaming to become PM became a cricket administrator. These people want power but first they should realise do they have the ability to sit on that chair? he asked.

Two Hindutva parties, which unfortunately were going away from each other, have come together now and his has made “anti-Hindu” elements uncomfortable, the Sena chief said. The Sena chief expressed the hope the saffron alliance will win the maximum seats in Maharashtra, which at 48, sends the second highest number of MPs to the Lok Sabha after Uttar Pradesh’s 80. “Today our hearts have met and the voice of Hindutva has become strong again,” Thackeray said.


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