Mumbai CSMT foot over bridge collapse: How a red traffic signal proved lucky for many motorists

Mumbai: A red signal at a traffic junction near the CSMT foot overbridge (FOB), a major chunk of which caved in here on Thursday evening, proved lucky for a large number of motorists who were waiting for it to turn green. Were it not for the red signal, the motorists would have passed under the ill-fated bridge near the railway station, a global heritage site, when a part of it came crashing down at 7.30 pm.

An eyewitness, who was waiting at the signal, said, “We were all waiting impatiently at the signal as it was red. Just before the signal turned green, the bridge came crashing down along with several commuters. They fell like ninepins. But the situation would have been worse. “It was peak time, when commuters are in a scramble to reach CSMT so that they can rush home. We were also in a tearing hurry, but now I feel relieved that the signal was red. Otherwise, I could have been among the injured,” he added.


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