Missing Jobs, MSP of Farmers Disappeared, and Now Rafael File is Missing : Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi tried to corner the Government yet again over the controversial Rafale deal on Thursday. With the petitions for review of Supreme Court’s December 14 verdict having come up just a day ago where the Attorney General, representing the Centre, admitted that some documents were stolen from the Ministry of Defence, Rahul asked, “On one hand, you are saying the documents are missing, so this means the documents are genuine. It is clearly written in them that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was carrying out parallel negotiations.”

He also added that while there should be action against those involved “in this missing documents case”, there should also be an inquiry on PMO making parallel negotiations. He said the catchphrase these days is ‘gayab ho gaya’.  “Two crore jobs are missing, fair MSPs for farmers are missing, businesses are missing due to GST… And today, Rafale files are missing.”

Addressing the media in the national capital on Thursday, Rahul said, “Rafale files disappeared and it was said that an investigation should be conducted against you (media) because of that. But there won’t be an investigation against the person who was involved in Rs 30,000 crore scam?” He said justice treats everyone equally but this Government is doing all it can to safeguard one person. “Why were parallel negotiations being held? Because PM Modi wanted his friend to pocket Rs 30,000 crore and that must’ve benefited him too…he also delayed the delivery of Rafale jets.”

“If the PM is not guilty, why doesn’t he himself agree for an investigation? Why did he refuse to form a Joint Parliamentary Committee?” he asked.

While touching upon another controversial issue, something that his own party leaders have been harping upon, Rahul refused to get drawn into the debate on evidence of IAF air strikes in Balakot and said, “I won’t talk much about it, but yes I read that families of some of the CRPF personnel who were martyred have raised this issue, they are saying we were hurt so please show us what happened.


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