Budget speech of Honorable Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Chhattisgarh Assembly, Raipur 08 February 2019

Dear Sir,

1. In the Legislative Assembly elections of November 2018, I express my gratitude to the people of Chhattisgarh for the mandate given to us with the overwhelming majority. With the help of Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay, I present the first budget of the new government in the House today. I want to convince the House that every pie of the revenue collected from the hard earned income of the people will be utilized through this budget for the benefit of the people of Chhattisgarh.

2. During the assembly elections, we made promises of prosperity and progress from the farmers of the state, from the mothers and sisters, members of the scheduled castes, tribes and backward classes, and youth and children. In the Jan Declaration we promised to forgive the farmers' debt and give proper price for agricultural produce. Our government has started implementing those promises as soon as the government takes care of it and I am glad that in this budget proper arrangements have been made in all those schemes, which will be directly benefited by the needy people of the state and the farmers.

3. Mahatma Gandhi had said that the real India resides in the village. If the village is not left then the country will not survive. This thing seems to be meaningful even today. 75% of the population of Chhattisgarh resides in the village and today even our rural economy is completely based on agriculture. Our villages will be prosperous by the development of agriculture and farmers. Our government's first budget on this concept is centered on the work of farmers and agricultural development of the state. The uncertainty of monsoon and rain based agriculture has been the determinant of the farmers' future in our region. Most farmers cultivate farming work with short-term agricultural loans but there is no loss of crops due to non-availability of rain water, and the burden of repaying loans also comes from them separately.

4. Volume II of the report of the Committee on Agriculture, Cooperative and Farmers Welfare Department, Government of India, on the issue of doubling the income of the farmers, the annual average annual income of the farming family at all-India level in the year 2015-16 is 96 thousand 703 Rs. In comparison, the income of the farming family of Chhattisgarh was only 64 thousand rupees. The committee also came to assess whether the reduction in state income from the paddy crop in the 2008-09 to 2004-05 period 2013-14 to 2009-10. In question period, despite an increase in growth and earning value in rice production is to be increased mainly due to cost reduction in farmers' income.

5. rid our government has taken the first step, farmers hands of old debts to the reduction in farm costs. For this purpose, our government decided to waive short-term agricultural credit of 6 thousand 230 crore of rural banks and cooperative banks on December 17 and now we have taken the public sector commercial banks

4 thousand crore short-term agricultural loans have also been decided to forgive. Our government in the third supplementary budget for the waiver of agricultural loans had allocated 4 thousand 224 crore and balance we have proper provision in the budget.
6. Chhattisgarh is the main crop of the state and it is said that our state was a paddy bowl. But due to the policies of the former government, the cultivation of paddy became a loss deal for the farmers. It was difficult for the farmers to get the cost of paddy and their economic situation started weakening day by day. That's why we got Rs 2500 in our Jan Declaration Promised the purchase of paddy at the rate of quintal per quintal. We also fulfilled our promise and we got Rs 2500 from the farmers of Kharif 2018, Bought at the rate of In the coming years, we are on our own promise and in the budget of 2019-20 also, Rs 2500. Provision of adequate amount has been made to buy rice at the rate of quintal.

7. In the Budget, amendment in the provisions of schemes for non-essential and direct non-profit schemes has also been taken into consideration while making adequate funds for the public welfare schemes. By properly evaluating the schemes, we have raised more financial resources for priority plans. There is also a reasonable effort to keep the budget deficit under control.

8. Financial status

8.1. President, now I present the details of the state's economic situation in front of the House. According to the Economic Survey of the Year 2018-19, an increase of 6.08 percent in the state's gross domestic product, in 2018-19, is estimated, which is less than the estimated all India GDP growth rate of 7.2 percent for the same period. .

8.2. In the year 2018-19, an increase of 3.9 percent in the state is estimated against the increase of 3.8 percent in the agricultural sector at a steady price. Against the growth rate of 5.4 percent in the industrial sector and 7.3 percent nationally in the services sector, the growth in services sector in the state is 6.9 percent, compared to the 7.8 percent growth rate in the industrial sector at the national level. Thus, the estimated growth rate of the industrial and services sector in the state is less than the national level.

8.3. The state's gross domestic product is expected to increase from Rs 2 lakh 84 thousand crore in the year 2017-18 to 3 lakh 12 thousand crore in the year 2018-19, which is 9.66 percent more than the previous year.

8.4. In the year 2018-19, the contribution of agricultural sector to the state's gross domestic product was 17.21 percent, industrial sector contributed 47.17 percent and service sector contribution is 35.63 percent.

8.5. In the year 2018-19, the per capita income at national level is Rs.15, 25, 397. It is estimated that in the same period, the per capita income in the state is Rs 96 thousand 887 Estimates. Per capita income at the national level is estimated to increase by 11.1 percent, while growth at the state level is estimated at 7.9 percent. Thus, the per capita income growth in the state is almost two-thirds compared to the national level.

9. Speaker, the economic growth rate of the state is low compared to the economic growth rate at the national level, in which we are making every effort to increase the growth. We need to make better use and hard work with more sensitivity to the resources available to the state's economic development and prosperity. Through this public welfare budget, our government is endeavoring to work with the agricultural sector as well as to strengthen the entire economy.

10. Speaker, in this budget, we have given top priority to those schemes, from which farmers and low-income families get direct benefits of the amount provided in the schemes. The funds of the schemes reached the beneficiaries' bank accounts directly. Whether that money is for debt forgiveness or paddy incentive or paddy incentive. Get the money in the hands of the farmer so that he can fulfill his incomplete dreams with his will. With the intention of making their children a golden future. In this budget, funds have been provided for such schemes, which will give women security and self-sufficiency and provide quality education to the youth and children.

11. Speaker, now I would like to give information about some important and new provisions of this budget.

11.1. In order to give the farmers a fair price for their produce, the incentive scheme for rice production will be Rs 2500. A provision of 5 thousand crore has been made for procurement of rice per quintal.

11.2. Along with agricultural credit of rural banks and cooperative banks, our government has also decided to forgive the short-term agricultural debt distributed by public sector commercial banks. In the budget, a provision of 5 thousand crore has been made to waive the farmers' agricultural debts.

11.3. In order to provide food for the poor families, our government has decided to give 35 kg of rice to every ration card. For this, provision of Rs 4 thousand crore has been made in the Chief Minister's Food Assistance Scheme.

11.4. With the view to hawning the electricity bill of domestic consumers, it has been decided to give the benefit of half the discount on electricity expenditure to all household consumers in the power payers. The benefit of this rebate will be given from 1 March 2019 and consumers will get the benefit of half the rebate on the electricity bill they will get in the month of April. For this, provision has been made in the new item of 400 crore in the budget.

11.5. With the aim of giving greater opportunity for the people to work with more accountability for the development of their assembly constituency, it has been decided to increase the amount of MLA fund from Rs. 1 crore to 2 crore. For this, a provision of Rs. 182 crores has been made in the budget.

11.6. In the Police Department, provision of 45 crores 84 lakhs has been made to give response allowance to the staff from District Executive Force to the inspector level.

11.7. For the purpose of creating more income and employment for the farmers by encouraging the processing of fruits, flowers and vegetables produced in the state, a provision of 50 crores has been made to start 5 new food parks.

11.8. The amount of scholarship for scheduled caste and tribe students of the pre-matric level living in the ashram and hostels is Rs 900. Increasing from Rs 1000 per month The amount of food assistance for Rs 500 per month, and post-matric students Increased from Rs. 700 per month to every month. An additional provision of 27.77 million has been made for this.

11.9. In the mid-day meal run in schools, the cooking cookers increased from 1200 to Rs 1500. Honorarium will be given per month. For this, there is an additional provision of 26 crores 59 million in the budget.

11.10 On the loss of wild animals, it has been decided to increase the amount of indemnity from 4 lakh to 6 lakh. For this, a provision of Rs. 35 crores has been made in the budget.

11.11 5 crore for integrated development of Giroudpuri and Bhandarpuri and 5 crore for integrated development of Damkheda.

Farmer welfare

12. It is the first resolution of our government to bring the prosperity of the farmers by developing farming and farming work as beneficial livelihood in the state. Along with this, we have tried to identify the department's name as well. Therefore, we have decided to change the name of Agriculture and Biotechnology Department to Agriculture Development, Farmer Welfare and Biotechnology Department. For the welfare schemes of the farmers this year, a budget of 21 thousand 597 crores has been prepared which is more than one and a half times the agricultural budget of last year.

13. It has been decided to forgive the short-term agricultural loan of about 4 thousand crore distributed by public sector commercial banks as well as the loans distributed to the rural banks and cooperative banks to liberate the farmers from the debt trap. Thus, till now, the wages of about 10 thousand crore short-term agricultural loans will benefit about 20 lakh farmers of the state. In this, about 4 lakh farmers will also be benefited, who were unable to take loans from banks due to non-payment of outstanding dues and were constrained to borrow from private moneylenders and usurers. Such farmers will now be able to get loans from the rural and cooperative banks in the zero percent interest loan scheme of the state government. For the waiver of agriculture loan, a provision of Rs. 5 thousand crore has been made in the budget.

14. In addition to the waiver of agricultural loans, the government has decided to waive the outstanding irrigation of 207 crores to provide relief to the farmers, which will give direct benefits to 1.5 lakh farmers.

15. Estimated procurement of 85 lakh tonnes of paddy in the state for Kharif 2019. Paddy procurement from farmers for Rs 2500 Per quintal rate will be done. There is a provision in this budget for 5 thousand crore. More than 17 lakh farmers of the state will get direct benefit.

16. In Kharif 2017, about 12 lakh farmers were paid 10 thousand 597 crores for the procurement of paddy at the minimum support price including incentive money, while for Kharif 2018, 15 lakh 53 thousand farmers were being paid 19 thousand 733 crores. is. In this way, Kharif 2018 is getting almost twice the amount of money received by the farmers in 2018.

17. There is a provision of 50 crores for promoting soybean production and 10 crores for the promotion of sugarcane.

18. In order to purchase pulses and oilseeds at the support price, a provision of 7 crores 12 lakhs has been made in the new item.

19. At present, the purchase of maize at 257 procurement centers in 26 districts is being done at Rs. 1700. The mechanism for buying maize will be strengthened.

20. In the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme, 316 Crore, 205 Crore in Integrated Horticulture Development Mission, 359 Crore in National Agriculture Development Scheme, 95 Crore in Targeted Rice Fellows Area, 77 Crore in Farmer Composite Development Scheme and 120 Crore in National Food Security Mission. Budget is provision.

21. 200 crore for Integrated Watershed Management, 74 crores in Prime Minister's Irrigation Scheme and 25 crores in Micro Minor Irrigation Scheme.

22. 5 HP is a budget of 2 thousand 164 crore for free power supply to agricultural pumps. There is a provision of 100 crores for the automation of new agricultural pumps.

23. A provision of 467 crores has been made for establishment of 20 thousand new solar pumps for irrigation in collaboration with solar power.

24. Budget provision of Rs. 116 crores for the construction of Rs. 300 crores for new irrigation projects, 216 crores for Mahanadi-project, 127 crores for Arpa-Bhairajhar project, 524 crores for construction of micro-irrigation projects and for irrigation in the command area. is.

25. There is a provision of Rs. 1 crore for setting up of new agricultural college in Village Marra, District Durg and Saja, District Bemetra.

26. New university will be set up to promote horticulture and food processing. The budget provision has been made to prepare its DPR.

27. There is a provision of budget of 15 million 12 lakh in dairy entrepreneurship development scheme, 21 crore for poultry, 4 crore 34 lakh for goat rearing and 4 crore 49 lakh for succumb

28. Establishment of new Animal Dispensary and establishment of Regional First-Aid Tray Training Center for Animal Health in Mahasamund, Jagdalpur and Surajpur is a provision in the new item of 2 crore.

Rural development and rural livelihood

29. It is our government's vision to develop the villages as clean, beautiful, well-equipped, with the basic facilities and the rural people giving livelihood opportunities in line with their capacity and interest.

30. In order to realize this hypothesis, the basic roadmap for development will be prepared by compiling the basic information of each village. Having basic knowledge of the village will facilitate the preparation of the scheme according to the local requirement. So, for the first time, a provision of 97 lakhs has been made in the new item to collect information from every village survey.

31. Surajji village scheme will be started by our government to strengthen the rural economy. We have given the slogan slogan of Chhattisgarh's four identifiers, Narva, Garuva, Ghurwa, Bari and Ella. Now for the protection of Narva, Garuwa, Ghurua and Bari, work will start from convergence of various schemes in every village.

Narva: In every village, raw pucca structures will be constructed by scientific method, as required for water harvesting and enrichment, starting from the sources of water sources and drains. The village ponds will be filled with solar pumps and pipelines. Action will be taken to restore the existing river basins and ponds, renovation and repair of fenugreek seeds. This will increase the level of groundwater-water in 12 sources, the flow of non-perennial water and help in the production of two crops.

Garuva: In every village, 3 acres of land will be selected and cattle will be made for animals. To build livestock in Gothan, construction of platforms and sheds, drinking water and milk collection centers will be made. Artificial insemination, vaccination and dehydration will be provided in the Gothans. This will improve the milk breed and increase milk production.

Ghurua: Biogas plants, compost units and fodder development centers will be built on a community basis in Gothan. It will benefit more crop production and energy production in less cost.

Bardi: For every home, horticulture crops and vegetables will be encouraged. Planting trees will also be planted on the banks of river banks. This will benefit the villagers in addition to nutrition and increase in cash earnings.

32. Training module for the manufacture, maintenance and operation of Gobar Gas Plant and Compost units will be prepared and 10 youths from each village will be trained. For the said work, the amount available in training item under skill development scheme will be utilized. After training, about 2 lakh youth will get employment in this area.

33. In order to provide employment to the landless laborers and small marginal farmers, work will be done to conserve the rural economy by converting the schemes of various departments for the protection of Narva, Garuwa, Ghurua and Bari. For this, there is a provision of Rs.1,552 crore in the MNREGA scheme from the state budget.

34. There is a provision of 135 crores 50 lakhs in skill development schemes to train all the youth including the less educated villagers with employment skills.

35. There is a provision of 306 crores in the National Rural Livelihood Mission for organizing rural women as self-help groups.

36. 210 crore for grants for basic work in Gram Panchayats and provision of 200 crores in Chief Minister's Rural Development Scheme.

37. There is a provision of 10 crores in the new Minimata Amrit Nal-Jal Yojana for providing free domestic connection to BPL rural households for clean drinking water.

38. For connecting rural habitats with twelve-month roads, there is a provision of Rs.1,555 crore in Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana and 238 crores in the Chief Minister's Gram Sadak Yojana.

39. There is a provision of 450 crores for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the rural areas for cleanliness and drainage waste management and management schemes.

40. There is a provision of Rs. 1723 crore in the Prime Minister's housing scheme for housing for rural households.

Food and nutrition and women and child development

41. To deliver malnutrition and food security, our government has decided to distribute 35 kg of rice per ration card to the poor families. For this, there is a budget provision of 4 thousand crore in the Chief Minister's Food Security Scheme.

42. In order to reduce the rate of malnutrition in children, there is a provision of Rs.13,340 crores in Integrated Child Development Scheme and Supplementary Nutrition Scheme.

43. There is a provision of 24 crores in the Mahatari Sewa Yojna for the nutrition and nutrition of 37 million women and pregnant mothers for the nurturing and life-skill of teenage girls.

44. ECCE to provide elementary education knowledge to children by developing Anganwadi as a nursery. There is a budget provision of 15 crores in the plan.

45. In the Chief Minister Kanyadan scheme, decision has been taken to increase the amount of subsidy from 15 thousand to 25 thousand. For this, a provision of 19 crores has been kept in the budget.

46. ​​In order to provide working women with safe housing facility in the work place, there is a proposal to create a working women housing house in each division. For this, there is a provision of 6 crore 75 lakhs in the budget.

Education and social welfare

47. New steps will be taken to improve the quality of education while opening new educational institutions in the state and creating educational infrastructure. To improve the level of education quality, it will be made effective by re-engineering of the staff engaged in monitoring work.

48. 25 high schools will be upgraded to high-secondary schools and 25 pre-secondary schools will be upgraded to high school.

49. 40 primary schools, 25 pre-secondary schools and 100 high-schools and 50 high-secondary school buildings will be constructed. For these works, a provision of 345 million rupees has been made in the budget.

50. Construction of buildings for scheduled and incomplete ashram and hostel buildings for scheduled tribes will be completed soon. For this an additional amount of 50 crore has been made.

51. The rate of scholarship for the pre-matric hostel ashrams and the rate of student food assistance for post-matriculate hostels will be increased. For this, an additional provision of 27 crore 57 lakhs has been kept in the budget.

52. 75 women guard rooms, 62 superintendent housing houses, 75 toilets and 25 boundary walls will be constructed for security in girls hostels of scheduled tribe and scheduled caste girls. A provision of 13 million 39 lakhs has been made for this.

53. Women college will be established in District Balod. Post-graduate courses will be started in 25 faculties and 25 post-graduate courses in colleges. For this, a provision of 10 crores has been made in the budget.

54. In view of the interests of students studying in the colleges and the unemployed candidates, we have decided to recruit 1,384 posts of vacant teachers in 27 subjects in the colleges. Candidates have also received applications from the advertisement for recruitment.

55. In the recruitment process in the state government, the original residents of the state have been extended for the next 5 years in the age limit of 5 years.

56. In order to improve the identity and talent of the players in sports, the posts of 55 sports trainers will be approved by the respective 11 instructors in each division.

57. Innovative ITIs will be opened at Vikhandkhand Batauli, District Sarguja and Vikaskhand Duludula and Manora, District Jashpur.

58. 33 In the old ITI, the education of new texts will be started.

59. Girl hostel will be constructed in five loyalheld colleges.

60. The incentive amount for marriage will be increased from 50 thousand to 1 lakh.

61. In order to facilitate lifelong shelter and corrective treatment for mentally disabled people above 18 years of age due to intellectual retardation, Ghodunda Kendra will be established in Balod district.

62. Disabled Rehabilitation Center will be set up in District Raipur and Balod.

63. A new scheme will be started to eliminate the evil of Nashapan. Under this, an environment of consensus will be created by running a Jan Jagran campaign.

64. New divisional flyovers will be formed in Sarguja and Durg to prevent illegal sale of liquor.

Health facilities

65. We have tested the arrangements for hospitals and hospitals in the field of health. We believe that the provisions and results of the health plans currently implemented in the state are not satisfactory. According to the concept of Universal Health Care, better health plans will be implemented from next year. In order to ensure the availability of quality health services, the priority of the government is to increase the infrastructure of infrastructure in the field of health. In government hospitals, clean environment, the availability of doctors, nurses and paramedic staff, and the arrangement of multispeciality treatment will be made available to the general public.

66. Provision has been made in the budget of an additional amount of Rs.15 crores for the provision of cleanliness in state civil hospitals, community health centers and primary health centers.

67. There is a provision of a total of 7 crore 26 lakhs in the budget for creation of 135 posts for the establishment of 242 posts of staff nurses, and 100 bed new district hospital Sarguja for medical facilities 24 hours in primary health centers.

68. Five community health centers, 10 primary health centers, 25 sub-health centers and 100 beds of Garia Bandh hospital will be constructed. For this, there is a provision of 60 million 10 lakhs in the budget.

69. Multi SuperSpeciality Hospital will be set up at Medical College Bilaspur and Jagdalpur. For this, a provision of 22 crores has been made in the budget.

70. Burn unit in Trauma unit and Bilaspur will be set up at District Hospital Jagdalpur and Raigad. For this, 60 million 80 lakhs have been made in the budget.

71. Up to 25 PG seats will be upgraded at Raipur Medical College. The doctors wishing to benefit from it will get the benefit and the availability of specialist doctors in the state will increase.

Scheduled caste and tribe welfare

72. The concept of inclusive development by eliminating inequality is the basic mantra of our government. The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe people of the state have the right to equality in the benefit of the state's natural resources and development.

73. For provision of scheduled tribe sub plan, provision of Rs. 15 thousand 989 crore and scheduled caste sub plan has been provided in the budget of 5 thousand 485 crores.

74. Land and forest itself is the identity of our tribal brothers. Both of these are complementary to each other. Land and forest are the descendants of our tribal brothers and the tribal brothers are the largest guardians and creators of land and forest. We have preserved their rights by returning 1 thousand 764 hectares of tribals acquired by Tata in the area of ​​Lohandiguda region.

75. The government has enacted a law to issue the right to forest land. Lakhs of tribals had applied for their right to forest land, which were previously canceled due to various reasons. After reviewing the canceled applications, we have decided to implement the provisions of the Act more effectively. Therefore, we have decided to re-examine all canceled forest rights papers.

76. Majority of the livelihood of the tribal villagers is based on collection of small forest produce. That's why our government has increased the remuneration of tendu leaf collection from Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 Decided to sack.

77. Presently, the collection of year seed, harra, tamarind, chironji, mahua seeds, kusmik lacs and rangini lakhs is done at the minimum support price by the Association of Minor Forests. In addition to these 7 forest produce, now 15 collections of 15 animales including Kulu Gum, Nagar Motha, Honey, Behera, Bell Pulp, Kalmegh, Flowers and Puwar Seed will now be collected at the support cost.

78. Our Government's intention is not limited to tribal brothers giving a package of government schemes to development but we want to give them the right to make decisions for themselves. In order to realize this hypothesis we have decided to hand over the work of presiding over Bastar and Sarguja Development Authority to our local tribal legislators.

Drinking Water

79. The priority of our government will be to provide quality clean drinking water in both urban and rural areas.

80. Laboratory will be set up in all the departments for quality testing of drinking water provided in urban areas. For this, provision of 11 crores has been made in the budget. In the new urban water supply scheme, there is a provision of Rs. 78 crore 40 lakh and in the new Urban Magnification Water Supply Scheme, 50 crore 94 lakh.

81. In the National Rural Drinking Water Program, a budget provision of Rs. 180 crore, water supply scheme by Pipe 185 crore and rural water supply scheme for 65.5 million has been made.

82. Minimala Amrit Nullah-Jal Yojna will be launched to provide free domestic water connections to BPL consumers in rural areas. Under the scheme, the target is to provide domestic connections to 5 lakh 30 thousand rural BPL families. For this, there is a provision of 10 crores in the budget.

83. To provide pure drinking water at the fair, exhibition etc., Rajiv Gandhi Sarvajal scheme for distribution of packaged drinking water through Chief Minister's ongoing plant drinking water scheme for Raipur, Bilaspur and Bastar division and departmental water filter plant in Saza, District fort. Will be launched. For them, there is a provision of 50 million and 2 million respectively.

84. Giroudpuri mass tap water scheme for Giroudpuri, District-Balodabazar is proposed under NABARD-funded scheme. For this, there is a provision of 5 crore in the budget.

85. Due to water, Suepheda water supply scheme will be started for the prevention of disease caused by the villagers of village Supepeda district-giriyband. For this, there is a provision of 2 crores in the budget.

Energy and Urban Administration Development

86. It has been decided to give relief to the electricity consumers on the electricity bill. Under this, the benefit of half the rebate on power expenditure up to 400 units in the electricity bill will be given to all household consumers. For this, there has been a provision in the Department of Energy Department for the new item of 400 crore.

87. Under the requirement of automatic renewal in the situation of disruption of power supply in industrial areas, provision of 5 crore in new item for the establishment of SCADA at Raipur, Durg-Bhilai and Bilaspur industrial areas at a cost of 50 crores.

88. A budget of 33 crore has been earmarked for setting up of smart meters in four cities.

89. In accordance with the new parameters of Environment, Forest and Climate Ministry, there is a provision of 95 crores 40 lakhs for the amount of equity for the establishment of Flu Gas Desulfurization Plant in four units of Husdev Heating Power Plant.

90. For urban development, 371 crore for infrastructure development, 595 crore for housing scheme for all, 396 crore for Smart City scheme and 231 crore for Amrit Mission scheme.

Infrastructure Development

91. In the absence of excellent infrastructures, it is incomplete to imagine the overall development and economic prosperity of the state. If the roads are required to carry PDS rice and polio vaccine up to the villages of the remote areas then it is also necessary to have railway lines for transportation of raw materials or finished products at large scale.

92. Under the ADB Face-3 project by the Public Works Department this year, there is a provision in the budget of 300 crores for the work of 35 new roads worth 3 thousand 500 crores this year.

93. A new scheme for bridge construction on all the rivers and streams of the state has a provision of 100 crores for the Jawahar Setu Scheme. This will start construction of 102 bridges of 438 crores.

94. In addition, there is a provision in the new item of 400 crore for new works. Among them 1 thousand 58 km 261 rural roads, 351 km of length 30 main district roads of length, 97 km 7 state road length and 73 km Construction of lengthwise urban roads is proposed.

95. There is a provision of 317 crores for the transport network (rail route) scheme. It has also been made provision for construction of two railway over bridges at a cost of Rs.19 crore.

96. There is a provision in the new item of Rs. 03 crore for establishment of entrepreneurship development institute in the infrastructure projects of 20 crores for 11 infrastructure development and for the development of Durg, Sarguja and Jagdalpur. Apart from this, provision of Rs. 75 crore for cost capital grant for industrial units, 38 crores for interest subsidy and 5 crores for encouraging start-up units.

97. With the objective of promoting the local industries of the state, the government has endorsed the purchase of CSIDC through jam. It has been decided to purchase from the registered local units through. For this, the state portal will be developed.

98. Mineral activities and industrialization in the state have adverse impact on forest areas. Plantation programs are organized every year for its reimbursement, but the percentage of survival of plant plants is very low due to shortage of planted plants and lack of supervision. In order to tackle this problem and for effective protection of trees, 20 crore provision has been made to prepare big plants in the nurseries of Forest Department.

Administration and law enforcement

99. Keeping the law and order in the state, police and administration have an important role in providing opportunities for peaceful life to the citizens. If the government manages to make lakh policies or make provisions in the budget, but if the administrative system does not apply those policies at the right time and in the right way, then all proves to be useless. Our government not only knows the policy but also is capable of following them.

100. We have issued strict instructions to make the services given to the citizens under the Public Service Guarantee Act within the time limit so that the public should not wander around for short activities.

101. In order to give good governance to citizenship, citizens will be given access to government service in the house. Through the Public Service Centers, the process of developing a suitable system for receiving applications from the beneficiaries and for the delivery of services will be done through chips.

102. For the convenience of the small and middle-class citizens, restriction on sale and registration of plots less than 5 decimal places has been abolished. In January, 6 thousand 936 small plots have been registered. This system will increase the revenue as well as revenue earning for the citizens.

103. Incentives and the need for a prize can not be denied for maintaining the morale of the law enclosed in law and order. In order to take quick action in the matters related to law and order and defense of life and property, responsibilization will be given to the police personnel from the district executive force to the inspector level. For this, a provision of 45 crores 84 lakhs has been made in the budget.

104. In order to deal with the situation of natural or man-made disaster, the SDRF personnel deployed in the state will be given 50 percent interest rate allowance. There is a budget provision of 2 crores for this.

105. Provision of creation of 2 thousand new posts has been made to overcome the shortage of staff in different branches of Police force.

106. There is a provision of 10 crores for upgradation of 5 new police station and post office. There is a provision of 12.5 million for the construction of 5 police stations and 20 checkposts.

107. A new Central Jail will be established in view of the number of prisoners in Raipur central jail and lack of additional space for the construction of jail building.

108. A special jail in Banaspur with a capacity of 500 thousand detainees and an open gel of 200 captive capacity will be constructed at Bemetra.

109. There is a provision of 140 crores for the construction of court buildings and residential buildings.

110. 50 Civil Judicial Class-2 Court will be established. For this, a provision of 10 crores has been made.

Revised estimates of the year 2018-19

111. Speaker, now I present the revised budget estimate of the year 2018-19 to the House.

(1) Revised estimate of 74 thousand 28 crores as compared to 72 thousand 867 crores of revenue estimates. The budget estimate of expenditure increased from 83 thousand 179 crores to revised estimate 93 thousand 8 crores.

(2) Revised estimate of revenue deficit is 6 thousand 342 crores.

(3) The gross fiscal deficit in the budget was estimated at 9, 998 crores. In revised estimates, this will increase to 18 thousand 768 million.

(4) By reducing the expenditure on unnecessary and lesser items of budget and increasing the tools of revenue, efforts to reduce the revenue deficit and keep fiscal deficit within the prescribed limit.

Budget estimates for the year 2019-20

112. Speaker, now I present the statement of Budget Estimates of 2019-20 to the House.

 (1) Total revenue receipts for the year 2019-20 are estimated at 79 thousand 746 crores. There are 31 thousand 755 crores of the state and the amount received from the Center is 47 thousand 991 crores.

 (2) Estimated gross expenditure for the year 2019-20 is 95 thousand 899 crores. Net spending on reducing debts and redemption of loans from gross expenditure is estimated at 90 thousand 909 crores. Revenue expenditure is 78 thousand 595 crores and capital expenditure is 12 thousand 1110 crores. Capital expenditure in the year 2019-20 is 13.32 percent of the total expenditure.

(3) A budget provision of Rs. 15 thousand 989 crore and Scheduled Castes Sub-plan for the Scheduled Tribes Sub-plan for the development of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes in the state has been made.

(4) In the budget of 2019-20, 36 percent for social sector, 44 percent for the economic sector and 20 percent for the general services sector has been made.

Fiscal position

113. Chairman, due to the ever increasing essential revenue expenditure, the revenue expenditure has definitely increased this year, but by stopping the wasteful expenditure on unnecessary and unnecessary items, we have made every effort to cover it. As a result, revenue surplus of Rs. 1,115 crore is estimated in the 2019-20 budget.

(1) The state's gross financial loss is estimated to be 10 thousand 881 crores, which is 2.99 percent of the state's gross domestic product and within the prescribed limit.

(2) Total receipts for the year 2019-20 are estimated to be 90 thousand 909 crores against the net expenditure of 91 thousand 542 crores. As a result of these financial transactions, the savings of Rs. 632 crores are estimated. The budget deficit estimated to be worth 4 thousand 711 crore is estimated at the end of 2019-20, involving the potential deficit of 5 thousand 344 crore of the year 2018-19.

Tax proposal

114. There is no new tax proposal for President, 2019-20.

115. Speaker, the people of Chhattisgarh have immense expectations from us. Our goal is to meet the criteria of those expectations. In a very short time, our government has done many public welfare decisions to fulfill the public's expectations. By making proper financial arrangements through this budget, we have paved the way for further implementation of our decisions.

116. A new chapter of progress and prosperity in Chhattisgarh will start from the concrete provisions of our government's strong will and motivation from the Government, inspired by "Gadhbo Nava Chhattisgarh".

117. With these words, annual financial statements of the year 2019-20 and demand for grants are presented to the House.



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