Raipur: Chhattisgarh will be successful in forming a successful state, where every person's self-help will become the symbol of power and strength of the state - Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel

According to the spirit of the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation
  Are going to make decisions in the state
6 million 230 thousand rupees for 16 lakh 65 thousand farmers
Agricultural loan was waived
Promise to buy rice at 25 rupees per quintal
Chief Minister announced to forgive the irrigation tax amount of Rs. 207 crores
Message of public at the Republic Day celebrations

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Shri Bhupesh Baghel today greeted the citizens of the state on the seventy-seventh Republic Day with hearty congratulations and greetings while addressing the main function organized in Police Parade Ground, Raipur. He said that with the constant efforts of the Republic's strength in the light of the Constitution, we will be successful in making Chhattisgarh a successful state, where every person's self-governance will become the symbol of power and strength of the state. He said that for this, the slogan of 'Gadhbo Nava Chhattisgarh' has been given in the state.
While addressing the citizens of the state on this occasion, the Chief Minister started his exclamation with Chhattisgarhi language and said that "Jumbo Sangi, Jahnariya, Dai-Didi, Cyan, Jawan Au Laika Man L Jaye Johar". He said in Chhattisgarh that today's day is to remember the glorious past of India, which has two great chapters - Independence Day - August 15, 1947 and Republic Day - January 26, 1950 To give freedom to India, innumerable people had put a stake in life. There is also a tremendous contribution of many great figures in making India's constitution. I bow to the people who have contributed towards the seven-day journey of the nation and the people who contributed with wealth and wealth. The contribution of the heroes of Chhichgarh in the burning of the first torch of India's freedom fight was also recorded. Shaheed Gandasingh, Veer Gunaddhur, Shahid Veer Narayan Singh, who had woken up, was connected to Chhattisgarh's Kona-Kona and people's freedom struggle.
    The Chief Minister further said in Hindi language that under the leadership of Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, when the socialists and lawmakers from all over the country were united, our Chhattisgarh devotees also gave their invaluable services as a member of the Constituent Assembly. I would like to present the present and future generations with their heritage and make their contribution in fulfilling the dreams of the Constitution makers. The preamble of our constitution - "We are people of India", which reflects the importance of every citizen in the Republic. Our government is committed to doing every possible remedy for the dignity and dignity of every citizen.
The Chief Minister said that we remember Mahatma Gandhi's hypothesis on Gram Swaraj and remember his promise: "Remember the poor person before making any decision and ask yourself what steps you are going to take. Will he be useful to that poor person? "I am feeling satisfied with saying that all our decisions have been taken in the last one month in line with the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi's words. .

Agriculture loan forgiveness decision got support of all classes

Shri Baghel said that the situation of the villages and villages can not be improved without the liberation of the farmers' debt. That's why we waived short-term agricultural loans of 16 thousand 65 thousand farmers in the first meeting of the Council of Ministers, approximately 6, 230 crores. I am happy that our decision has not only been supported by all the sections of the farmers but also the farmers of the state. It is a pleasant sign of the state that the state wants to stay on the basics of its harmony, with no retrograde thought, power or power, can not harm our brotherhood. I would like to help you with extended hands to help the needy sections further.

Irrigation services started for Rabi crops will start

While announcing the announcement, the amount of Rs 207 crores arrears of irrigation tax by October, 2018 will also be waived by adding the outstanding amount of irrigation tax pending for 15 years of farmers, which will provide relief to about 15 lakh farmers. The farmers taking Rabi crop should not have any problem so that we have also decided to restart the closed irrigation services for Rabi crops with immediate effect.
The Chief Minister said that the applicants who have received Chhattisgarh's contribution in the form of paddy bowl have the right to get a decent price for paddy. In the first meeting of the Council of Ministers, we fulfilled the promise of purchasing rice from the farmers of the state at a rate of 2500 rupees per quintal. The request for enhancing the quantity of rice procurement in the central pool has been done by the Government of India, but in the event of our demand being rejected, the state government will fulfill its responsibilities.
The Chief Minister said that we realize that in order to improve the economic condition of the farmers, we have to make permanent arrangements and will have to create such schemes, which have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, for the development of the villages, we have taken a pledge to adopt the 'Value Added' policy of the resources available there and have slogan: "Chhattisgarh's four identifiers, Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva, Baadi, Aila Bachao hai Sangwari". . In his message, Shri Baghel said in his message that in order to prevent the wasting water from drainage, conservation and promotion of livestock, the use of products from them, making organic manure, Aparna fuel arrangements, and in the village, Work plans are being planned, which will be the new dawn of Swavalamban in villages. In this order, instructions have been given to all the village panchayats to arrange for shelter and pasture of cows. Through the Gram Sabhas, the land is being secured for it. Necessary steps will also be taken to ensure the use of MNREGA in this work. Thus, it is not only slogan but the surest way of the prosperity of the villages.

The name of the Agriculture Department was changed to "Agriculture Development, Farmer Welfare"
And 'biotechnology department' '

The Chief Minister said that the goal of all schemes related to agriculture will be the independence and prosperity of the food providers. Hence the name of the Agriculture Department has been changed to "Agriculture Development, Farmer Welfare and Biotechnology Department", which aims at the goal of farmers welfare always in front of our eyes.

Tentupatta Collection Wages Rs 25 Hundred
Decision to raise from standard sack to Rs. 4 thousand

There is a beating of life in forest areas where people from the Scheduled Tribes who live there are traditional. Ironically, the campaign to complete the basic needs of this large population of forests in the state has gone back a decade and a half. To ensure proper implementation of the Act related to the recognition of forest rights, reconsideration of the lease refills cases, providing community forest rights, providing fertilizers for agriculture, seeds, agricultural equipment, co-ordination and irrigation facilities will be expedited. It has been decided to increase the collection of transit duty from Rs 25 lakh per standard bag to 4 thousand rupees. These decisions will give financial empowerment of the tribal brothers and sisters dependent on farmers and forest produce. He said that like the districts of Sarguja and Bastar division in the fifth Schedule areas, the decision to facilitate recruitment in district cadre in Korba district has also been decided. In addition, the recruitment period has been extended to two years in all these districts.

Families suffering from the tragic incident of Jiram Valley
SIT giving quick justice the inspection

The Chief Minister said that it is said that delay in getting justice is an injustice in itself. There was uneasiness about many incidents in the state's opinion and the hope of getting justice was bleak. We have taken a strong step towards quick disposal of the families suffering from the tragic incident of Jiram Valley by SIT. Has announced the investigation. In India, the public distribution system was made subject to hope and confidence for the people of the weaker sections, but in Ghiyasgarh, it also became a victim of injustice and many question marks regarding the functioning of Civil Supply Corporation (NAN) So, we got SIT of the "Non Scandal". Announced the investigation.

District Mineral Institute trust review

District Mineral Institute Trust (DMF) was formed to protect the interests of the environment and the people affected by mining in mineral-held areas. In this fund, a contribution of Rs. 3,333 crore was received till November 2018 and the amount of Rs. 2,400 crore was spent. In reality, this amount was to compensate the loss due to the mining affected population, but it was used in a very non-irresponsible manner. Therefore, we have decided to review this whole case and have banned unnecessary construction so that public money can be used in public interest. He said that we had promised that Chitfund would take action against companies and withdraw cases against innocent innocent youth who were associated with these companies as an agent. The proceedings will be completed in the next one month.

Purchase, sale, sale and sale of less than 5 decimal places
Withdrawal from transfer, registration

The Chief Minister said that we took immediate action on the matter of being deprived of the sale and sale of small and small sized people to the low income population and removed the ban from the purchase, sale, transfer and registration of less than 5 decimal places. . The process of simplifying the diversion of land is also being simplified.
He said that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had laid the foundation for the establishment of large industries, educational institutions through public sector undertakings. They called them the temple of modern India. Bhilai Steel Plant, established for overall, inclusive and all-round development, has made a record by producing 200 million tonnes of hot metal from now till date 1959. Similarly, no one can forget to contribute to the nation building of Public Enterprises such as Nalco, NTPC powerhouse, Gangrel dam, Minimata Hasdeo Bango dam, State power plant, NMDC and SECL and other institutions. The establishment of industries, the construction of dams, the power house, roads, railways, aviation, telecom, and the extension of infrastructure is our tradition. We will move forward in this connection.

More than 1764 hectare land of tribal farmers of Lohandiguda and affected 10 villages will be returned.

There are examples of Lohndiguda in Bastar in front of us where the former state government acquired land of more than 17 hundred farmers to set up large industries from the country's major industrial institution. In ten years, there was no industry, neither the farmers got land back nor did the ideal rehabilitation law be followed. The institution expressed disagreement with applying the industry, but tribal farmers did not return their land. As soon as we came to government, we decided to return more than 1764 hectares of affected 10 villages so that Tribals could get justice. We will do all the possible efforts to invite capital investment in the state to support them on the basis of the real need of the future in the future. Today, around 50 families of Lohandiguda area are sitting with us in this function held in Raipur, which we are fulfilling our promise by giving the land title.
He said that we have decided to change the tradition of making the chief minister of development authorities for integrated development in scheduled castes, scheduled tribes so that the MLAs of these areas have a major role in it and they better understand the local needs. To make the results of the Authorities better, they can make a better result. In order to promote the industries and local products of the state, decision has been taken to purchase material from the Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation in place of "jam" in government departments. For this, Chhattisgarh Bazar Purchase Rule 2002 has been amended and within six months new portal will be made for purchasing material online.
I once again want to remind Mahatma Gandhi's "trusteeship" principle. Gandhiji had said that 'the government should act as a trustee of the resources of the state.' It is our duty to be economical in government spending. Therefore, we have ordered a probe on such cases, in which the first evidence of corruption is found. I would like the government staff to play the role of a public servant honestly. Public funds come from the public's blood and sweat, ensure its well-intentioned disciplined utilization. Work will be ensured in the time-bound schedule under the 'Chhattisgarh Public Service Guarantee Act' to protect the public from red-feverish and government offices. It will not be spared as a large number of officials who are taking part in it, because it is our first priority to overcome everyday problems of the public.

Journalist security law creation process begins

The four key pillars of a strong and healthy democracy are considered-the legislature, judiciary, executive and journalism (media). Our resolve is that these four will strengthen the base and provide all the necessary environment, resources and facilities for the fulfillment of their assigned responsibilities. Over the past few years, the danger of freedom of expression in the state has increased very much. I believe that freedom of expression is the first condition of democracy, so we have started the process of creating journalistic security laws in support of the independent press.

Assistant professors of colleges
Starting the process of filling vacancies

The Chief Minister said that quality education has a big role in the strengthening and promotion of the Republic. But ironically, there are many discrepancies in the state from primary to higher education system, which has the effect of getting jobs from employment opportunities to good citizens. Taking the first step in this direction, we have started the process of filling up vacant posts of 40% assistant professors in the government colleges in the state through Public Service Commission. He said that recruitment of 15 thousand teachers in the school education department in the state will be made speedily. He said that senior citizens are an integral part of our society, they have to take care of us with great emotion. Therefore, we have decided to create a 'Palalit Care Unit' for the living and treatment of critically ill old citizens while making a new initiative where their regular health checks, treatment, medicines, means of entertainment and television will be arranged. .

Two new committees constituted in view of prohibition of alcoholism

Our government is moving ahead with caution and awareness about the imposition of alcohol. Firstly, the report given by the government committee formed in the name of prohibition was studied, whose recommendations were to increase the consumption of alcohol. The State Government has immediately annulled the recommendation of the committee and announced the formation of two new committees. One of these would be an all-party political committee and the other would be from different sections of the society. The Political Committee will study in states where alcohol was banned, but did not succeed. This committee will study the causes of failures. The social committee will suggest ways of awakening social consciousness in alcoholism. A comprehensive awareness campaign will be organized about the evils of consumption of alcohol.

Honoring the folk institutions and bringing back the glorious identity of "Maghi Pooni Mela"

Only by preserving our folk culture and the heritage associated with our ancestors, we can make meaningful development. 'Maghi Pini Mela' is a matter of our people's faith. Formerly its name was changed to Kumbha (kalpa). We have taken an initiative to restore the glorious identity of "Maghi Pini Mela" while respecting the public institutions. Destruction of Amar Shahid Veer Narayan Singh and destroying Karmabhoomi Sonnakhan in the name of mining is also against public sentiments, so we have decided to review it.
On the occasion, the Chief Minister remembered the saints like Baba Guru Ghasidas, Gahir Guru, Rajim Mata, Bilas Mata, Karma Mata, Mini Mata etc. on this occasion, with the effect of which Samskarata, harmonious, brother-in-law and mutual co-ordination in Chhichgarh Are. When the country was boiling through the turbulence of communal forces, then the island of Chishgarh was built. We consider the protection of the rights of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities, Backward Classes, Women and all such people as their ultimate commitment. He said that our resolve is that in the name of Naxalism, we will end the violent activities of the anti-Constitutional elements, but will take full care of the feelings of all sections of our tribal siblings, journalists, social workers, jawans of security forces etc. Only after listening to full satisfaction should step towards a permanent solution. It is our great responsibility to respect the basic concepts of the Republic.
The Chief Minister said that with the constant efforts of the Republic's strength in the light of our constitution, we will be successful in making Chhattisgarh a successful state where every person's self-governance will become the symbol of power and strength of the state.


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