Assembly election 2018 Rs. 04 lakh sanctioned to 01 beneficiaries of natural calamity

According to the information received from Surajpur 28 November 2018 / Collector Shri K.C. Devsenapati, according to information received from Additional Collector Shri KP Sain, 01 lakhs of natural victims have provided financial assistance of Rs. 04 lakhs. According to the release order, under the development order Ramanujanagar, the deceased resident of village Surta, father of Umesh Puhup, Jati Gond died on 10th October, 2015 due to his death due to drowning in the well, his father Umesh Puhup, Mr. Ramlal Puhup was given four lakh rupees. The financial assistance amount has been approved. In anticipation of this allocation, demand number 58 top 2245 will be depleted in anticipation of allocation of financial year 2018-19 under natural calamity relief.


Acceptance of 16 lakhs for affected families in four cases of loss of natural calamity

Jashpurnagar 28 November 2018 / In case of loss of natural calamity in 4 cases, 16 lakhs have been sanctioned for the affected families. When the death of Ignace father Gabrell resident of village tehsil of village Tahsil, after dying in the water, on 14 December 2017, the death of the nearest heir of the deceased, Rs. 4 lakh to the deceased's wife Sibestia, resident of village Kaliya resident Sudhani Kharkho, On May 8, 2018, the amount of Rs 4 lakh has been approved for the death of the nearest heir of the deceased, the son of the deceased Brij Kumar Bkhuku and Vinay Prakash. .
At the same time, after the death of father Budhram, on the death of the father of village Tahsil, on April 14, 2017, in the village of Tehsil, Tahasil, a village, Tahasil, a family of four lakh rupees for the wife of the deceased's deceased, and Rs. 4 lakh for the wife of the deceased, and Sarpanchandh from village Bodhpore resident of village Bodapuri resident Prakash Kuzur, father Engeesh Of cajur


Collector appeals to not ignore agricultural residues

Bemetra November 27, 2018: - To prevent environmental pollution, the state government has banned the burning of residues after harvesting the fields. Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware has directed the senior officers of the Agriculture Department's Deputy Director and related region to take necessary action for the prevention of such incidents. Who will visit the villages and monitor the incidents of harvesting of crop residues and take necessary action. The collector has appealed to farmers not to burn farm residues in fields. He said pollution caused by burning of residues was harmful to all. It is noteworthy that after the harvesting of crops in North India, the serious consequences of pollution caused by burning of its remains were found last year. The National Green Tribunal has also banned the harvesting of crop residues.

Jawahar Navoday Vidyalay Online application for admission in class VIII till November 30

Bemetra November 27, 2018: - The selection examination will be held on April 06, 2019 for the completion of vacant seats in class VIII for the session 2019-20 for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khilora Tehsil Bemetra, District Bemetra. Collector and Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan Chairman Shri Mahadev Kaware said that the application form for the examination examination can be filled only on the Online Navodaya Vidyalaya website's website WWW Navodaya Dat Gov Dot Inn by 30 November 2018. He informed that those students who are studying in Class VIII in Session 2018-19 in Government / Non-Government Schools of Bemetara district, can only fill online application forms for student VIX VI. Student's birth date should be between one May 2006 to 30 April 2010 (both days are inclusive). For more information, telephone number - 9424244628, 9399532137, 9340196648, 9399363378 and 6263038025 can be contacted.


Honorarium of Legislative Assembly election 2018 polling parties Total payment of 32 lakh 85 thousand 300 to 3339 people through RTGS

Duty of officers and employees was imposed during Jawaharpur Nagar 27th November, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018. Whose honorarium has been paid.
Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer said that there were 3,339 people in the district in the polling booths. Total 32 lakh 85 thousand 300 rupees have been made through RTGS. At the same time, he said that some people have not been able to pay due to incorrect account number, which will be paid soon by requesting the account number.


2018-19 half yearly exam schedule of primary and upper primary schools

In Jashpurnagar 27th November 2018 / year 2018-19, timetable has been released for primary and upper primary schools for the half yearly examination. The District Education Officer informed that the primary level examination will be held from 4 December to 7 December 2018. In which class first students and students will take the examination of Mathematical Subjects on Tuesday, December 4, on December 4, English, on December 6. Similarly, students of class II students will be students on December 4, on Tuesday, December 5th, Hindi, December 6, Maths, Class III students, students on December 4, Hindi on 5th December, English on 6th December and Mathematics on 7th December. , Students of class-IV will be students on December 4 on December 4, Maths on December 5, Dec 6, Environment on 6th December, Students on December 7, Class IV students and students on 4th December On December 5, the students will take the examination of the Environmental Subjects on Mathematics and Dec 7 on December 6,
Similarly, the upper primary level examination will be held from December 3 to December 8, 2018. Students of class 6th will be students on December 3 on English, December 5 on December 4, English on 5 December, Sanskrit on 6th December, Science on 7th December and 8th December for students of Social Science, Class VII, English on December 3, 4 On December 5th, Sanskrit, December 6, Science on 6th December, Social Science on December 7 and students on December 8, Math VIII, Mathematics on 4th December, 4th Dec December'll Sanskrit, science, the test subject Hindi Social Science and English, and December 8 December 7 December 6 December 5. At the same time, he said that according to the need, changes in schedule can also be done.


Collector Dr. Shukla meeting for the deadline

Jashpurnagar 27 November 2018 / Collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla took a meeting of the time limit from 11 o'clock in the meeting room of the District Office on Tuesday. In the meeting, he gave necessary mandatory instructions regarding counting in the assembly elections. On this occasion, the CEO's district convergence Mr. Kuldeep Sharma also gave the necessary instructions.
           In the meeting Dr. Shukla ordered the officer concerned to make the leave record online for the concerned officer. He also asked the officials to ensure that the votes cast selected for the Legislative Assembly of 2018 be fulfilled in all parameters according to the ECI's order.
At the same time, he said that the Code of Conduct is effective till 11 December, during which no new work should be started. All SDMs were asked to pay special attention to the procurement of paddy and all the nodals were given specific instructions regarding their physical verification. He asked all the SDMs to do the scrap cutting experimentary on time. At the same time, he also learned about the progress of Tomato Processing Unit of Pathholgaon.
            CEO Zilla Panchayat Mr. Kuldeep Sharma, Additional Collector Mr. I.L. Thakur, Deputy Collector Mr. R.S. Tiwari, all SDM, CEO, Departmental Officer and other officers and employees were present in the meeting.

Instructions for depositing tax receipt and valid insurance till December 15, 2018

According to the information received from Surajpur 27 November 2018 / Collector Shri K.C.Devsenapati, from the information received from the District Transport Officer, Mr. Atul Asayya, all passenger carriers / school buses / staph bus / Malian / other vehicle owners are informed that currently the vehicles related to vehicles 2.0 has been done through. The new version of the current vehicle rules program, operated by NICC, is being implemented in Vehicle 4.0 Transport Office Surajpur Chhattisgarh. Taxpayers have been paid by the vehicle owner through access to the accessemental module / request / oltp whose receipt has not been made available in the office and the vehicle owners who have not been updated in the valid insurance vehicle program are directed. Provide photocopy of tax receipt and valid insurance in the office of District Transport Officer till December 15, 2018 Aks has been manual vehicle program to be updated and meeting changing capacity and named former whose vehicles, be sure to get them is also directed that necessary evidence presented at the office updated on December 15, 201. If the record is not presented in the time frame you set, you will be responsible for yourself. Therefore, in order to avoid inconvenience, submit it to the pre-scheduled office. If the vehicle's VAT has been deposited by you, be sure to fit the vehicle immediately.

Senior teacher Mr. Tokale lectures on astronomical knowledge astronomy in the context of the universe

According to information received from Surajpur 27 November 2018 / Collector Shri K.C.Devsanapati, according to information obtained from Principal Dr. Revathi Raman Mistry's post-graduate college Surajpur Principal, Dr. S. Aggarwal, local scientist Revati Raman Mishra, a postgraduate college, senior scientist in Surajpur, Mr. Santosh Takale was impressed by Mumbai Bhabha Atomical Research Center Interesting information was given in the college. Scientist Mr. Takal has traveled from the universe to the person traveling in the sky, covering various topics, including history, geography, science, Indian philosophy, Ved Vedanta, physics, chemistry, mathematics. With scientific evidence of interesting genre, enlightenment of students by providing many intensive and subtle information about the universe. The scientist Mr. Tuckale gave a lot of new information, with a strong grip on his subject and a wonderful presentation of the presentation. Drew attention to the wonders about the solar system's history and its various activities. On the other hand, Mr. Tuckale has more than 7 million students and teachers and interested people interested in the subject, living in confusion along with scientific views in terms of planets, stars, constellations, sky ganga, energy galaxia etc. in the solar system. People have tried to convince them that the planet is not God or God, it is an important part of the solar system. In a lecture of nearly one hour, he spoke fluently through a projector giving many deep and intimate information about the universe. He said that since Vedic times, our ancestors had researched all the information of the solar system and understood the position of the planets, the constellations of the constellations and the sources of energy. Giving the mishrash of human civilization, Shri Takale said that it is amazing that the lifespan of 21 lakh kg is lifted from the ground and installed in space. The scientist Mr. Santosh Takal was present in the lecture in which students / students and professors were present on large scale. Dr. P. D. Sonkar, Senior Professor of the college, introduced Shri Santosh Takale to Prof. Shri C.B. Mishra, Mr. T.R. Khandendale, Dr. Jha and Dr. Chandan, and thanked the scientist Mr. Santosh Takale by the college that started the program.

Constitution Day celebrated at Postgraduate College Surajpur

According to information received from Surajpur 27th November 2018 / Collector Shri K.D.Desanapati, according to information obtained from Principal Revati Raman Mistry's post-graduate college Surajpur Principal Dr. S. Aggarwal, local government Revati Raman Mishra, the National Service Scheme of the National Service Planning Unit of Surajpur, on November 26, 2018, as Constitution Day. Was celebrated in On the occasion of the Constitution Day, Dr. H. N. Dubey and Mr. Mukesh Singh presented detailed discussions on the constitution along with the introduction of the Constitution to the students. All the faculty members of the college were present on this occasion. The platform was run by the program officer Mr. CB Mishra.


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