District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the counting of votes

Koriya 29 Nov.

District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga reviewed the preparations being made for the counting on December 11, after reaching the voting center government Ramanuj Higher Secondary School in District Headquarters and received proper information about the arrangements for the counting of votes.

District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga received information regarding the entire system of counting of votes, calculation of service electoral mail ballot, tabulasan etc., to complete the process of counting and he has provided adequate number of tent, Broaking, arranging of counting room, furniture, district public relations officer to establish media center, Internet connectivity and telephone system to the Department of Telecommunication, cleanliness of Chief Municipal Officer

Fire arrangement, arrangement of water tanks, security arrangements to the police department, reservation of premises for parking, and to ensure related arrangements including related information, essential material, photography machine, computer, punter, scanner, operator, light and sound system. Gave instructions On this occasion, he gave training to the officers and employees regarding the counting of votes. And informed the representatives of political parties to start the counting of votes. Meanwhile, the officers of the district Mr. Vivek Shukla, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Jagannath Verma were present.

Meeting of Political Party Representatives and Candidates Today

Koriya 29 Nov.

In the chairmanship of district election officer and collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, a meeting of representatives and candidates of all the political parties of the district has been called in the meeting of District Collectorate at 11.30 am on November 30. The meeting will be discussed in connection with the counting program and related preparations related to it.

Collector collects inspection of counting place


Collector Mahadev Kaware took stock of preparations for the counting of votes in local agricultural produce market premises this morning and gave necessary instructions to the officials. SSP on this occasion H.R. Manhar, A.D.M. K. s. Mandavi, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue DN Kashyap, SDO P.W.D. Other officials, including Dalgunj, were present.

Collector did surprise inspection of sub jail

Bemetara 28 Nov.

Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kawre and Senior Superintendent of Police H.R. Manohar inspected a very early morning Bemetra. During this he went to the prisoners' cell and met. Jail Superintendent S.p. Kurre said that currently there are 129 prisoners in jail.

Collector and ssp In connection with the security arrangements of the jail premises, he took information and inquired about cleanliness, drinking water, food, regular health check-up. The jailer told that a television set has been set up in different rooms within the jail. During the inspection of the prison, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority KPS Bhadauria, A.D.J. Mamta Patel, CGM Jitendra Singh Thakur was also present.

Immunization of 2 lakh 12 thousand 698 children so far in Measles-Rubella Vaccination Campaign District

Bemetara 28 Nov.

Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign From the first week of October, children from 09 months to 15 years of government / private schools, Madarsa and Anganwadi centers of all development blocks of District Bemetra vaccinated Measles Rubella vaccine and to be protected from dangerous diseases such as measles and rubella. Running For which, in the district, with the important contribution of the Department of Education, Women and Child Development Department along with the Health Department in the district so far, total target of 2 lakh 62 thousand 484 children in the whole school is 2 lakh 12 thousand 698 children in the school and Anganwadi centers have been immunized by putting vaccination sessions.

Which is 81.03 percent against the target of the district. In order to complete the vaccination as soon as possible to the children of disadvantaged children and Anganwadi centers in the schools, on Wednesday, organized a meeting under the chairmanship of Chief Medical Officer, at the district level, by the Health Department at the District level, the Development Officer (BMO) .) Was directed to get the cent percent of the target

Exit poles will be restricted until December 07

Bemetara 28 Nov.

In view of the Assembly elections, the conduct of any type of exit poll from the voting date to 07 December 2018 and 5.30 pm and the publication or promotion of its results by print and electronic media or its promotion in any other way will be fully banned. . In relation to this, the notification issued by the Election Commission of India on November 09, 2018, has been banned, according to the notification issued by Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana to conduct any kind of exit poll for the present general election. And publication or publicity of its results by print and electronic media or in any other way Will ban Rsar.

Apart from this, it has also been clarified that in every stage in respect of suitable general elections, during the 48 hours ending at the appointed time for the end of the poll, any electronic poll or any other polling results including the results of the poll Any kind of election related matters will be banned.

Obligations were handed over to officers for counting work

Bemetara 28 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre has been given their obligation to the officers for the smooth functioning of the counting work under Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018. According to the program released by the commission, votes will be counted from 8 o'clock on December 11, 2018. Among them, senior police superintendent Bemetara H.R. Full security arrangements for Manhar District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer S. Alok is constituted for the counting of votes (by selecting gazetted and engineers)

Issuance of Identity Card for issuance of Randomization and Preparation of Randomization order, preparation of training, preparing for the Observer and Reporting, returning officer (Sarv) to the constituency wise counting officer / employee identity card, issuing identification card for counting agent Additional Collector S. R. Appointment of micro observer for women and their training, introduction letter, District Food Officer Bhupendra Mishra, according to the number of officials / employees and the number of drinking media groups for counting, tea and snacks and food arrangements, Executive Engineer Public Works Department, Bemetra M. R. Jatav, arranges table-chair for counting, marking up (100 meters) and arrangement of fencing, preparing media room, arrangement for necessary arrangement, room building for calculation of VVPT slip and pigeon hole Arranging, making room for keeping mobile, working executive engineer, public health mechanics department, examined chaudhary, for the counting of tabs According Preparation Control Unit chart, drinking water systems,

District Education Officer R. Chandra Karkar required computer, printer, fax, photocopy machine and operator according to assessment, arrangement of computer, punter, fax and operator at press and media room, White Board for returning officer cell, marker and employee duty to write, Arrangement of necessary staff for inquiries and announcements, Assistant Director Public Relations Bemetra CL Lonhare Mobile Officer for Incharge Officer And arrangements with the necessary staff, collection of necessary material for preparation of election papers, mobile safe keeping of all media representatives and providing information to the media on time, deputy collector To carry Dhruv to the ballot counting site with the help of the postal department, the system for calculation of VVPAT slip, the Deputy Collector Shilli Thomas, the Executive Magistrate Duty

Issuance of admission letter to officers / employees engaged in office and other arrangements, Dio Preparation and arrangement of randomization of Rohit Chandraseshi, necessary data collection for counting day, preparation of required forms for report, necessary arrangements for assistive programmers / data-driven operators, preparation of results in ARO cell for final results Chief municipal officer municipal council, Bemetra Mohinder Sahu, to get necessary cleaning at the counting place, arranging fire brigade at the counting place, supplying clean drinking water in the tanker at the counting place.

Executive Engineer, Charger, V.V.V. Bemetra JS Chaudhary should ensure uninterrupted power supply to the counting day at the counting place and arrange the generator, Civil Surgeon Health Department, Bemetara D. Shailendra Kumar Pal has been given the responsibility of arranging a medical team with necessary medicines at the counting place. All the work for the Sub-Divisional Officer (Ra) Bemetra D.N. Kashyap will be Nodal Officer.


Randomization of micro observer for counting work

Bemetara 28 Nov.

Under the assembly election, 60 officers are being employed as micro observers for counting work. Which is employed in various departments of the Government of India. In the presence of District Electoral Officer Mahadev Kawre, here today the randomization of Micro Abrarjwar and calculation supervisor and calculation assistant was conducted. District level Gazetted cadre is the officer. On this occasion, ADM And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, Additional Collector S. R. Women's, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok was also present. Today, selection has been made for counting work in the randomization conducted on Wednesday. The assembly area is not yet aliased. The Collector told that the training of micro observer will be held on December 04 in the District Panchayat meeting room. Second training is proposed on 10th December.

Government work begins with the national anthem

Bemetara 28 Nov.

In the joint district office collectorate building Bemetra, the national work begins with the official functioning. Within 10.30 a.m. on every working day, the government work begins in different offices located in the collectorate only after the collective national anthem. Officers and employees are present in the campus at 10.30 p.m. every day, from which time the trend of coming to the office and discipline fosters are encouraged.

Collector Mahadev Kawre and Senior Superintendent of Police H.R. Manhar himself and other officials of the collector are present in the national anthem. During this time, information on contemporary topics is also given and reading is good.

Collector gave information to media representatives regarding counting

Bemetara 28 Nov.

District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre informed the reporters in the Collectorate meeting this afternoon about the preparations for the assembly elections 2018. The counting of the three assembly constituencies of the district will be done in the strong room set up in the agricultural produce market premises at 8 o'clock on December 11. Legislative votes will be counted in 14-14 tables. Each table will have a duty of one micro armor.

Postal ballot and e.tt.b.s. Two extra tables will be applied for calculation. Government servants in the counting place, farmers will enter the consumer market gate. Similarly, candidates and their representatives will enter the main gate of Durg Road. Photometric entry pass will be issued, they will be eligible only to enter. Pan, Tobacco, Gudakhu Beedi, Cigarettes will be restricted to the counting place. Journalists will be allowed to carry mobile phones only to the media center, the candidates and their agents will not be allowed to carry mobile phones in the counting place. Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manohar said that strict arrangements for security will be made in the counting complex. Only phototed passers will be allowed to come to the market premises. There will also be adequate police force deployed outside the agricultural produce market, the soldiers will be deployed in plain uniform also.

Mr. Manhar said that duty of 300 jawans of the district is being imposed. 200 additional forces have been demanded from the Police Headquarters (PHQ). The collector said that 2945 postal ballots were issued to the government servants under format 12 in which, 1470 postal ballots have been deposited till the news of these were written. These include 459 under B assembly constituencies, Bemetra 582 and Navagadha 492. The postal ballots will be deposited till December 11, before counting of votes. For this, the box has been installed in the Collectorate in front of the Legislative Returning Officer's Room. Service Voters, who are posted in Army etc., had issued 135 under Electronic Transmitted Postal Ballat System (ETPB), 26 received.

The collector said that the polling party in which the presiding officer was paid Rs. 1200, the voting officer no. One- two, and three to the value of 900 rupees was valued at RTSG. Through their bank account. 183 micro observer was appointed, in which 100 has been paid by the value of Rs 1200, the balance has been demanded for the balance. The District Magistrate said that in each assembly area, a VVPat slip of a polling station will be calculated, for which the room will be constructed separately. The collector informed that the candidates who have not submitted expenditure accounts on time, will have to submit their respective Vs. Notice has been issued by Returning Officer of the area. They gave detailed information regarding expenditure accounts of the legislative candidates.

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