The Collector examined the counting site and examined the preparedness.

Mahasamund 3 Dec.

Preparations are being made for counting in Agriculture Produce Market Complex Pittajhar, scheduled for the Legislative Assembly election 2018. Counting of votes for the four assembly constituencies of the district will start simultaneously from 8 am on December 11, 2018. Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himshikhar Gupta reviewed the preparations by observing the counting place today.

Inspecting the officials, gave necessary directions and said that before preparing all kinds of preparations before the counting day. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, ASP Mr. Vedravrat Sirmaur, Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. B. S. Senior officials of all the departments involved in the preparation of counting of votes, including Marqam, SDM and Assistant Returning Officer, Shri Sunil Chandravanshi were present.

Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Gupta directed the officers on the arrangements within and outside the counting hall. He has instructed to expedite the public facilities such as toilets, drinking water, communication, electricity and other arrangements. Media Center will also be set up in the counting campus. Passed-in media representatives will be able to enter the media center only by the Election Commission.

Gates have also been set for admission to the counting agent and government accounting personnel, and accordingly, their entry will be ensured. The counting will start from 8 o'clock on December 11, 2018. First postal letters will be counted. After this, counting from EVM machine will be started from 8 PM.

World AIDS Day celebrated in Government Adarsh Virgo Higher Secondary School, Baikunthpur

Korea, 03 December 2018 / World AIDS Day was celebrated last year in Government Adarsh ​​Virgo Higher Secondary School, Baikunthpur. The program started with Saraswati Puja and Deep Prajavalan. Thereafter, the songs of the national anthem were recited by the National Service Scheme. After this, Principal of the school, Shri Amrit Lal Gupta gave information about various methods and prevention of AIDS disease. He told that AIDS does not spread by touching anyone, AIDS disease spreads from pregnant mother to her child, having sex with more than one person. It can be prevented with proper measures. In the program, he told that we should not abuse any kind of abuse of AIDS patients, we should have full condolences and we should stay safe in life.
In the program, Dr. Await Tiwari told about the prevention of AIDS that AIDS is spread by virus, with the right information, this disease can be avoided and spread by using unprotected blood and one injection repeatedly. He told that the disease also comes in the children through mother. To avoid this, we should put one injecting in one person at the same time, check the blood test while giving blood.
Various awareness activities were also organized by NSS students on this occasion. The program was attended by Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Anita Yadav of Health Department, Kavya Singh and Assistant Program Officer Naresh Kumar Divakar, all the teacher teachers of the school, a large number of girls participated. The program was conducted by Program Officer Ms. Shahitha Anjum Ali.

Organized different programs on the occasion of International Divya Divas Collector did honor of Divya jangan

Various programs were organized under the chairmanship of Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak in the old District Panchayat Balrampur campus on the occasion of Balrampur 03 December 2018 / International Day of Divas. This program included Divya Jangan from the district. On this occasion, the health check was done by the people of Divyan and they were honored by organizing sports and Rangoli competition.
On the occasion of International Divya Day, Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak told the guests of the program that International Day of Divya Day is celebrated on 3rd December with the aim of encouraging the people of Divya jan. On Day of Divya day, DivyaJang together with each other shares their happiness and sorrows. Divyang Day is not only an incentive day for mental patients or physically handicapped persons but it is also an opportunity to encourage patients suffering from incurable diseases. The collector said that all of you are qualified and can do their work according to their capacity. He informed that in the state assembly elections, the Election Commission of India had made special arrangements for the Divya voters. He said that special action plan will be set up for the Divisions of the district so that you can benefit from all the different schemes run by the government. The collector said that such a program will be organized at district level along with the development block level. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal said that today is a very important day. He said that it is the highest duty of all of us, to extend support to the most disadvantaged people of the society, and to extend the facilities to the people and to help them to get the help of the people. Chief Executive Officer said that there is a plan of action for opening a capable center for all the development blocks including district headquarters for Divyanjan.
On the occasion of International Day of Divas, the Health Department conducted a health check-up by the Health Department. Divya Jangan's sports jumping program was organized by the Social Welfare Department and the winners were rewarded. On this occasion, distribution of unique ID cards to the Divisions was distributed. Along with this, the devotees were awarded the year by the devotees. Additional Chief Executive Officer, Shri Patram Singh Pacra, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Pramod Singh, Civil Surgeon Dr. R.K. Divyaangan, a large number of people including Tripathi and Social Welfare Department's development block level officer-staff were present.

Appointment of officers / employees for 2018 counting of assembly elections Training of counting officers / employees today

Balrampur 03 December 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak has imposed the duty of officials / employees for the counting work in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. The training of officials and employees has been organized today at 4:30 am on December 4 in the old district panchayat meeting room.
As per the order issued by Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Hiralal Nayak, the lecturer for the counting supervisor, Government Higher Secondary School, Ramanujganj, Mr. Vijay Prasad, Assistant Commissioner, Tribal Mr. B.K. Rajput, Assistant Director of Park, Mr. Patram Singh Pacara, District Women Development Officer, Shri J.R. Principal, Principal Child Higher Secondary School, Vadaf Nagar, Mr. B.L. Maulalia, Executive Engineer, Rural Engineering Service, Shri G.P. Maheshwari, Higher Secondary School, Dhandhapur, Shri Arun Dubey, Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Dr. B.P. Satnami, District Excise Officer Mr. Aalak Siddar, Assistant Professor Shri Umesh Kumar Pandey, Executive Engineer Water Resources Shri U.D. Ramtekar, SDO Water Resources Shri Sanjay Graykar, Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Rajpur, Shri R.P. Gupta, Manager, District Industry and Trade Center Balrampur Shri P.R. Khandelwal, District Coordinator, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr. K.R. Sahu, SDO Water Resources Shri Bhavani Prasad Chadar, Assistant Director Agriculture Mr. Raushan Kumar Ogre, Lecturer Higher Secondary School, Rajpur Mr. Girish Chandra Mishra, D.M.O. Mr. Pramod Jangde, Assistant Professor Mr. Ramesh Patel, Assistant Professor Mr. Shani Dhari, SDO Water Resources Shri K.N. Sharma, District Marketing Officer Shri Arun Vishwakarma, DCCB Mr. R.P. Pandey, Labor Officer Shri Nitesh Vishwakarma, SDO Water Resources Shri Saxmani Tiwari, Pradhan Pathak Secondary School Jamudand Sri Shiv Prasad Ravi, Statutory Officer Shri R.B. Chaurasia, Silk Officer Mr. Manish Pawar, Project Officer Literate India Shri C. N. Ram, Sub-Divisional Officer, Rural Engineering Service, Shri M.K. Wasnik, SDO Water Resources Mr. Silveer Minj, Assistant Professor Mr. Ramesh Khairwar, SDO Water Resources Mr. Prem Kumar Lakra, Assistant Professor Mr. Agustin Kuzur, SDO PWD Mr. Syam Mohammad Khan have imposed the duty.
Similarly, for the counting assistant, RES Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Vikas Kumar Tiwari, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jain, Mr. Guhan Das Gendre, Mr. Sunil Toppo, Mr. Jashkamal Chhabda, Mr. Satish Kumar Shrivastav, Mr. Ambareesh Yadav and Mr. Rajendra Dubey, Deputy Engineer of Water Resources Mr. Sujit Kumar Gupta, Mr. Brajesh Kumar Dwivedi, Shri Azad Mohammad Khan, Shri Narayan Prasad Dahariya, Shri Pancham Banjera, Shri Surendra Kumar Rathia, Mr. Rajkumar Pack Mr. Rajendra Prasad Singh, Mr. Ravendra Singh Netam, Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Mr. Ashish Bhagat Shri Ramnarayan Patel, Deputy Engineer of Rural Engineering Service Mr. Arun Kumar Birze, Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhagat, Mr. Bhavesh Sharma, Mr. Sumit Kumar Gupta, Mr. Ramkumar Tiri, Deputy Engineer of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Shri Ravi Shankar, Shri Anshul Patel, Mr. Deepak Kumar Choubey, Mr. Jagarnath Siddar, Mr. Uttam Shankar Diwakar, District Deputy Engineer of Panchayat Shri Anupam Pandey, Shri Dharmendra Gupta, Mr. Neeraj coppersmith, Mr. Januram Sonwani, Mr. Pawan Kumar Yadav and Public Sub Engineer Health Engineering Shri Rajesh Pandey has been appointed. Nodal Officer Naib Tahsildar Shankargarh for monitoring work for tabulating work, Shri Pramod Kumar Patel, Naib Tehsildar Kusami Shri Ramraj Singh, Assistant Director Fishery Shri Murat Singh, Deputy Collector Mr. Abhishek Gupta and Mr. Vibhag Pachara, District Education Officer, Shri I.P. Gupta has been appointed. Tehsildar Rajpur Shri Mukhdev Prasad Yadav and Tehsildar Kusami Shri Irshad Ahmed have been appointed for the in-charge of in-charge rooms. E.w.m. For the Transport Officer, Naib Tehsildar Ramanujganj Shri Pancham Salam and Naib Tehsildar Vadafnagar Mr. Keshav Ram Vasnik, Nayab Tehsildar Rajpur Ms Uma Singh, Naib Tehsildar Chando (Kusami) Mr. Vivek Gohia and for their cooperation, duty of 4th class employees has been installed. District Information and Science Officer Mr. Prabhat Mishra for the Genesis Nodal Officer, and the District Panchayat Mr. Basant Guleri has been appointed for the Tribunal Nodal Officer. Similarly, Principal Government Children High School Balrampur Shri Bimal Dubey, Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Ramanujganj, Shri A.P. Lion Assistant Grade-02 Shri Bhuvan Yadav, Mr. Umesh Gupta and Mr. Smit Gupta, Assistant Programmer Mr. Mohan Prajapati, Mr. Anil Gupta, Steno Typist Mr. Pramod Nag, Mr. Afzal Ansari and other employees.

SDM Bhaiyathan undertook casual inspection of government primary school Rampur

In the direction of Surajpur 03 December 2018 / Collector Shri K.C. Devsenapati, Sub-Divisional Officer (R) Bhayyathan Smt Jyoti Singh conducted a surprise inspection of the government primary school Dharampur. 02 teachers absent during the inspection. A show cause notice letter has been issued to Assistant Teacher Panchayat Mr. Dinesh Kumar Singh and Mr. Mahesh Ram Thakur. Suspension proceedings will be processed if the answer is not satisfactory. SDM Shrimati Singh was being cooked only in the mid-day meal of potato soup under the supervision of secondary school Karaoti-B. Seeing this, SDM Smt. Singh Bhadki, because a few months ago, only the potato cooked vegetable was given a notice by the detergent by giving notice to the food manager. On the same issue, the notice has been given to Mrs. Sodhi Pankara, presided over by Midday Meal Group Director and Secretary Mrs Mangli Rajwade. The operation of the Mid-Day Meal Group will be canceled once the answer is not satisfactory. Growing children need more nutritious food, so that the negligence of food operators will not be tolerated by playing with the health of children.

Assembly election 2018 UdaGadastra Dal constituted for peaceful settlement of voting site

Surajpur 03 December 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. K.C. Devsenapati said that using voting powers under the Representation of the People Act 1950 and 1951 and the Returning Officer's handbook, the votes cast for votes of Legislative Assembly Election 2018, IIT Building Udaydasta Dal has been formed for peace arrangements for Parri, Surajpur. In the constituted group, deputy collector Shri Ravi Singh will be made in-charge officer and Assistant Deputy Inspector, Shri Guru Prasad Yadav, Principal Reserve Mr. Avinash Singh, Rakshak Dy. Mr. Nimesh Sharma and Mr. Laxminarana Mirra (All Police Station Surajpur) and Deputy Collector Mr. Wahidur Rahman Shah. And Assistant Deputy Inspector Shri Chandraika Prasad, Principal Reserve Shri Ashwani Pandey, Raksha Duy Shri Rajaram Mr. Ram Sahu (all station Ajak). This flyover team will perform continuous surveillance work on December 11, 2018 at 0700 hours at the counting place.

Online Application for Selection Exam for admission to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kenapara, Bekundpur, invited by December 15

Koriya 3 Dec.

Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kenapara Baikunthpur, said here today that the date of online application for selection of admission in class VIII in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kennapara, Bekundippur, under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has been extended till December 15, 2018. In the past, this date was fixed till 30 November 2018.

Armed Forces flag day on 7th December

Koriya 3 Dec.

Like the counterparty, this year will also be celebrated on the 7th day of the Sena Army flag day. On this day, the program will be organized from 10.30 in the morning at the District Soldier Welfare Office, District Collectorate. District Sainik Welfare Officer has urged all ex-servicemen, widows, serving soldiers and their dependents of the district to be present at the appointed time and place on the occasion of the Armed Forces Flag Day organized on December 7.

On awareness of AIDS Day organized awareness program in District Hospital, Baikunthpur

Koriya 3 Dec.

Awareness program was organized on the occasion of the AIDS Day in the District Day, Baikunthpur, jointly organized by the District Legal Services Authority and District Hospital, Bacunathpur. In the program District and Sessions Judge and Chairman of District Legal Services Authority, Shri Vijay Kumar Ekka gave detailed information regarding the law and AIDS to the students present. At the same time, other doctors, including the District AIDS control officer, provided health related information. Awareness rally was also organized on this occasion. During this time, students of Jagdharsan, New Life and NM Nursing Institute, Baikunthpur along with a representative of the District Legal Service Authority were present in large numbers.

1.50 lakh sanctioned for financial assistance for Mrs. Sanmat Bai, the dependent of deceased Mr. Jawahar Singh, from natural calamity

Koriya 3 Dec.

Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has sanctioned amount of Rs.1.50 lakhs for providing financial assistance to Mrs. Sanamat Bai, the dependent of Mr. Jawahar Singh, dead from natural calamity. They have been sanctioned the assistance amount under the provisions of the Chhattisgarh Revenue Book Circular. Additional Collector Shri R. A. Kuruvanshi told that the death of the owner of village Jahahar Singh, resident of Village Bharda of Tehsil Khargawan, has been sanctioned for this country for his closest heir, Mrs. Sanmat Bai.

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