Mohan Markam returned by handing over the list of corporates to the high command, read what he told the media?

Shivam Mishra, Raipur. PCC Chief Mohan Markam has returned to Raipur by handing over the list of corporation boards to the Delhi high command. Markam met state in-charge PL Punia in Delhi and discussed and Punia will now hand over the final list to National President Sonia Gandhi. After which the names can be announced soon.

PCC President Mohan Markam, who returned from Delhi, told the media that the Chief Minister, members of the cabinet and senior leaders had gone to Delhi with the names discussed in the corporation boards. The names were discussed extensively with the in-charge General Minister Punia and have sent those names to the High Command. The first list will be released only after the approval of the high command. The list of names of corporation boards in Chhattisgarh will be released only after the final seal from the High Command. We hope that all the names will be stamped soon.

He said that parliamentary secretaries have also been discussed in detail. The high command is also considering those names. Until we get the list of high command officially, it is too early to say.

State Congress President Mohan Markam left for Delhi with list of corporation-mandal, names announced possible this week!

Raipur. State Congress President Mohan Markam has left for Delhi with a list of possible names for the Nigam-Mandal and the Commission. Before leaving for Delhi, he also met Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. In Delhi, Mohan Markam will meet state Congress in-charge PL Punia. With this, he can meet Rahul Gandhi. Markam will hand over the list of names to the high command in Delhi.

Along with this, Mercam will also discuss the appointment of block officials. They will also talk to the leaders of the party about the expansion of the organization. Will also inform about the feedback received from the meeting held with the district heads in the past. At the same time, Marwahi will also discuss about the by-election.

By the way, the appointment of the corporation and the commission is mainly being said to be the main reason for Markam's visit to Delhi. It is likely that this week the first list of 12 to 15 names will be released for the corporation.

The third incident of murder in three days in the district, killing a friend after killing him with an ax, was gambling while cheating

Mungeli Within three days, in Mungeli, Chhattisgarh, the district has become trembling due to three murder incidents. The police were still engaged in the investigation of the murder in Harnachaka village of Mungeli, that another heartbreaking incident has come to the fore today in Dealwapara of Patharia police station area. On a minor matter, a friend killed his own friend with an ax. Earlier also, a murder incident took place in Achanakmar area of ​​Lorami area. In this way, three murders have taken place in the district in three days. The sensation has spread since the incident.

According to information received from DSP Navneet Kaur Chhabra, accused Durgesh Sriwas and deceased Harishankar Jaiswal were gambling with two other accomplices last night. During this time, the four also spilled jam among themselves. After this, while returning from playing gambling, there was a dispute between Harishankar and Durgesh about something.

The young man who was out on bail was killed by a sharp weapon, beheaded, accused surrendered

During this, Harishankar rooted Durgesh with a slap, which made the accused Durgesh so angry that he fired an ax from the house and attacked Harishankar. In this attack, he died on the spot in a blood-soaked condition. However, the Patharia police arrested accused Durgesh and got involved in the investigation of the case.

13 fire scorched factory, case filed against company management for negligence

Raipur. All 13 are being treated in a private hospital in Raipur after a scare of 13 laborers in a factory called Indian Ispat. At the same time, the condition of three is said to be critical. It is a case of a factory located near the Banjari temple of Rawabhata. The accident occurred in the company at the time when the construction work was going on in Furnish. Then the ladle carrying hot iron from the furnace broke down and fell down. This spread the fire all around and 13 workers working there were caught in the fire. After the incident, all have been admitted to the private hospital in Raipur where the condition of three remains critical. The accident is caused by the company not maintaining the machines properly. A case of negligence has been registered against the company management in the case.

Historyheater Salman, along with the henchmen, stabbed the young man with knife, VIDEO of the attack went viral, accused absconding

Raipur. Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur has once again had a stabbing incident. On a minor dispute in the Boriyakala Housing Board Colony, historyheater Salman, along with his henchmen, has attacked a young man with a knife. Video of the incident is going viral on social media. The Muzgahan police have registered a case of attempt to murder against the accused.

According to the police, there was a dispute between them about something in the Boryakala Housing Board Colony. The controversy grew so much that history-makers Salman Gitti, Vinay Sharma, Raja Sharma and Pramod Tiwari stabbed a young man named Vinesh Sendre. He was seriously injured in this attack, which is undergoing treatment in a private hospital. When this incident was happening at night, the people of the colony present there captured the entire incident on camera.

According to Muzaghan police station in-charge RN Pandey, surveillance miscreants Salman Gitti, Raja Sharma, Pankaj Tiwari and Vinay Sharma went to the Boryakala Housing Board Colony late last night. Out of this, accused Raja Sharma is the nephew of Ravi Sahu, a history-sheeter of the Kotwali area. The accused had a dispute with Borisakala Housing Board Colony resident Vinesh Sendre about anything. After the dispute, all the accused left from there. After some time, the accused again came back and stabbed Vinesh Sendre with his other colleagues due to the dispute a few hours back. Vinesh Sendre is injured due to knife attack. At the same time, all the accused are absconding since the incident, whose investigation is being done.

5 people of AG office infected with Corona, confirmed in investigation…

Bilaspur Five people of the Advocate General Office have been hit by the corona virus. This has been confirmed after the investigation report came out. In fact, recently the PRO Corona of the Office of the Advocate General was infected. After which samples of all were taken. In which five people have been confirmed to be corona.

Please tell that after the office of the Advocate General is found to be Corona positive, the office has been closed till July 10. With this, keeping in mind the corona infection and not spreading, it has been decided to keep all sections of the High Court and the registry of the court closed till 10 July. This order was issued by the High Court Registrar General Deepak Kumar Tiwari.

Chhattisgarh: Girl child burnt alive for resisting molestation, dies during treatment

The minor has given a statement to the police before death. After this, the local police has started further action.

Mungeli A heart-pounding crime has been carried out in the rural area of ​​Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh. The incident is from a village near Mungeli, where the innocent girl (14-year-old) was alone at home and her family went out for some work. At the same time, a neighbor of the village entered the girl's house with impunity and tried to rape the minor, which was strongly opposed by the minor. The young man, who was dazed by the opposition of the minor, burnt the minor alive by sprinkling kerosene (kerosene) brought with him. The child died during treatment.

The innocent boy burning with fire came out of the house screaming, after which the villagers nearby extinguished the fire after heavy efforts and took him to the district hospital with 108 Sanjeevani vehicle. A minor fighting with life and death died in the hospital during treatment. As soon as the matter was known, the Mungeli police immediately came into action and accused Bablu Bhaskar was detained. SDOP Tejram Patel said that further legal action is being taken by taking accused Bablu Bhaskar into police custody. The incident is reported last Wednesday.

Parul Jain got into a costly debate, including posts from the organization, also discharged from the party

Rajnandgaon. Taking a major action, BJP district president Madhusudan Yadav has sacked former Alderman Parul Jain from the party for six years. This action has taken place due to ill-treatment of District leader Yadav at the party office of Mahila Netri Jain yesterday. By running Parul Jain from the organization, the District President has given a strong message to the workers who are not disciplined in the party. It is said that on Monday evening in the party office, District President Yadav was meeting with some leaders and officials on the issues of the organization. In the midst of this meeting, Parul Jain was angrily asking the District President Yadav a variety of questions and answers. It is said that Parul Jain was intercepted by some activists for talking with Badamji. Even after this, she started directly confronting Yadav. Immediately, the district president took this action.

Third case of corona in Bijapur district, youth returned from Telangana, CMHO confirmed

Bijapur A third case of corona has been reported in the district. Please tell that he returned from Telangana on 2 July. The young man was quarantined at Potakebin Morkinar. Confirming the case, CMHO BR Pujari has said that the report has come positive in the RTPCR test. Also his two other companions have been quarantined. The infected patient has been shifted to Mekaz Hospital in Jagdalpur. Potacabin Morkinar has been made a containment zone.

Baba Saheb's constitution has given equal rights to the people of Chhattisgarh to question the elected government: Dr. Raman Singh

Raipur. Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has again taken an aggressive attack and directly attacked the state government. Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, familiar for his calm nature, is constantly issuing aggressive statements on the state government after coming into opposition. On Tuesday, Dr. Raman Singh tweeted that, I became Dr. Raman with my passion from Raman Singh. I was elected by the MLA of the state. My party gave me the responsibility of national vice-president. But every Chhattisgarh resident has been given equal right to question the elected government by the constitution of Babasaheb, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel. Whether it is about the village-poor-farmer or the subject of unemployment, the people of the state do not need any post to ask questions to the egoistic government of Bhupesh Baghel. I have always served Chhattisgarh Mahtari and will stand up against my government's dictatorship till the last breath for my mother and siblings.

छत्तीसगढ़वासियों को निर्वाचित सरकार से प्रश्न करने का समान अधिकार बाबा साहब के संविधान ने दिया है  डॉ. रमन सिंह

छत्तीसगढ़वासियों को निर्वाचित सरकार से प्रश्न करने का समान अधिकार बाबा साहब के संविधान ने दिया है  डॉ. रमन सिंह

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