Micro observer appointed for counting work

Balrampur 7 Dec.

Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak has appointed micro observers for the counting of the Legislative Assembly election 2018. Nodal Officer of Micro Observer LDM Mr. K.K. Tiwari has been made. Mr. Rishabh Kumar of Central Bank of India Vadaf Nagar, Mr. Anil Mahato of Central Bank of India Balrampur, Mr. Satyendra Prajapati and Mr. Ratnesh Kumar, Rural Bank, Mr. Swarnim Prabhat of Shankargarh, Grameen Bank, Barikikala, for micro observer issued by Collector and District Election Officer. Shri Vineet Kumar, Shri Apurva Bhagat of Rural Bank Chalgali, Rural Bank Daura Sh. Ri Amit Kumar

Shri Ashok Prasad Gupta of Gramin Bank Jamwantpur, Mr. Gopal Hassde of Gramin Bank Krishnanagar, Mr. Pawan Kumar Sahu of Rural Bank Kusme, Mr. Minahujuddin of Rural Bank Pendari, Mr. Order Dubey of Rural Bank Raghunathnagar, Mr. Saroj Singh of Rural Bank Ramanujganj, Rural Shri Subrata Rai of Bank Sanawal, Mr. Sumit Raj of Rural Bank Vadaf Nagar, Education of Rural Bank Balrampur Sujit Kumar Pandey,

Shri B. of the Central Bank of India Shankargarh Mr. Arpit Goyal of Central Bank of India, Shri Pulchindra of Gramin Bank Pasta, Mr. Shashikant Sharma of Rural Bank Rajpur, Mr. Vineet Kandulana of Punjab National Bank Balrampur, Mr. Ram Prasad Baanagri of Bank of Baroda Ramanujganj, State Bank of India Mr. Ravi Parvat Khalkho of Rajpur,

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Gupta of the District Cooperative Central Bank, Mr. Samu Dhodhraai of State Bank of India Kusami, Mr. Abhijit Kumar Singh of State Bank of India Vadaf Nagar and Mr. Anirudh Kumar Manjhi, Shri Rakesh Pakra of State Bank of India Rajpura, Shri Salen Prashant Lakra of State Bank of India Balrampur and Mr. Amol Gulshan Kumar, Shri Premchand Kinda of State Bank of India Ramanujganj and Mr. Manish Khalcho and Shri Amholhari Das of Gramin Bank Barri Patil has been made.

Counting process-collector will be done in a fair and transparent manner

Baitra 06 December 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware said that the counting process under the Vidhan Sabha General Election Program 2018 is complete in a fair and transparent manner. In the meeting room of the district office on Wednesday, the Collector Shri Kavare took a meeting of the candidates of the three assembly constituencies and their agents to give information about the counting process. The Collector himself is also the Returning Officer of Bemetara assembly constituency. He said that there is absolutely no qualification for any kind of rigging in the entire election process. Collector said that the use of mobile phones and electronic gadgets on the counting day is completely restricted. In addition to the candidates and their counting agents, the media personnel and any officer-employees engaged in the election work will not be allowed to carry mobile at the place of counting. ADM in the meeting And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, Returning Officer, Saja Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - Devisingh Uike, BSF Assistant Commander Mahesh Chandra Sethi, Inspector Ishwar Singh, Kotwali T.I. Rajesh Mishra, candidate and counting agent were present. The collector said that E.V.M. The machine is stored in a strong room, its hacking is never possible. Responding to the questions of the agents, the collector said that after voting ended, EVM The machine has been switched off by the presiding officer, which will be switched on at the time of calculation. If this machine is not connected to an Internet connection, then there is no question of hacking. B S f. The jawans are deployed for 24 hours in its security. On Tuesday, December 11, a strong room will be opened in the presence of election observers and candidates, on counting of votes. Counting starts at 8 o'clock in the morning. Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar informed about the Chak Chabdha security system on counting of votes. Warning of strict action as per rules against peace breeder S.p. Has given B S f. Mr. Sethi, Assistant Commissioner, E.V.M. The hacking news is utterly baseless. He appealed to ordinary citizens not to pay attention to the rumors.
In the meeting, the collector informed the candidates and the agents about the process of counting procedures and the arrangements for successfully completing it. He also gave information about the measures taken to make the counting procedures transparent and to ensure safety of EVM and Strong Room. Mr. Kaware said that different routes will be made for the entry of officials, employees and candidates and their agents at the counting place. He said that its photocopying calculation will also be made available to the agents. The result of each round will be announced by the returning officer and will be provided to the counters per count. He asked the candidates and their calculation agents to arrive before the scheduled time on the counting date. Shri Kavare informed about the maximum number of registered agents and their qualifications for information about the persons authorized to enter the counting of votes and their qualifications. The collector said that the counting agents will be allowed to enter only in the calculation chamber of their assembly constituency. Apart from this, they will only be allowed to sit in the table for them. During counting, consumption of smoking, pan masala etc. will be totally prohibited.

Jawahar Navoday Vidyalay Online application for admission in class VIII till December 15

Bemetara 06 December 2018: - The selection examination will be held on April 06, 2019 for the completion of vacant seats in class VIII for the session 2019-20 for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khilora Tehsil Bemetra, District Bemetra. The principal of the institute said that the application form for the examination examination can be filled only on the Online Navodaya Vidyalaya website's website WWW Navodaya Dat GOV Dot on 15 December 2018. He informed that those students who are studying in Class VIII in Session 2018-19 in Government / Non-Government Schools of Bemetara district, can only fill online application forms for student VIX VI. Student's birth date should be between one May 2006 to 30 April 2010 (both days are inclusive).

CEO Shri Subrata Sahu presented certificate to the collector

Bemetara 06 December 2018: - Chief election officer of the state, Shri Subrata Sahu, took a meeting of state collectors in the capital Raipur. He also gave his congratulations and good wishes for peaceful and unbiased election in the districts. CEO Shri Sahu honored the collector Bemetra by honoring Mr. Mahadev Kaware with a certificate for peaceful voting in the district.

Festive Soil Day Events

Bemetra 06 December 2018 - A program was organized on the occasion of World Earth Day by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bemetara. On this occasion, 450 pamphlets related to soil health and agriculture and more than 100 agricultural calendars were distributed. For the farmers, bacterial culture, trichoderma, phosphorus drool bacteria, crop decomposition, bentonite sulfur and micronutrient compounds were kept in display for the farmers. Addressing the program, D.R. R Ntam, Head of Agricultural Science Center, attracted the attention of farmers towards the decreasing fertility and health of the soil and suggested the farmers to move towards organic farming. Also highlighted on integrated agriculture system The use of soil health card by soil scientist Dr. Vedika Sahu was discussed and emphasized the use of balanced fertilizers in crops. Suggestion for farmers to use organic fertilizers like dung manure, wormidhad for maximum use. Due to the use of chemicals by Dr. Pragnya Pandey, the farmers were informed about the damage to the soil and the method of use of culture and trichodarma was given. The problem of burning of parali (para) was discussed intensively and it was said about the side effects of soil and environment. The methods of management of crop residues were explained using crop decomposition and trichoderma. Dr. Cheena explained the methods of proper soil management for the cultivation of horticultural crops and told about the importance of micro nutrients. Crop waste management was discussed by Dr. Joshi through various agricultural equipments and IFFCO's representative Mr. Kushwaha highlighted soil health management. A large number of villagers were present on this occasion.

On January one, 18 year old twins will be able to name their name

Bemetra 06 December 2018 - Election Commission of India has released a phased program for special brief revision of photo voter list. A special brief revision of the photo-wise voter list is being done by the commission to include names of eligible persons named in the list and update voter list in the year 2019. In this, the youth who completed the age of 18 years on January 1, 2019 will also be able to get their name added. Collector Mahadev Kaware informed the media representatives yesterday that the Election Commission of India has issued circular to Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh for brief revision of voter list. According to the schedule released for the revision of voter list by the Election Commission of India, the detailed voter list will be published on December 26, 2018. After this, from December 26, 2018 to January 25, 2019, the claim or objection can be submitted. Claims and objections received will be resolved before 11 February 2019. Subsequently, the update will be prepared and supplementary voter list will be prepared before the 18th of February. After amendment and new names, on February 22, the final revised voter list will be published.

Nutrition Monitoring Program (Foster Care) Program under Integrated Child Protection Scheme

Koriya 6 Dec.

The District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department told here today that such a child whose guardian is mentally ill, or both parents are in jail or who are male or female, who have physical or emotional or sexual assaults, natural man-made disasters, distress related disasters and domestic Violence etc. and their parents are not able to supervise and protect the child.

To oversee and protect those children, under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme under the Department of Women and Child Development, the Foster Care Program is being run. Under which the provision of provisional temporary care and protection is provided for the child to extend the family environment to the extended period of time, short-term or as required.

The District Program Officer said that the responsibility of the Faster Care is to provide the child with all the types of treatment, treatment, age and interest as per the requirement of proper feeding, shelter, education, higher education, care and protection. Respect for the condition, child exploitation, misbehavior, loss, neglect and protection of child and her family. For official information, the telephone number of the office can also be contacted from 07836-232439, 9425256713 and 9425562519.

In the counting process, the candidate and the election agent will have to submit the nomination form for the admission letter of the computing agent.

Mahasamund 6 Dec.

The counting of the Legislative Assembly election 2018 will commence from 8 AM on 11th December 2018 in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyajar Mahasamund. Deputy District Election Officer informed that in the counting of votes, the candidate / nomination agent for the admission of the computing agent must submit it in the relevant Returning Officer office within the prescribed form format 18 days before the date of counting of votes to the concerned Returning Officer. Will happen,

From which time the entry letter can be issued. It is compulsory to sign certification by signing in with the passport size photograph of the proposed enumeration agent in front of the Returning Officer. The application received after the rule date will not be accepted and no entry letter will be issued. He said that there is a complete restriction of mobile, cellphone, divider, electronic equipment, weapon, drugs etc in the polling station, which is mandatory for all candidates and counting agent to be followed. He said that if the instructions are not followed, the rules will be taken against the concerned as per rules.



Precautions to Prevent Zika Virus

Mahasamund 6 Dec.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. SB Mangrulkar has asked civic officials to take cognizance of the virus from diseases of the mosquito Aise mosquito bites. He told that Zika Virus is an RNA virus that belongs to the Sympathoptapunk species, such as dengue, chikungunya, bile, fever, Japanese encephalitis etc. The disease is also caused by the virus of this group. This disease spreads through the AIDIS AGT mosquito.

They said that the symptoms of having Zika virus are high fever, body pain, restlessness, redness in the eyes, red spots on the skin, pain in joint and muscle pain and headache. To prevent and take precautions, do not travel under the condition of being affected. For the prevention of Aedes mosquitoes, control the stomachs accumulating water around the house. Use mosquito net while sleeping.

Do not use aspirin medicines for the treatment of a doctor without the advice of a fever. People with diabetes, hyperritic and other diseases and pregnant women should not be taken medicines without any medical advice. He told that Vichyan treatment drug, vaccine is not available for the infection of Zika virus, Only symptomatic treatment is to be given. To maintain the proper amount of water in the body, take the paracetamol tablets for the ORS and fever. Aspirin drug is not used for the treatment of dengue patients, so for this, this drug should not be used.

In the state level competition, two players of the district received gold and silver medals

Mahasamund 6 Dec.

The state-level women's rural sports competition was organized on the 5th and 6th of December 2018 at the Kota stadium in Raipur. District Sports Officer Mr. Manoj Ghritlahre said that in this competition, Kumari Homeshwari Bariya of the district got gold medal in height and Vikas Kumar received silver medal in the 1500 meter race.

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