Departmental Examination 07 January to 14 January

Bemetara 7 Dec.

The departmental examination conducted by the Home-Department of Chhattisgarh government will be held in Raipur from 07 January to 14 January 2019. The Government Chhattisgarh College (Baron Bazar) Raipur has been made the examination center for this examination.

Raipur Division Commissioner Shri G.R. Chorendra has issued a letter to all district collectors of the division that all the districts of the Durg and Raipur divisions list the names, designations, office of the officers, if reserved category, and the list of officers and employees attending the said examination, caste Full information in the prescribed form, mentioning the photocopy of the certificate and the subject of which the examination is to be included. Post the Divisional Commissioner Office Raipur by December 14th.

No consideration will be made on applications received after the due date 14th December. Mobile phone, pager, smart watch and any type of communication device are fully restricted during the exam. If any candidate is brought in the communication center in the examination center, he / she must keep the mobile or communication equipment out of the examination room completely before he enters the examination hall.

Discipline and manners should be maintained at the counting center

Bemetara 7 Dec.

In respect of maintaining discipline and manners in the polling station, the directive has been issued by the Election Commission of India that arrangements for seating of candidates for the counting of candidates on the counting table will be done by following the following priority: 1. Recognized national parties computing agent , 2. Counting Agencies of Recognized State Parties, 3. Recognized State Parties of other States A. Counting agents who went permitted to use their reserved signs constituency. 4. Registered-counters of candidates of unauthorized political parties and counting agents of 5 independent candidates will have to sit near the allotted table and will not be allowed to roam around the entire hall. They will sit in the order in which the candidates' names appear in the ballot.

The Returning Officer should also bear in mind that in relation to the election, the government employees on duty are not included in the Central and State Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers. They can come only in the form of candidates in the counting hall. According to the latest instructions of the Commission, they can not be allowed to be appointed as election agents or counting agents.

Because their security guards have to be protected by the route. Those who can not be allowed to enter the counting hall. Even if they voluntarily give up their security, they are not allowed to become computational agents. The returning officer must also ensure that no unauthorized person should be allowed to enter the counting place in any situation.

Also note that any security personnel involved in the candidates or their agents should not be allowed to enter the counting hall. If the returning officer is reasonably concerned about the presence of a person in the counting hall, then the returning officer may be able to find him if he needs it, even if the concerned person has the valid authority letter to enter the place of counting.

The enumeration agent is not allowed to go to other calculation tables except the counting tables allotted to them. After the announcement of the results of counting of votes, the counting staff will have to leave the counting hall with the permission of Returning Officers. In any case, in the counting process, the person will not be allowed to smoke within the counting hall. The Collector and District Election Officer has appealed to the candidates and the agents to follow the guidelines issued by the Commission.

Proposal for operation of the working women hostel till 21st December

According to information obtained from Surajpur 07 December 2018 / Collector Shri K.D. Devsanapati, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development Department, Mr. Muktanand Khunt, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of New Delhi, Organizations (Self Help) for Operation of Working Women's Halls in Surajpur District The project proposals are invited from groups / NGOs / urban bodies / corporate houses). Financial resources for working women's halls are funded by the government, in which the organization's participation will be 25 percent. Project proposal can be submitted to the joint district office of the District Program Officer, Women and Child Development Department, by 21 December 2018. For more information regarding this above, the Ministry of Women and Child Development Department can be contacted at the website or District Program Officer, Women and Child Development Department, Joint District Office.

Staged program for special brief revision of photo voter list

According to information received from Surajpur 07 December 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. K.D. Devsanapati, Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Shri K.P.C., according to information received from the Election Commission of India, New Delhi, for the special brief revision of photo voter list. has been done. Special brief revision of photo voter list by the Commission for the inclusion of the names of eligible persons in the list of the eligible people for the Lok Sabha elections due next year and the updating of the electoral rolls, revision in the condition of qualifying date 01 January 2018. The program is being done. In this one young man who completed the age of 18 years on January 1, 2018, can also be his twin. As per the release program, detailed voter list will be published on December 26, 2018. After this, from December 26, 2018 to January 25, 2019, the claim or objection can be submitted. Claims and objections received will be resolved before 11 February. After this, updating of database and supplementary voter list will be prepared before 18th February 2019. The revised voter list will be published on 22 February 2019 after the modification and new names are added. Claims / objections can be submitted through the BPL and the designated officer in each polling station till January 25, 2019 (Friday) for adding, deleting and amendment to the voter list. Those who use the Internet can submit online claims / objections through the website also.

Animal Husbandry has been trained in milk cattle rearing by Virback India.

Under the guidance of Surajpur 07 December 2018 / Dr. Mahendra Pandey, veterinary officer, Vitthur, Virback India provided detailed information regarding milk cattle in the form of CD and training through cattle and CD training. In which mainly lack of mineral mix, not giving calcium tannic to animals affects the milk production capacity. It is necessary from time to time to be disarmed animals. The complete information related to the cleaning of the Goshalas and the Thanela disease and its diagnosis was given. Animals were advised to vaccinate from time to time by Animal Husbandry Department in animals. Animals were given information of different types of products. Shri Santosh Vesen also addressed the farmers.
On this occasion, Mr. Manoj Pandey, Chairman of the Cow Committee, called upon the Department and Animal Parents to help self defense of cow protection and unselfish help. On this occasion, Dr. Mahendra Pandey advised to know the various schemes of the Animal Husbandry Department and to increase the milk production and to increase the milk consumption by artificial insemination. Free animal medicines were distributed to thirty-five animal guardians on this occasion.

Finished training of line men and re-machine sealing during counting

In the direction of Surajpur 07 December 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. KC Devsenapati today, on 7th December 2018, training of line men and re-machine sealing was done at the time of counting of votes in Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Surajpur. Training was done by Dr. Mahendra Pandey, veterinary officer, Vithrapur and Principal, PCC Soni.
Detailed information was given about information related to EVM sealing and other papers in the training. It was told in the training that in the sealing work, the clause should be closed by stamping the secret seal of the commission and putting it in its carrying box and putting holes on two outer edges with the cloth seal attached to the cloth seal. Seal on candidates and battery segments is not to be rigid in any way. After this, the other documents have to be sealed by tying the rope to the polling center-wise packet. After the sealing of EVM, he has to be sealed from the sealed seal by storing and locking the lock in the box made of iron and a paper paste will be done over the boxes. The details of the name of the assembly and the name of the polling station whose EVM has been kept will be. Documents are mainly in the format 17 (a) of the packet of voter registers, packets with attached copies of their unused postal ballots, regardless of the postal ballot used, those are valid or anticipated packets (including those packets in which delay Received postal letters envelope), packets of folks used for postal ballots used, (surplus) ballot papers (voting units) Rdrshit involved and not printed to use as letters Nividt) packets, the electoral roll of marked copies of the packet and announcements went by the electors and packets of attestation of their signatures. The ballet unit does not have any sort of sealing. VVPat machine which will be counted by the VAT in each legislative assembly, a slip of VV pat, and then inserted after the counting in the draft box, the drop box will be sealed with the secret seal of the Commission and by putting VV pat in its boxes, The seal will be sealed. Since the work of sealing is also an important task and it is necessary to preserve the data and records.
On this occasion, Shri Ajay Mishra, Nodal Incharge of training, Chief Executive Officer of all the Janpad Panchayat and Revenue Inspector and 110 employees who were taking the training were present.

Preparation of state volleyball championship at the battlefield

Surajpur organized on 18th Senior Chhattisgarh State Interstate (Women and Men) Valibal Championship in Surajpur on 13-16 December 2018 by Surajpur District Administrator Surajpur, under the guidance of Shri KC Deesanapati and Chief Executive Officer District Panchayat Surajpur Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Surajpur 07 December 2018. Is going. Chhattisgarh's largest volleyball competition in the state is being organized in Surajpur. The preparation of the championship is almost complete. In this championship, Chhattisgarh Police, Bilaspur Railway, Jindal Steel Raigarh, Bhilai Steel Plant, SACL. Women and men from Bilaspur, Corporation and different districts will participate. In this championship, national level players including international players, international coaches, international referees will show their sporting skills in this championship. In this championship, senior women and men's team of Chhattisgarh State will be formed, who will participate in Senior National Championships held from 2 to 10 January in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). The matches of the championships will be held at the Stadium Ground Surajpur and Indore Hall. The main volleyball court is being built in the Stadium Ground, which is being prepared with loud noise. The championship can be arranged in a grand manner by getting all the necessary support from all departments of the district for this championship. There is a lot of enthusiasm about this championship in Surajpur city.

Media Center to be made in counting place Authorization Letter Received Media Representative Media Center Will only be able to take mobile Mobile can not be taken into the counting room

Surajpur 07 December 2018 / Chhattisgarh assembly election 2018 is being organized for all the counting centers for special coverage of media coverage. During the counting training of Returning Officers, Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrata Sahu has said that media centers will be set up at all the counting centers. He said that according to instructions of the Election Commission of India for the media representatives, the admission authority letters are being issued according to the provision for the counting place by the Collector and District Election Officer.
This entry authorization letter has to be issued to two representatives of one and the other electronic media institutions of authorized print media institutions for the counting place of the district. Mobile voting is prohibited in the counting room of the counting center and it will also be applicable to the media, but the media representatives will be able to take their mobile to the media center and use the mobile in the media center. Under the guidance of the Officer-in-Charge, the representatives of the media in the counting room will be able to shoot from the video camera but the camera will not be static. The tripod will not be used in the counting room for video shoot.
Shri Sahu has asked all the collector and district election officers to ensure adequate arrangements for sitting in the Media Center as well as necessary arrangements including printer, fax, phone, computer, internet connection, TV, drinking water. He said that the District Public Relations officer or Assistant Returning Officer will be in charge for the Media Center.

Online Application for Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Exam by December 15

Balrampur 7 Dec.

Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, BHELWADI Balrampur has stated that the process for filing online applications for the selection examination for admission in class VIII in the academic session 2019-20 was fixed till 30 November. The said date has been revised up to December 15. For admission test, on 15th December, through online application on Navodaya Sangstha's website can be filled.

Purchase of 106126 quintals of paddy in the district so far

Balrampur 7 Dec.

Kharif Marketing Year 2018-19 Paddy is being procured from registered farmers through cooperative societies in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. So far, 106126 quintals of paddy have been made in paddy procurement centers of the district. Out of which 7134.40 quintals thick paddy and 98991.60 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. Out of this, 28380 quintals of paddy has been lifted. The cooperative committee of the district is 3012 in Kapildevpur, 3550.20 in Khanhat, 2776 in Kuseman, 9160 in Kameshnagar, 258.40 in Kodawa, 2600.80 in Gopalpur, 2518 in Chando, 4187.60 in Jamari, 68.40 in Jokpaeth, 380.80 in Dipedeh, 5996.80 in Trikunda, in Dhandhapur 1308.40, Doraha 1883.60, in Barakagaon 2168, 7,405.60 in Baratikala, 5066 in Tatapani, 3571.60 in Bardar, 2905.20 in Baris, 2451.20 in Balrampur, In Maharajganj, 5386, Bhulshikal, 197.60, Bhanwaranmal 10501.60, Mahavirganj 6210.40, Rajpur 708, Ramachandrapur 3158.40, Ramnagar 3627.60, Ramnagar 3627.60, Basantpur 2733.20 Vadra Nagar 4573.60, Dindo 4006.60, Virdinagar, 6146, Sevari 1173.60 and Samaria 403.20 quintals Paddy has been purchased from farmers.


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