For testing of weight measurement and electronic weighing equipment, from 13th to 21th December, Shishir

The camp will be organized at different places for verification of Jashpurnagar 13th December 2018 / weight measurement and electronic weighing devices. Legislative measurement science inspector Shri Ganesh Kumar Chakradhar said that for the verification of the weight measurement and electronic weighing equipment, from 13 December to 21 December
 In which camp will be organized from December 13 to December 15 in Gram Panchayat Bldh Duldula, from 17 December to 18 December in Market, Narayanpur, December 16, and from 19 December to 21 December, in Basaadad, Kunkuri. In the camp weighing instruments will be verified from 10 am to 5 pm. Shri Chakradhar said that under Section 24 of the Legal Meteorology Act 2009, it is mandatory to verify every weavers, platform machine and electronic weighing equipment at least once in a year. On not adhering to the rule, there is a provision of penalty of up to ten thousand rupees under section 33 of the Act.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kenapara, Bekuntpur Online application for admission test till December 15

Collector Narinder Dugga ordered to fill the online application form for the preserved children of the district.
The online application for the entrance examination for admission in class 6th in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kennapara Baikunthpur, of children studying in class 13th December 2018 / Korea in class 5th will be filled by December 15. For this, Collector Shri Narendra Dugga has given instructions to the district education officer to fill the online application form of the children with the coordination of all the developmental teachers, Assistant Development Division, Education Officer, Principal, Package Incharge and Package Academic Coordinators.

Local holiday declared September 22, 2018

According to the information received from Deputy Commissioner Shri Wahidur Rehman in the direction of Surajpur 13 December 2018 / Collector Shri K.D. Devsanapati, as per the earlier order issued on November 19, 2018 (Devushthy Gyaras), due to the repeal of the local holiday announced for Surajpur district Dattatray Jaini On December 22, 2018, the local holiday has been announced.

Review meeting of departmental plans concluded

The meeting was concluded in the presence of Surajpur 13 December 2018 / Presiding over the function of Collector Mr. KD Deesanapati and in the presence of District Education Officer Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh. In the meeting Mr. K.C. Deveshnapati guided the development division of education division and other departmental schemes and directed that all the level level officers should make at least 15 schools aware of the reports before the winter holidays. Make sure to complete the course from 1st class to 1st class on 31st January, 2019. In schools where there is lack of teachers, instructed to present the proposals for composite school operation for the teacher arrangement promptly. In this order, the District Education Officer Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh took the information of the progress of the caste, residence certificate of the students of class 6th to 12th standard during the review and directed that work should be completed with special interest and also at the camp site. Have presence. Regarding scholarship, it was also directed to make necessary improvements in the entry of duplicate entries and account entry. Proposal for the proceeding of departmental investigation and termination of service against teachers absent for long time and absent teachers was directed to present within 01 weeks. All BRCs To S.S.A. The incomplete construction works were directed to expeditiously complete.
All development block level officers and Assistant District Project Officer Shri Ajay Mishra, DMC Mr Sudarshan Agarwal, Assistant Director Mrs Lata Beck, MIS Administrator Mr. Dinesh Kumar Kaushik was present.

Vehicle showing the green flag for the propagation, treatment and diagnosis of TB (decay) disease

In the direction of Surajpur 13 December 2018 / Collector Shri K.D. Devasanapati, according to information received from District Program Coordinator TB (Kshya) Surajpur, under the guidance of Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. V. Vaish, to make people aware about TB (Decay) disease in Surajpur District To treat and diagnose TB (Tuberculosis) disease, along with the vehicle at the District Level and Development Block level, Mike Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. PS Vaish and Civil Surgeon Superintendent of Police Dr. Shashi Tirkey, District Health and Family Welfare Officer, Dr. M. Pittela and the program Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra released the green flag showing the vehicle from Surajpur District Hospital. Gaya. It was informed by Dr. Ajay Marakam, the nodal officer of the revised National Tissue Control Program that this vehicle will be disseminated from December 13, 2018 to December 17, 2018 in the district and all development blocks. So that people can get information about TB (decay) disease in village-village and treatment of TB (decay) disease can be done on time. On this occasion, all the officers / employees of district hospital including District Coordinator Pratibha Lakra, Sanjit Singh, Jnaneshwar Singh, Durgesh Yadav, Subhash Yadav, Nagina Khare, Laxminarayan Azad and Malaria Department, including CT K Maheshwari were present on the occasion.

District Public Relations Office Surajpur District- Surajpur Chhattisgarh News Jupiter announces dry days on Ghasidas Jayanti

Surajpur December 13, 2018 / Collector Shri K. Deveshnapati has informed that the instructions issued by the Government under the Rules 2018 of the rules for sale of six gross domestic / foreign liquor subsidies made under the Six Excise Act, 1915 and those issued under rule 2018-19, rule number 10.1 According to the provision of keeping one day's dry day on the occasion of 18 December 2018 (Guru Ghasidas Jayanti) on 18 December 2018 (Guru Ghasidas Yanti) has been declared dry day. All the country / foreign liquor shops in the district will be closed on the said date and sale of liquor will be completely closed.

High School, Hirescondary Certificate Examination 2019 Application form will be distributed from Coordinator institution from December 15

The Principal of Korea 13 December 2018 / Co-ordinator, Government Primary School, Higher Secondary School, Bacunathpur, told here today that the choreography application of Chhattisgarh Secondary Education Board Raipur is to be distributed from the Coordinator institution from December 15, 2013. . For this, he has asked the principals of all educational, non-official educational institutions to send their own or authorized representative in the district to get examination material in the office.

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti declared dry day on 18th December

Korea 13 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga has announced a "dry day" on 18th December, "Guruhuasiddas Jayanti". On this day, all the people of the district, the retail shops of vestry liquor and the storage warehouses and F.L. 3 hotels, the bar will be completely closed. Collector Durga has given clearance to the officers of the Police and Excise Department for the strict action against those who sell and sell liquor in retail stores and F-3 hotels of the entire country, all liquor shops of the district.

Weather based crop insurance scheme in horticultural crops issued notification for Rabi season Date of inspection until December 31, 2018

Bemetara December 13, 2018: - Notification for weather-based crop insurance has been issued in horticulture crops in the district. The date of insurement by the Government has been fixed till December 31, 2018. According to information received from the Assistant Director's garden, under the insurance scheme, tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, potato and onion crops due to weather risk (low temperature, high temperature, continuous dry days, disease-friendly for rabi season in notified crops in the district For the relief of weather insect and disease and wet weather), the reconstituted weather based crop insurance scheme approved by Chhattisgarh and the Government of India under Rabi 2018 Can insure cropped crops. Eligibility for farmers Farmers - Initially nominated from the branches of their cooperative, rural, and commercial banks before the last date. Non-indigenous farmers can be nominated by submitting the documents by the farmers sowing certificate / Khasra document, Aadhar card (compulsory and important documents), copy of bank pass book (name of the account holder, account number and IFSC code).
The sum assured is Rs. 60 thousand rupees, the amount of brinjal 60 thousand rupees, the amount of cauliflower 62 thousand rupees, the cabbage amount is 62 thousand rupees, the amount of potato is one lakh rupees and onion 75 thousand rupees is the sum insured per hectare. The sum insured by the farmer will be borne by Rs. 3 thousand for tomato, 3 thousand rupees of brinjal, cauliflower and cabbage Rs. 3 thousand 100 rupees, potato 5 thousand rupees and onion 3 thousand 750 rupees per hectare. For the nomination of the farmer, the nearest public service center or bank branch of the Bajaj Alliance can contact the society before the last date.

20% in Murata and 29 in Congiakal on 29th December

Bemetra December 13, 2018: - District level mass mobilization camp will be organized by District Administration on 20th and 29th of December for solving problems / demands of the rural population of the district. According to the information received, district level mass mobilization camp will be organized on Thursday, December 20, 2018, in village Murata of Navagadh Vikas block and on December 29, 2018 in Village Kongiyakal of Saja Vikas block. Collector Mahadev Kaware has instructed the Chief Executives of all the departments to ensure necessary presence in the scheduled time along with necessary information along with the said date.

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