A team of 112 rushed to a young man injured in a road accident

Kawardha. An accident occurred between two vehicles in front of Ghughari Road Khutu Nursery on Monday night. The injured man's motorcycle fell on the side of the farm in the accident. The young man has suffered a major leg injury. A team of 112 arrived on the spot brought the injured person to the district hospital for treatment. Kailash Nishad ward number 15, Kabir Para, a young man who fell with a vehicle in the field, is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Panther Forest Kawardha constable Bhide Jeevan Chelak and constable Krishna Lehar, driver Rajesh Kosle rushed the injured man to the hospital.

District investigation committee summoned Amit Jogi in caste matter

Raipur. Investigation has started on two complaints made about Amit Jogi's caste. Amit has been summoned on 10 July to present his case. In Gorella Pendra Marwahi, the District Level Investigation Committee has summoned Amit Jogi to initiate the investigation process. It is worth noting that Sameera Packra and Sant Kumar Netam objected to the application of caste certificate issued to Amit Jogi in 2013. After this Amit Jogi has been asked to present his side. Further action will be taken after this.

Varun Jain, who is absconding in the Naxalite urban network case, has been arrested, so far 14 accused have been arrested.

Varun Jain, who is absconding in the case of the urban network of Naxalites, has been arrested by the Rajnandgaon police and handed over to the Kanker police. Police has reached Kanker late night with Varun. In the case of urban network of Naxalites, 14 accused have come in the Shinkaje of Kanker Police so far. 13 accused were already arrested, while Varun Jain was absconding for a long time. On which the Kanker Police had also declared a reward of 10 thousand. Please tell that Varun Jain's brother Nishant Jain has already been arrested.

Superintendent of Police MR Ahire said that Varun Jain came to Rajnandgaon from Gurgaon in 2002 to carry out the road construction work received by Tomar Construction Company. After this, in 2006 with his elder brother Nishant Jain formed Landmark Company. Later in 2013-14 Landmark Royal Engineering India Private Limited Company was formed. Whose directors are currently Varun and Richa Jain.

In the name of road construction in the inner region of the district, Koylibeda, Amabeda, Sikasod, Ravaghat, Tadoki, under the PMJSY by the Director of the company Royal, Varun, in the next 2 to 3 years, by taking the contract in 2 to 3 years Shoe, uniform cloth, wireless sets, medicines, electricity wires, cash from Naxalites were being given to Naxalites through accused Mukesh Salam and Rajendra Salam from Rajnadgaon and other cities.

New SSP in action mode, 28 goons in 6 police stations and list of rogue miscreants ready as soon as you take responsibility, see also

Raipur. Ajay Yadav, the new SSP of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has come into action mode after assuming responsibility. The horoscope of criminals is being prepared to curb the incidents. A list of 28 goons and surveillance miscreants involved in crime has been made in 6 police station area of Raipur. The maximum of which is 11 in Urla police station and 9 of Telibandha police station.

In fact, SSP Ajay Yadav had given a meeting of the gazetted officers and all the police in-charge to give instructions to curb the crime. In which it was said that the list of criminals involved in 5 or more crimes in all the police station areas should be prepared. On which the station in-charge immediately prepared a list of the records of the first arrested criminals in their police station areas and sent to the SSP office. Among the 6 police stations in which a list of 28 punk and surveillance miscreants has been prepared, ..

Telibandha Police Station-Gunda 8, Surveillance 1
Old township station - punk 2
Dharsinwa Police Station - Punk 1
Urla Police Station - Punk 5, Surveillance 6
Gudiyari Police Station - Punk 3
Khamtarai Police Station - Surveillance 2
Punk rogue list
Raja Naidu's father Ganeshram Naidu age 33 years Sakin Ravigram Telibandha Raipur Police Station Telibandha Raipur.
Roshan Tandekar's father Yadavram age 30 years Sakin Kanshiram Nagar Telibandha Raipur Police Station Telibandha Raipur.
Ajay alias Ajju father Kishan Das Motwani age 31 years Sakin Ravigram Telibandha Raipur police station Telibandha Raipur.
Milu alias Onkar father, Bundaram Dewar, age 55 years, Sakin Subhash Nagar Telibandha Raipur Police Station Telibandha Raipur.
Bala alias Raju's father, especially Sahu, age 42 years, Sakin Subhash Nagar Telibandha Raipur Police Station Telibandha Raipur.
Deepak alias Bablu Bablani father Mansukh Lal Bablani age 24 years, Sakin Shatabdi Nagar Police Station Telibandha Raipur.
Akash alias Karia Chauhan, father Daniram Chauhan, age 22 years, Sakin Subhash Nagar police station, Telibandha Raipur.
Rocky alias Rakesh Bablani father Mansukh Lal Bablani age 30 years Sakin Shatabdi Nagar police station Telibandha Raipur.
Hitesh alias Raja Nimirlkar father late Deenbandhu age 20 years old Sakin Bhatgaon police station old township Raipur.
Ghanshyam Sen's father Santosh Sen age 19 years old Sakin Amarpuri police station old township Raipur.
Shakeel Khan aka Billu's father late Johar Mohammad age 22 years, Sakin Kunra police station Dharsinwa Raipur.
Sanju aka Golu father Shiva Soni age 23 years Sakin Shikari Para Bazar Chowk police station Urla Raipur.
Bholaram Nishad father Ganpat Ram Nishad age 21 years Sakin Hiranagar Acholi police station Urala Raipur.
Chandan Bharti father Punaram Bharti age 21 years Sakin Bazar Chowk Urala police station Urala Raipur.
Manharan Purande father Gogo father Pumman Purande age 25 years Sakin Satnam Chowk police station Urala Raipur.
Jhamman Yadav aka King father Ashok Yadav Age 23 years, Sakin Nageshwar Nagar police station, Urala Raipur.
Arjun Das alias Chhotu Dhruv father Vinod Kumar Age 27 years Sakin Vikas Nagar Police Station Gudiyari Raipur.
Ashish Mirza's father Uday Lal Mirza age 22 years, Sakin Khalbara police station Gudiyari Raipur.
Vinesh Kumar Turking father Durgesh Kumar Turking age 24 years Sakin Khalbara Police Station Gudiyari Raipur
Surveillance rogue list
Prithviraj Mograj's father Sajman Mograj, age 38, Sakin Vijay Nagar police station, Telibandha Raipur
Shubham Pandey's father Mahendra Pandey age 18 years Sakin Itwari Bazar police station Urala Raipur
Deepak Verma Dadu Father Komal Verma Age 18 years Sakin Urkura Police Station Khamtarai Raipur
Deepak Soni aka Nanu Soni age 24 years Sakin Bhanpuri police station Khamtarai Raipur
Raju Sahu's father, Dashru Sahu, age 20 years, Rawabhatha Hall- Shikari Para police station, Urla Raipur
Ajay Tandon alias Chichi father Pilaram Tandon age 19 years Sakin Bendri Road Police Station Urla Raipur
Rakesh Bharti alias Bhancha father Mansing Bharti age 20 years Sakin Berla Hall-Satnami Para Police Station Urla Raipur
Jageshwar Dhuv father late Gajadhar Dhruv age 30 years Sakin Bazar Chowk Mathura Pardhi's house police station Urala Raipur
Mulchand Nishad alias Muzrim father Vishwanath Nishad Age 20 years Sakin Bal Vatic Chowk police station Urala Raipur

Hearing in the High Court today on whether or not parents will give fees to private schools

Raipur. In the period of lockdown amid Corona crisis, the Directorate of Public Education Directorate Raipur had given clear instructions to all private schools on April 1 regarding the postponement of fees. The Bilaspur Private Schools Management Association had filed a petition in the Bilaspur High Court seeking permission to collect tuition fee. Regarding this, by submitting a reply on 26 June by the Department of School Education in the High Court, it has been said that the government is seriously considering the matter. A decision will be taken by next week. The matter is scheduled for hearing on July 3. Whether or not parents will give fees to private schools, a decision can be taken today.

State President of Chhattisgarh Parents Association, Krishtofar Paul has also written to the School Education Department and the operator about the problems being faced by Palco regarding online classes and fees. Today, permission has also been sought to present the side of Palco in the High Court towards the Association, because many schools are starting online classes and fees are being charged from Palco, while the matter is under consideration in the High Court. Then the intentional discriminatory treatment of children who do not pay fees by many schools is not appropriate. Children of those who have not deposited fees for the lockdown period (April to June 2020) have been denied online classes from July 1. Schoolmen who are not opening their Q app have blocked it.

Paul says that Palco did not deposit the fees because the School Education Department has decided to keep the fees postponed during the lockdown period and the matter is still under consideration in the High Court. But the children were denied education by many private schools. In the circular circular 21 of NCPCR Delhi on April 21, it is clearly written that even after non-payment of fees, children cannot be denied education. It is a fundamental right of children to get education and denial of education to them for not depositing fees is a serious offense. Now private schools and parents are waiting for the order after hearing in the High Court to be held today.

CM Baghel's attack on the Center: PM Care Fund is fully operated secretly by the Prime Minister

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel also said that many state chief ministers visited China. From Gujarat to the former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh also went to China. But the real thing is that if no investment came from there then what is the meaning of such a tour?


Raipur. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel of Chhattisgarh (Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel) has attacked the Central Government in a very strict tone. He has hit the central government by holding press conference. Chief Minister Baghel questioned the PM Care Fund and said that no one knows how to run it. He said that the PM Care Fund is fully run by the Prime Minister in a secret manner.

'Traveling to China, but no investment'

At the time of the current dispute between India and China, Baghel said that before today's situation, China (China) was visited many times, but no investment came from there. CM Baghel alleged that former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and PM Narendra Modi have visited China many times, but not a single penny was invested in their country. . Not only this, Baghel also said that many state chief ministers visited China, but their country did not benefit from it. He said that from Gujarat to the former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh also went to China. But the real thing is that if no investment came from there then what is the meaning of such a tour?

'Center is increasing prices of petroleum products'


He also questioned the role of the central government on the issue of inflation. He said that for the first time diesel prices exceeded petrol. Petroleum product prices are constantly being increased. This increase is being done by the center. The truth is that the increased price of petrol and diesel has nothing to do with the China border tension. He questioned that when the price of oil is falling in the international market, then why is it increasing in India?

'Chinese companies contribute to PM Care Fund'

Regarding the news of the boycott of Chinese goods, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said in a press conference that if the sugar will not come the same, then how will it be used. The central government should take a decision regarding boycott of Chinese goods. CM Baghel alleged that many Chinese companies are contributing to the PM Care Fund.

Disputed tweet of Chhattisgarh Congress, told Scindia 'traitor of democracy'

Congress said attack on BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia (Jyotiraditya Scindia). Controversial tweets shared about Scindia through the official Twitter handle of Chhattisgarh Congress.

Raipur. There is also a rhetoric of rhetoric among political parties amid reports of rescue from the epidemic (COVID-19 Epidemic) in the coronary period. In this sequence, today Chhattisgarh Congress has attacked BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia. A controversial tweet has been made about Scindia through the official Twitter handle of the state Congress unit, in which the Congress has described him as a 'traitor to democracy'. There is a possibility of political ruckus about this tweet of Congress party. In the backdrop of the assembly bypolls to be held in Madhya Pradesh in the next few days, Chhattisgarh Congress has attacked Scindia by tweeting one after the other.

'Maharaj' on target

The Chhattisgarh Congress has made several tweets about the veteran leader of Madhya Pradesh and recently Jyotiraditya Scindia coming from the Congress to the BJP. The first disputed tweet from the official Twitter handle of the state Congress, comparing Scindia, has been called a 'traitor of democracy'. There is a possibility of political uproar in this coming days. At the same time, in a tweet made after this, Scindia, who is called the 'Maharaj' of Gwalior, has been accused of being a 'Sanghi'. The Congress party has also targeted BJP on the pretext of Scindia.

MP by-election watch

In the Coronary period, when it is difficult for political parties to go among the general public, social media has emerged as a better platform for rhetoric or accusation. This is the reason that the Twitter handle of Chhattisgarh Congress is constantly being tweeted on this issue before the assembly by-elections to be held in 24 seats in Madhya Pradesh. This twitter handle has also tweeted this morning expressing the possibility of formation of Congress government in Madhya Pradesh again, in which it was said that Kamalnath will become the Chief Minister again.

..When the education minister had to be scolded for lying, got the work of 'peon' in punishment!

Raipur. There is hardly any student studying in the school who has never been punished by the teachers in his school. Everyone remembers the lesson as well as the punishment during the school days. The same example was shared by School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam of Chhattisgarh (School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam) during a meeting of the Education Department. The program 'Guru Tujhe Salaam', started by the state government to honor the Gurus, has started. On this occasion, School Education Minister Premasay Tekam remembered his school days.

During a live broadcast on YouTube, Minister Tekam shared an incident sharing his school memories. He said that as a child, Narayan Singh, the teacher of primary school of village Silauta, had entrusted him with the responsibility of giving the key to the school, then who knew that this child of village Silauta in Pratappur, Vikas block of Surajpur district, will grow up and take care of all schools in Chhattisgarh state .

Was caught lying like this
School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam said that 'when he was studying, there was no school in our village at that time. I cycled with my friends to school for 7 km to study. It was often late. Once Guruji asked the reason for coming late, I said that the cycle had become punctured. Guruji took me and my friend separately and asked the same question, which tire was punctured. Both of us gave different answers and got scolded for lying. The school education minister said that in order to prevent punishment for lying and late arrival every day, my teacher Narayan Singh ji handed me the key of the school that day. So that I have to come first and open the school '. Let me tell you that the peon is usually the work of unlocking schools.
This punishment changed the habit
The minister remarked that after giving responsibility by the teacher, I got used to going to school on time every day and the school started feeling like its own. Minister Tekam said that with the help of his colleagues, he made a new class by doing Shramdaan in the school. Started doing something for the development of the school. Seeing the good and new things going on in the nearby schools with the teacher, he would try to do it in his school. Let the teachers, students and parents of the state also participate in memorable moments under the Guru Tujhe Salaam Abhiyan, in this two-minute online audio-video program, by sharing that special moment through expressing their feelings towards their gurus and motivators. Expressing gratitude and expressing thanks.

Chhattisgarh gives 'Ahuti' in Indo-China clash, Kanker's son Ganesh Kunjam martyred in Ladakh

Martyr Ganesh Kunjam, a resident of Kanker, was currently serving as a constable in the 16 Bihar Regiment. The martyred jawans were residents of Gidhauli village in Kutruthana area of Charama block.


Kanker Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh) has also given a sacrifice in violent clashes between the soldiers of India and China in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh. Ganesh Kunjam, a brave soldier of Kanker district, died in a clash with Chinese soldiers. Ganesh was employed in the post of constable in 16 Bihar Regiment. The martyred jawans were residents of Gidhauli village in Kutruthana area of ​​Charama block. According to the information, the dead body of the martyr jawan can reach his village by Thursday evening.

According to the martyr's family Tiharuram Kunjam, army officials made a call on Tuesday afternoon and informed about the martyrdom of Ganesh. As soon as we hear the news of martyrdom of the jawan, mourning has spread in the whole area. Local administration officials have also reached the village to meet the martyr's family. APC MR Ahire Sahita has reached Gidhauli to talk to the team members of the district administration. At the same time, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel paid deep condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family members of the martyred soldiers while paying tribute to the soldiers of the Indian Army who were martyred in the skirmish with the Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh.


There was a clash in LAC


Let me tell you that on Monday night, Chinese army soldiers clashed with Indian soldiers in Galvan Valley. During this time, Chinese soldiers attacked the soldiers of the Indian Army with sticks and sharp objects. In this attack, 20 soldiers including the commanding officer of the army were killed. At the same time, the condition of 4 soldiers of the Indian Army is critical. 43 soldiers from China are also reported to have died in the clash between the armies of the two countries. However, China has not confirmed it yet.

Names of the 20 Indian Army personnel who lost their lives in the "violent face-off" with China in Galwan Valley, Ladakh.

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2:12 AM - Jun 17, 2020
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Alert issued

The Himachal government has issued an alert after a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh. The Home Department has asked the Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti administration to monitor every minute news of the India-China border dispute. Also said that if anything seems to be undesirable, inform the state government. Apart from this, the government has been instructed to give a moment-to-moment report to the state intelligence agency.

Sources said that soldiers of both the armies suffered severe injuries in the fighting. Sources said that such soldiers have been taken to military hospitals for intensive treatment. While Point 14 is near the confluence of the Galvan and Shyok rivers. A division commander-level meeting was held last week at the same place, where the Indian Army and the PLA agreed to reduce the troops. The move was seen as the first step towards ending the months-old crisis on the Line of Actual Control that began in May.

Here the tribals have been drinking the water of the pit for years, the collector said - will make the borewell, there will be no problem!

Dantewada The problem of pure drinking water in many villages of Dantewada district of Bastar division has become very serious. Alam is that the tribals of many villages and towns are forced to drink water from the pit and Jharia. The same situation is in Pakhanchuan village of Dantewada. The tribals here have been forced to drink water from a pit for years. Water from this pit is also provided for other works including drainage. Villagers of this Naxal-affected area say that no appropriate steps have been taken by the administration so far to solve this problem.

There is a big problem regarding water in Pakhnachuan village of Dantewada. A resident of the village said, 'We have been drinking pit water for years. We have not received any help from the administration. Till now, due to no proper arrangement for drinking water in the village, one has to face trouble. However, now the district administration has claimed to remove the problem.

Chhattisgarh: Residents of Pakhnachuan village in Dantewada are facing acute water crisis and are forced to consume water from a pit. A local says, "We're drinking water from pit since years. We have not received any help from the administration". (12.06.2020)

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Deepak Soni, Dantewada District Collector says, "We are trying to resolve the issue. Drilling work for borewell is under process in the village". (12.06.2020)

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8:58 PM - Jun 12, 2020
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The collector said this
Dantewada District Collector Deepak Soni said about the problem of water in the villages, 'Water problem has been reported in Pakhanchuan village. We are trying to resolve this issue. Drilling for borewells is going on in the village. Once the borewell is done, the water problem in the village will be solved. Let us tell you that not only Dantewada, similar problem is also seen in many villages of Sukma, Bijapur districts, affected by the naxalites of Bastar division.

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