Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh reached Raipur tour this evening

Raipur. Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh will visit Raipur on Wednesday evening. You will reach Raipur Airport at 7:30 pm. Here we will meet senior leaders and will also participate in private programs. Apart from this, the politics has been heated due to the sudden visit of Digvijay Singh, due to his sudden arrival in Chhattisgarh amid the appointment of parliamentary secretaries and corporates.

Raipur : During this time of Novel Corona Crisis, E-Lok Adalat is a ‘Nobel’ initiative –Chief Justice

Nation’s first E-Lok Adalat inaugurated in Chhattisgarh High Court

While inaugurating the nation’s first E-Lok Adalat today, Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh Mr. PR Ramchandra Menon said that in this difficult time of pandemic, e-lok adalat is a noble initiative to bring relief to people and to reduce the pendency.
In the inaugural programme organized by Chhattisgarh State Legal Service Authority Bilaspur at the conference room of Chhattisgarh High Court, Chief Justice Menon inaugurated e-lok adalat by clicking the button. All the courts, defendants, advocates of 23 districts of the state joined this inaugural programme through video conferencing. The programme was viewed across the nation through social media platforms.

Chief Justice Menon inaugurated the programme by lighting lamp. In his address to the inaugural programme, he said that because of the lockdown due to pandemic, works of government departments as well as the judiciary system has got significantly affected. Advocates and defendants both are going through tough times. All court proceedings have been stopped due to lockdown. In this phase, we have decided to cancel summer vacation and have decided to work in weekends as well. He told that during corona crisis, more than 5212 cases have been filed. 3959 cases have been resolved in High Court. Maximum of these resolved cases were the ones for which hearing was going on for more than 5 years. Commendable work has been done In district and lower courts also, based on their capacity and infrastructure. He told that in year 2019, more than 45 thousand cases were filed in Chhattisgarh High Court alone, out of which 39 thousand cases were resolved. In year 2020, 10639 cases were filed between January and March, before the strike of corona pandemic, out of which 8736 cases have been resolved.
Justice Mr. Menon said that e-lok adalats are being held across the state, as an important opportunity. As lockdown has affected all the economic activities including judiciary sector, e-lok adalat is an initiative to reduce the problems faced by people involved in cases.

While presiding over the programme, Executive Chairman of State Legal Service Authority Justice Prashant Mishra said that it is a historical opportunity to resolve cases through mutual agreement in courts across the state through video conferencing. This is an initiative to bring justice to poor people, which would not have been possible without the support of judicial officers, advocate, law officials, and guidance of Chief Justice. He thanked Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Chairman of National Legal Service Authority for their support and guidance in establishing e-lok adalat system.
Justice Mishra said that to ensure that the e-Lok Adalat runs uninterrupted, additional data has been made available by the authority to the courts of all districts. 3133 cases are being heard in 195 benches of 23 districts in e-Lok Adalat. The High Court also has two benches available. Justice Mishra appealed to the Presiding Officers and Parties of the districts to work as much as possible to ensure settlement in as many cases as possible. He said that if e-Lok Adalat turns out to be a success, then more such e-courts will be set up in future.
The programme was addressed by Justice Manindra Mohan Shrivastava, Chairman, High Court Computerization Committee and Justice Gautam Bhaduri, Chairman, High Court Legal Services Committee. The welcome address was given by Registrar General Shri Neelam Chand Sankal. Registrar CPC Shri Shahabuddin Qureshi threw light on the concept of e-Lok Adalat.
The inauguration ceremony was attended online by Justice Gautam Charadia also joined through web link. Registrar Vigilance Mr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari, Judge of all districts, Judicial Officer, Chairman and Secretary of all District Legal Services Authority, Chairman of Bar Council, Bar Association Officer, Presiding Officer, Legal Aid Service Volunteer and Parties. State Legal Services Authority member secretary Mr. Siddharth Aggarwal proposed a vote of thanks.

By Shoaib Jakariya

Naxalites kidnap father of police constable in Dantewada, sister beaten up

In Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, Naxalites have kidnapped the father of a police constable.


Dantewada In Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, Naxalites have kidnapped the father of a police constable. Late Monday night, Naxalites carried out this act. This step is being told by the Naxalites, angry with the son's admission to the police. Both the father and mother of the constable were abducted by the Naxalites, but it is being told that the 62-year-old mother was repatriated halfway through the Naxals and that the father of the constable has taken 64-year-old Lachhu Telam along. The villagers are looking for the elderly. The sister has also been assaulted.

Dantewada SP Dr Abhishek Pallav told News18 that the Naxals abducted the father and mother of police constable Ajay Telam from Patel Para of village Gumiyapal. Ajay Teram was first a scribe in a local ashram. About a year ago, he expressed his desire to join the police. He is a new constable right now. Naxalites angry at being admitted to the police have carried out such incidents. The elderly are also bent on harassing the Naxalites.

Dr. Abhishek Pallava said that the help of local villagers and associate Sangham members of Naxalites is being taken to search for the elderly. If the force lands directly in the jungle to search for the elderly, it may threaten the life of the elderly. Therefore, help of villagers is being taken. The villagers have gone to search for the elderly in the forest. Naxalites have also beaten up the constable's sister.

Minor hobbies used to be completed through cybercrime, 25 lakh mobiles, laptops, electronic devices seized

Bilaspur. Bilaspur police arrested a minor gang for cheating international credit cards. The criminals used the proxy server to change the IP address and create fake ID of the girl in social media. According to the information received from the police, this is the first case of such fraud in Chhattisgarh. However, all three have been taken into custody. 25 lakh mobiles, laptops, electronic devices have been seized from them. A team was formed under the direction of SP Prashant Aggarwal. The cyber cell team, under the direction of senior officials, made a search through the digital surveillance of such gangs and found out that there are some minor children in the city who are new ways of hacking YouTube, Google, W-Thi school site. Soon, they are working in the greed to earn more money. Due to hobbies, there are frequent cybercrime incidents. At the same time, abusers used to chat with people by creating fake accounts of girls' names on Facebook, Instagram etc. By tricking them from video calling and recording video calls and threatening to go viral on social media, they were extorting illegal money through online payment wallet. By informing senior officials of this information, the abused children were caught under siege.

Two arrested with 50 kg of cannabis, accused caught during intensive investigation

Color. During the intensive investigation of vehicles at Rasni Toll Naka, the police have arrested two accused with a hemp of 5 lakhs while clamping down on illegal drug trade. On Friday, on the information of the informer, 50 kg hemp was recovered from black Tata car number MP-40 CA-0337 while conducting intensive inspection of vehicles at Rasni toll naka under the leadership of Arang police station in-charge Lekhdhar Divan. The value of this is being estimated at around Rs 5 lakh, after which accused Chedi Raj Bardhan and Roi Beria Rait resident of Odisha were arrested and brought to the police station. The in-charge of the police station said that the said ganja was being brought from Gajapati district of Odisha to Raipur. Police are taking action against the accused under the Narcotic Act.

Vehicles laden with coal overturned, traffic jawans took over

Bilaspur A coal-laden trailer overturned at the city's main square, Nehru Chowk, last night. The trailer going from Indira Setu of Arpa to Mungeli via Nehru Chowk overturned in the chowk as it was speeding while turning right from Nehru Chowk. Due to this, the entire coal laden on the trailer was scattered on one side of the square. However, on the occasion, traffic department personnel are systematically crossing the vehicles coming and going. A lot of diesel has also flowed from the overturned trailer, causing two-wheeler vehicles to crash due to rain.


Dead body of youth found near Pulia, fear of murder, Somni police station on the spot

Rajnandgaon. In Somni police station area of the district, a case of finding a young man's body near a culvert has come up. The murder of the young man is being feared. It was told that the body of Sanjay Sahu, resident of Farhad village, was found near the canal bridge. Police and forensic team arrived on the information is under investigation.

Police reached close to the accused of robbing 71 lakh rupees, 9.50 lakh recovered from the house of one

Kawardha. 71 million was robbed from Rice Miller's worker under Pandatarai police station on Thursday. The police involved in its investigation may soon be successful. After the robbery, the police was investigating by making different teams. Meanwhile, the police has succeeded in recovering Rs 9.50 lakh from the house of an accused. The accused hid the amount in the washing machine of his house. The police seized it and are taking further action in the case. Please tell that the incident of robbery of Rs 71 lakh was done in the bike under Pandatarai police station. After the incident, the police started searching for the accused. Unknown accused from the worker of Raismiller Munna Agarwal had carried out the robbery on the basis of Katta.

Mohan Markam returned by handing over the list of corporates to the high command, read what he told the media?

Shivam Mishra, Raipur. PCC Chief Mohan Markam has returned to Raipur by handing over the list of corporation boards to the Delhi high command. Markam met state in-charge PL Punia in Delhi and discussed and Punia will now hand over the final list to National President Sonia Gandhi. After which the names can be announced soon.

PCC President Mohan Markam, who returned from Delhi, told the media that the Chief Minister, members of the cabinet and senior leaders had gone to Delhi with the names discussed in the corporation boards. The names were discussed extensively with the in-charge General Minister Punia and have sent those names to the High Command. The first list will be released only after the approval of the high command. The list of names of corporation boards in Chhattisgarh will be released only after the final seal from the High Command. We hope that all the names will be stamped soon.

He said that parliamentary secretaries have also been discussed in detail. The high command is also considering those names. Until we get the list of high command officially, it is too early to say.

State Congress President Mohan Markam left for Delhi with list of corporation-mandal, names announced possible this week!

Raipur. State Congress President Mohan Markam has left for Delhi with a list of possible names for the Nigam-Mandal and the Commission. Before leaving for Delhi, he also met Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. In Delhi, Mohan Markam will meet state Congress in-charge PL Punia. With this, he can meet Rahul Gandhi. Markam will hand over the list of names to the high command in Delhi.

Along with this, Mercam will also discuss the appointment of block officials. They will also talk to the leaders of the party about the expansion of the organization. Will also inform about the feedback received from the meeting held with the district heads in the past. At the same time, Marwahi will also discuss about the by-election.

By the way, the appointment of the corporation and the commission is mainly being said to be the main reason for Markam's visit to Delhi. It is likely that this week the first list of 12 to 15 names will be released for the corporation.

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