Naxalite assaults to 13 dependents of martyrs, including the cameraman of Doordarshan During the election work, the dependents of the deceased and the injured are being released for 30 million rupees

Chief Electoral Officer issued instructions for the disposal of all such cases
During the election duties in Korea 14 December 2018 / Chhattisgarh, the Election Commission of India has released an amount of Rs. 3 crore ten lakh as grace for the dependents of the dead and injured employees. 60 lakhs have already been released from this. Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said that during the two phases in the state, during the Naxalite incident, Rs 20 lakhs from the commission and Rs 10 lakhs to the injured by the Commission, the dependents of martyrs of Doordarshan, the cameraman of the Doordarshan, and the citizens. Are going In today's order, he said that so far the amount has been released in 18 episodes and instructions have been given to the dependents to the district collectors concerned. Shri Sahu said that only a few cases of grace amount are pending, which have been given to the officers to expedite the settlement. He said that this grace given by the Election Commission is different from the other help given by the government.

According to information received by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, on 13th December, the amount was released in 13 episodes, in the same 5 cases already amount has been released. In the Naxalite attack in Bijapur on 27th October, Shaheed jawans, Mr. Mir Matiur Rahman, Mr. Brij Mohan Behera, Mr. Chatti Pravin, Mr. Gulli Palli Shrinu, and in the Naxalite attack on October 30 in Dantewada, Shaheed Sub-Inspector Mr. Rudrapratap Singh, Mr. Mangalu Mandavi, Shri In the incident including Rakesh Kumar Kaushal, Mr. Achyutanand Sahu, the cameraman of Delhi-based Doordarshan, died on November 8 in Naxalite attack in Dantewada. The driver of the bus, Mr. Nandlal Patkar, Mr. Sushil Kumar Banjare, the helper of the bus Mr. Roshan Kumar Sahu and Mr. Johan Nayak's dependent family, 20 lakh rupees and in this incident, the injured jawan, Shri Vishnu Ram Netam, will receive an amount of Rs 10 lakh. Election Commission has been released from the side. The CEO has instructed the concerned collectors to give grace amount to the dependents soon.
Shri Sahu said that during the discharge of election duties by the Election Commission, grace amount is given in the event of death of any officer-employee and security personnel or injury in accident. During successful completion of the election process, grace is given in other accident and natural death including Naxalite incident.

On the occasion of Guru Ghasidas Jayanti declared a dry day

Jashpurnagar 14 December 2018 / Guru Ghasidas Jayanti on 18 December 2018, Collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla has declared a dry day. The full license of the District and foreign liquor shops, liquor storage warehouses and Commandant 81, BN CRPF Jashpur, will be fully closed until 9 PM on December 17, from 9 a.m. to 19 a.m. on December 17. Wine will not be transported and sold during this period.

Purchase of 216509 quintals of rice in the district so far

Balrampur 14 December 2018 / Kharif Marketing Year 2018-19 Paddy Purchase Centers of 28 Cooperative Societies of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district are being procured from 23752 registered farmers. So far 216509 quintals of paddy has been arrived in the district's Paddy procurement centers. Out of which 12346.20 quintals thick rice and 204162.80 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. Out of this 57948 quintals of paddy has been lifted.
In the district cooperative committee 5808.80 in Kapildevpur, 6162.40 in Khanhat, 5180.80 in Kusemari, 10850 in Kameshwar Nagar, 845.20 in Kodawa, 6199.60 in Gopalpur, 5885.60 in chando, 8229.60 in Jamari, 186.80 in Jodha, 864.40 in Dipedeh, 999.20 in Dongra, 999.20 in Trikunda. 13343.60, Dhandhapur 4085.20, Daura 5460.40, Barakkala 3024.80, Barikikala 9587.20, Tatapani 8582.80, Baradar 5871.20, Baris in 6888.80, Balrampur 7204, Maharajganj 8812.20, Bhulasikal 680, Bhanwarajal 19095.40, Mahavirag 13962 in Raghunathnagar, 98.80 in Raghunathnagar, 86 in Basen, 4458.40 in Rajpur, 6513.60 in Ramchandra, 8012.80 in Ramnagar, 6696 in Basantpur, 9616.60 in Vadafnagar, 8608.60 in Dindo, 10049.60 in Virendranagar, 3584.80 in Sewari and 960.80 quintals of paddy farmers in Samaria. Has been purchased.

Invited applications from the Youth Division registered for District Youth Mandal Award till December 26

Korea Youth Mandal Award will be given to a Uttrishtha Yuva Mandal (Youth Committee) of the district for the year 2018-19 by Korea Nehru Yuva Kendra, Baikunthpur district of Korea on December 14, 2018. 25 thousand rupees and a certificate will be provided. For this, from the youth board registered under the Societies Act 1860, working in the year 2017-18 in the field of health and social welfare, environmental protection, vocational training literacy, women empowerment, sports, sanitation campaign in the district by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Baikunthpur Applications have been invited till December. For more information, contact Nehru Yuva Center, Bekundipur.

Placement Camp held on 20th September 2018

Korea is scheduled to host a one-day placement camp on December 14, 2018 / District Employment Office, Mannagar, on 20 December 2018. According to the information received from the office, recruitment will be done on 45 posts of Sales Officer and Agriculture Officer. There are 43 posts of Sales Officer and 2 posts of Agriculture Officer. Recruitment will be done by new farmer Bio Plantech, Ashok Nagar Check, sept road, District Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh). For more information contact the District Employment Office in Mannadgarh.

Akbar's victory over BJP's Muslim protests, biggest win in five states elections

Mo. Arshad

In the Legislative Assembly of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, in the Assembly of Kawardhada (Kabirdham), winning by the historic and heavy votes of Mohd. Akbar Bhai, the Muslim opposition of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Muslims were not given tickets. By breaking this illusion and falsity, The people of the people have refused and at the end. Akbar Bhai's victory in Chhattisgarh was the highest victory in the home region of Chief Minister Raman Singh, where the Chief Minister himself had all his strength. In this Kawardha Assembly constituency, Dr. Raman Singh used all the government schemes and the entire campaign. And he had a lot of effort that BJP won this seat but the public's resentment and Akbar Bhai's involvement were communicating with the people and their contact was so much that Treachery vote is assured victory

In the Assembly elections held in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana, Mohd. Akbar has won the election with the highest lead. This victory of Mohd. Akbar is also considered to be very important because in the case of a narrow margin, he has won the election by a large margin, Hindutva is dominating. Even during the elections, BJP's strategy was to redeem the issue of Hindutva, even after the meeting of UP CM and BJP's firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath. But BJP's strategy was broken by Akbar.

 Indeed, Mohammed Akbar has worked very hard to build his image as a secular leader. For the past five years, we have worked in every village in the Kawardha assembly segment to win people's confidence. This is the reason that when the results came out, Mo.Abber had won a big victory beyond all the equations.

Mo. The victory recorded in Kavardha by Akbar is the biggest victory in the elections of five states. Most of the votes won by Mohd. Akbar, Raman's stronghold, demolished the Barak fort of BJP.


During the election campaign, Dr. Raman Singh had appealed to people in a gathering of Kavaldha that defeat of Congress candidate Mohd Akbar was brutally defeated. Taste the taste of such a defeat and go back to Raipur and do not come back again. Raman had also said that BJP candidate Ashok Sahu is not contesting this constituency, but I am contesting elections myself.

This speech of Dr. Raman Singh was perhaps the effect that Mohan Akbar had taken all his stakes on the stake and made such a choice in the election board of the BJP, and the frenzy that had been known in the country, in the name of Dr. Raman Singh. Akbar also changed the identity. He has won all the 90 seats in Chhattisgarh with 59,284 votes. No candidate has won so far from so many leads in all the elections since the formation of the state.

Kawardha has been the center point of the politics of Raman Singh. Raman's politics began with a tug of war. Kavardha is also their hometown. In this way, Mohawk has done a major task of destroying the fortress of BJP. In the last assembly elections, Congress candidate Mohan Akbar challenged the BJP, but had lost only 2500 votes, but this defeat did not leave any stone unturned in the strong walls of Kavardha. The walls now collapsed when Mohd Akbar defeated the BJP candidate Ashok Sahu with a huge margin. In Chhattisgarh's high-profile seats, Kavaldha is also considered a seat. Due to Raman, the second reason was that Raman Singh's son, son Abhishek Singh, had taken the responsibility of winning both the seats in Rajnandgaon, along with six seats in Kawardha district, but even after screwing all the bets, the BJP lost had to face.

Claim-objection till 24 December 2018

Applications for the posts of three posts of three posts and sweeper of vacant post of janitor and waterman for employees who received salaries from contingency fund under Mahasamund, December 13, 2018 / Office of District and Sessions Judge, Mahasamund were applied. The list of applicants found eligible and ineligible from the received application form has been uploaded on the website of the District and Sessions Judge, Mahasamund on December 13, 2018, in which any applicants have to make a claim-objection, they will have 5 December, By the time, we can present the claim-objection. Claims objections will not be accepted by post, e-mail, registered post and other means. No objection will be considered on the claim objection received after the last date. Candidates may obtain information from time to time regarding the examination in the website of the Office, at the post office.

December 18 declared dry days

On 18th December 2018, on the occasion of 'Guru Ghasidas Jayanti' by Mahasamund 13 December 2018 / Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta has been declared a dry day in the district. On this day all retailers of foreign liquor, liquor shops and liquor vendors of the district will be closed completely.

Horticulture crops till December 31

Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme for tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, onion and potato crops under the Rabi season for the horticulture farmers of the district on 13th December 2018/13 has been implemented in Chhattisgarh with the notification of the government issuing the notification on December 6, 2018. . The assistant director of the Department of Horticulture, told that the interested farmer Choice Center / Public Service Center / Bank branch / co-operative committee should submit the relevant documents such as photo, map, B-1 / measles or loan book, crop bonaci certificate, bank pass book The insurance of your above crop can be done by December 31, 2018. Or the Nodal Officer of Bajaj Alliance General Insurance Company, Mr. Anupam Shreyan, mobile number 7756005596 and Mr. Sandeep Day, mobile number 7611120151 can be registered by 31 December 2018. He said that maximum 5% of actual premium for crop insurance will be borne by the farmer, the remaining premium amount will be payable by the Central and State Government in the ratio of 50-50%. One lakh rupees for tomato and potatoes has been fixed. Similarly, 60 thousand rupees for brinjal, cauliflower and cabbage and 75 thousand rupees for onion has been prescribed.

"Intensive PPR Vaccination" from September 17 to December 30

Jashpurnagar, December 13, 2018. The special vaccination campaign will be started from December 17 to 30, 2018, under the scheme of 'Centrifugal RPR vaccination' under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of 'Dynamic RPR vaccination' in the cattle and goats of the district. Notification has been issued.
Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Development s. s. Tawar said that 3 lakh 37 thousand thousand sheep and goats in the district are being started on 17th December 2018 under the special campaign against disease control. He said that 51 teams have been formed in this district and in the whole assembly, the number of sheep in most of the districts is in Jashpur district. On the development block level, the task of free vaccination of animals of sheep-bakaria species in every village is to be taken by the constable. They have requested all the parents to take the vaccine of PPR in their flocks.
PPR is a viral-infected disease, also called Gaut plague, which is in sheep's goats, such sheep that have not been immunized or vaccinated, can spread PUP disease in those sheep-goats. is. And animal parents have to suffer financial loss.

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