Tender for the photo voter list of 846 polling stations of all the three Assembly, printing papers of working copy etc.

Jashpurnagar December 14, 2018 / India Election Commission, New Delhi, the program released by Chief Electoral Officer, Chhattisgarh. In the context of Raipur's second qualifying date, January 1, 2019, the initial publication of photo-voter list is to be done on 26th December. Special summary revision for the year 2018-19, according to the information given for the posting electoral rolls of 846 polling booths of Vidhan Sabha constituency no. 12-Jashpur, 13-Kunkuri and Pathholgaon-14 in the district, printing papers of working copy. Tender envelope has been invited till 21st December 2018 at 3 pm. The tender received from the firm will be opened at 4 pm on the same day in the presence of the committee and the tenderers.
According to information received from the Collector and Jilanivarachan Officer's office, the bank drafts issued by Nationalized Bank, with a tender of Rs.15,000 in lieu of tender, with its tender, to the tenderer should be payable in the name of collector and district election officer, Jashpur. The original copy of the bank draft will be presented in the tender envelope. The defaulted amount of unsuccessful bidder will be an immediate refund. After the completion of the return / adjustment of the successful tenderer's return / adjustment work will be done. PDF to selected firm Downloading of voter list will be done in the prescribed time period. While presenting the tender to the tenderer, the firm's legal capacity and technical experience must be attached to the details of computer systems, printers and work capacity etc. separately. The printed work of the electoral roll will be done by the selected firm in the draft format prescribed by the Election Commission. The printing work of the voter list can not be punished with a fine of Rs. 1000 / - per day on the scheduled time. Payments will not be paid if there is an error in the printing of the PDF of the voter list. The tenderer will have to submit income tax return. The tenderers will get the pen number, ten number, G.T. Must have to submit certified documents of the number. The Tenderer can obtain his tender form from the website or the office of the district's website. The final decision on dispute with respect to the tender will be the Collector and District Election Officer, Jashpur.

Divisional Review Meeting of Revenue Officers on December 20

Mr. Toman Singh Sonawani, the deputy leader of the Saraguzha division of Korea on December 14, 2018, has said that the Divisional Level Review Meeting of Revenue Officers will now be held on December 20, 2018, at 11.00 AM in the meeting room of the office. Significantly, this meeting was to be held in the East on December 15, 2018. Commissioner Mr. Sonawani has directed the Collector, Surajpur, Balrampur-Ramanujganj, Jashpur and Koriya districts, who are under the jurisdiction to be present in the meeting at the scheduled date and time, to the Additional Collector and Sub-Divisional Revenue officials.

Training officers for preparing unimportant electoral rolls Training includes about 150 registration, assistant registration officer and master trainer

In view of the Korea December 14, 2018 / upcoming Lok Sabha election-2009, Legislative officers were trained today to prepare erroneous photo-based electoral rolls in all the districts of the state. Under the second special brief revision of the phototoral electoral rolls, about 150 registration and assistant registration officer and master trainer were involved in the state level training program. In the training program, the officials said that preparation of voter list is one of the most important tasks of election.
The training program was organized at the Auditorium of Naveen Sath Bhawan, Civil Lines, Civil Lines, Raipur. Today, in the first shift, officers of Raipur, Baloudabazar, Mahasamund and Bemetara assembly constituencies were given training and in the second shift, the officers of Durg, Mungeli and Rajnandgaon districts were trained. Deputy Chief Election Officer Mr. U.S. Senior officers of the Chief Electoral Officer's Office including Agrawal and National Level Master Trainer Mr. Pulak Bhattacharya gave training.

Officials gave information about the selection of booth level officers (BLOs) and ineligible officers in the training. He gave detailed information about the process of adding and cutting the names of dead voters and transmitted voters who completed 18 years on January 1, 2019. In addition, information was given regarding the verification of online applications and 100% removal process.
Officials in the training also said that there is no charge for the first time providing the Epic Card. If voters want to create a duplicate epic card, they can be given an Epic card with a fixed fee.
Officers informed that coordinating with the booth level officer with the non-official and giving them necessary information related to the voter list. Verify the map attached to the voting list in the control table. Also, after going from house to house, verify the name, father, or husband's name, relationship, age, photo and address of each household's voters. In addition, get a good quality photo from photoreless voters. After filling the survey form, the process of joining the voter list should be continuous. Officials said that the BLO Need to know the physical verification of the polling station and basic facilities.
In the training, the authorities instructed to spread the legislative voter revision program for the widespread publicity. Before publishing voters list, make a final publication of the electoral roll by making them aware of meeting with political parties and media representatives.

District level hostel and Ashram Surveillance Committee meet

Bemetra December 14, 2018: - The meeting of district level hostel and ashram surveillance committee was held in the collectorate meeting room this afternoon, under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware. In the meeting, the Collector Shri Kavre instructed the Chief Medical and Health Officer to regularly perform health check-ups in the ashram and hostels once a month. In order to teach girl students under the special coaching scheme in the hostels and ashram, development director education officer Bemetara, Berla and Navagad were directed to ensure the availability of the teacher. Collector Shri Kavare also instructed the Assistant Commissioner, Adivasi Bemetara, Vikas Vikas Education Officer Bemetara, Berla and Navagad to conduct regular inspection for the ashram and conducting hostels in the systematic manner. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Satish Sharma, Assistant Commissioner In-charge Tribal Development Mrs Maneka Chandrakar, Development Officer, Bemetara, Berla and Navagad were present.

Monetary money directly to the police force and the city army in their bank account

Bemetara December 14, 2018: According to the information received from the District Election Office, in the Legislative Assembly election 2018 process, the honorarium of the police force and the Nagar Sena deployed in all 729 polling stations of the district will be transferred to their bank account. Their bank account number and IFSC The complete information of the code is presented as follows. 47 thousand 700 rupees for 53 force of Nagar Sanyani Dantewada, District police force of Konaggaon 94 force Rs. 84 thousand 600, PTS. 36 thousand rupees for 40 force of Rajnandgaon, Rs 40 thousand 500 rupees for 45 force of Nagar Senaani Bemetara, 72 thousand rupees for 80 force of Nagar Sena Narayanpur and 331 for District force Bemetra, 2 lakh 97 thousand 900 rupees. . It is proposed to pay a total of 5 lakh 78 thousand 700 rupees to the 643 force at the rate of 900 per force.


Wine shops will remain closed on 18th December

Bemetra December 14, 2018: - Under the Chhattisgarh Excise Desh / Exotic Wines Management Rules, Tuesday, December 18, 2018, is declared a dry day on the occasion of "Guru Ghasidas Jayanti". Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware on the said date, all the country / foreign liquor located in the district. -2 (Ghag) and F.L. - 1 (Ghag) and Wine Storage Wandering has been directed to keep it completely closed. He has also instructed to strictly monitor the sale of narcotics by keeping constant monitoring and control over possible illegal liquor bases of the district. The collector has asked the Excise Department officials to strictly follow the instructions and according to the administrative facilities, the duty of Excise Chief Reconstruction and Respectors is to impose duty. Penalty action will be taken after determining the liability on receipt of a complaint of drug sale on dry days.


Notification for Rabi crop under Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme The last date for insuring till 31st December 2018

Bemetra December 14, 2018: - Ch. Notification of the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme has been issued for the current Bonnie Rabi 2018-19 by the Government Agriculture and Biotechnology Department. As per the notification issued, the last date for obtaining insurance offers and premium deduction from bank / primary agricultural service cooperative society or public service center or online registration or insurance agent, etc. from all debtors / sage farmers, is 31 December 2018. After the last date, insurance offer and premium deduction will not be considered as insured. As per the information received from the Deputy Director Agriculture, the ambitious Government of India - the scheme is the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance, in this scheme, the farmers notified notified crops such as gram, wheat, irrigated, wheat, uni- pected, mustard seed, linseed, Premium payable, 1.5 or actual premium of the sum insured will be borne by the farmer whichever is less. The balance of the remaining premium will be in the form of a subsidy of 50-50% in the form of a grant by the Central Government and the State Government.
The amount of premium given by the farmer for the Bemetara district is Rs 450 per hectare for wheat irrigated, wheat untreated Rs 255 per hectare, for chana Rs 555 per hectare, rye-mustard 500 rupees per hectare, linseed Rs 168 per hectare Has been. The sage farmer, who sows these notified Rabi crops, can apply the premium amount in his nearest bank, service co-operative society or public service center, with his application and declaration and bonus certificates. If such loane farmers have been sanctioned or renewed from the financial institutions for the crop notified for Rabi season 2018-19, then such debtor farmers will be insured inevitably. This year, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company, a company authorized by the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme. Training of field level officers and employees has been done in all the development blocks of the district with the assistance of the Department of Agriculture, notified by the notified insurance company. Also, through the flax banner poster, the farmers of the district are being persuaded to add more to this scheme. Simultaneously, the Agriculture Department is also sending short messages (SMS) with the support of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bemetra to nearly 70000 registered farmers of the district. Apart from this, detailed information about crop insurance scheme is also being provided in the various training programs of the Agriculture Department. The Block Level Representatives have been appointed to provide information related to insurance at the block level by the insurance company. These include Bemetra V.K. For Hitesh Goswami (Mo. 7999755267,6261071919), Navagadh V. For Rupalal Sahu (Mo. No. 7566089995), V.K. Bunty Sahu for Barla (Mo. 8770601129), V.K. For Savaja, Tameshwar (Mo No. 9575064019) is the representative of the authorized insurance company. Farmer brothers can get information from them and from the block level office of Agriculture Department. The Agriculture Department has appealed to all the farmers of the district to get more and more crop insurance.

On the occasion of Energy Conservation Day, various schools of the district   Various programs in Awareness rally to promote energy conservation

Mahasamund, December 14, 2018 / Bureau of Energy Efficient Ministry of Energy is celebrated by the Indian Government on December 14 as the National Energy Conservation Day. Under this, various programs were organized on various topics related to energy conservation in different 9 schools of the district. These included the selection of government high secondary schools in the rural areas including the district headquarters Mahasamund. Various activities were organized on the subject of energy conservation through the students of science and mathematics subject of 11th standard. This includes awareness rally, wall pating, quiz competition, energy audit of homes and schools etc. For the implementation of this program, Energy Club will be formed in the respective schools. In which physics teacher, energy guru, teacher of science will be the energy conservator and student of 11th standard science and mathematics. Government Adarsha Higher Secondary School of the district, Mahasamund, DMS, Mahasamud, Ashabai Golcha School, Mahasamund, Bemcha, Bagbahra, Komakhan, Pithora, Basana and Government. Energy Club was formed by selecting Kenya Higher Secondary School, Pithora is. Organizing awareness raises for awareness generation on energy conservation day on the occasion of Energy Conservation Day through the Energy Guru protector students and Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDAA) of all these schools; Painting) program was organized.

Dissolution of the existing assembly of Chhattisgarh Notification issued

Korea December 14, 2018 / The present Assembly of Chhattisgarh State has been dissolved from December 12, 2018. The notification for the dissolution of the existing Assembly of Chhattisgarh State has been issued by the Governor on December 12, 2018, using the powers conferred in sub-clause (b) of clause (b) of article-17 of the Constitution of India.
Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu has informed the Legislative Assembly Secretariat and the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry, Atal Nagar, Raipur, after being notified by the Governor regarding the termination of the term of Chhattisgarh assembly.

Voting committee for voter revision Training of Legislative Officers across the state from today

Korea, 14 December 2018 / Chief Electoral Officer's office is now preparing for the preparation of the Lok Sabha General Election -2019. The CEO office is going to give training to the concerned officers before publication of electoral rolls. For this, the electoral registration officer, assistant electoral officer, booth level officers and master trainer of all the assembly constituencies of the state are being trained at various levels. The beginning of training has started from Raipur today. Officers of 30 assembly constituencies, including Raipur, Durg, Mahasamund, are being trained. The Legislative Training Program will be conducted in these districts from December 19 to 23 by these trained officers.
Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu told that special brief revision as per the directions of the Election Commission of India, in the case of one January 2019, the publication of the electoral roll will be published from 26 December 2018 to 25 January 2019. This training program has been organized in connection with the publication of the voter list. Under the three-day training program, Raipur will be held on December 14 and 17 and Bilaspur on December 15. In the training program organized in two shifts every day, officers from different assembly areas will be involved. In the first shift of training held on December 15 at Bilaspur's collectorate meeting room, Bilaspur, Korba and four assembly constituencies of Raigad and four other assembly seats in Raigad, Jashpur, Surajpur, Balrampur, Sarguja, all of Korea and one Assembly constituency in Raigad Will be included.
In Raipur, the training program of both the days will be held at the Naveen Satha Bharat. In the first shift of the training held today, officers of Raipur, Baloudabazar, Mahasamund and Bemetara assembly constituencies joined the other, officials of Durg, Mungeli and Rajnandgaon joined the second shift. After this, the first shift of training held on 17th December will include officers of all the assembly constituencies of Bastar, Dantewada, Bijapur, Sukma, Kanker and Jangir-Champa districts, while in the second shift Kabirdham, Griya Bandh, Dhamtari, Mahasamund, Balod, Kandgaon and Officers from Narayanpur district will participate in the training.

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