Term loan scheme invite for minority class

Bemetara : 21 Dec.

Applications have been invited for the Term Loan Scheme for the minority category under the District Occupational Cooperative Development Committee, Bemetra by 28th December. For this, target eight is set in the district. Cost per unit of one lakh rupees Eligibility & Conditions - The applicant / applicant must be minority. The applicant / applicant is a resident of the district. The annual income of the applicant / applicant is not more than Rs. 120,000 in urban areas and Rs. 98,000 in rural areas.

Applicant / applicant should be between 18 and 50 years of age. It is compulsory to submit the matched sheet of the 5th Passed or 8th pass for the applicant's age verification. To grant bail to the applicant / applicant, the security of a landlord's land or the employee working in any government / semi-government institution has to be granted.

The applicant / applicant has to give an affidavit before any bank or institution has not taken any loan. Interested candidates can submit their application on 28th December evening at 5:30 pm office collector district intermediate cooperative development committee room no. 82.

Online application for post matriculation scholarship 2018-19

Bemetara 21 Dec

Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Backward Class students and Principals / Institutions of the head of all government / non-government college ITI and districts outside the district, engineering and medical colleges, polytechnics, who are running in the district, are informed that according to the academic year 2018 Action for acceptance and distribution of post-matric scholarship (class 12th to higher) for -19 Online registration has been started at Tribal.CG.Gov.In / Scholarship website.

According to the information received from Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Department, last date has been fixed by the department as per the proposal for registration and acceptance of the students for registration and approval of the students in the year 2018-19.

For student online application (new and renewal) end date 20.12.2018 till 15.01.2019. From 20.12.2018 to 25.01.2019 for drafting propulsal lac From 20.12.2018 to 30.01.2019 for the lacs order order. K.Y.C. The last date for submission is from 20.12.2018 to 10.02.2019. After 10th February 2019, K.Y.C. Will not be accepted.

Beginning of baby protection month

Bemetara 21 Dec

Collector Mahadev Kawre inaugurated the baby protection month in District Hospital Bemetra this morning. Apart from this, he inspected the 40-bed Eye Hospital under construction. On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.K. Sharma, Civil Surgeon Dr. S.K. Pal, District Vaccination Officer, Dr. Sharad Kohad, BPM Pankaj Adil, all medical officers, nursing staff, children and their mothers who came for vaccination with paramedical staff were present.

Collector issued directions for intensive investigation of incoming inward paddy coming from outside states

Mahasamund 20 Dec.

Collector Shri Himshikhar Gupta has given 17 interstate checks in the district for the prevention and action of the coming paddy for sale in Paddy procurement centers in Orissa and other provinces during the Paddy Extraction period at Minimum Support Price in Khimf Marketing Year 2018-19. The outpost has been established. By issuing an order, the officers and employees of duty were present and ordered to conduct intensive investigations in the check post of border areas.

Under this, inter-State check post of Saraipali Tehsil, Banjari check-post forest department, Pallidih / Sirpur check-post forest department, Pajrapali check post (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Sariyapali), Jangalbeda checkpoint (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Autonomous City), Chhibra ( Ghat) Checkpoint (newly installed by Agricultural Produce Market). As its in-charge, Shri Girdhar Lal Agrawal, Secretary, Agriculture Produce Market Committee has been appointed as Secretary.

Similarly, the Bashabuljhar Pratyak Chauki Mandi Department of Basna Tehsil, Palaspali Check Chaki (newly installed by Agriculture Produce Market Basna), Kairamura / Kudiribahra Chawki (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bus) Salhejariya Check Post (new installed by Agriculture Produce Market Bus) is. As its in-charge, Jadhav Barik, the in-charge of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee Basana has been appointed.

Similarly, Pithora tehsil's Katangrai checkpoint forest department, small Loram check post (new installed by Agricultural Produce Market Pithora), Charoda check post (new establishment by Agriculture Produce Market Pithora). As its officer in charge, Shri Srinivas Mangal, Secretary, Pithora, Agriculture Produce Market Committee has been appointed.

Temri chowk post of Bagbahra Tehsil, Narra Chowki forest department, Khemda check post (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bagbahara), Khatti check post (newly established by Agricultural Produce Market Bagbahara) and Reva check post (Agriculture Produce Market, Bagbahra) Newly installed). As its in-charge, Shri Kushil Dhruv has been appointed in-charge of Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Bagbahra.

Inspection teams will visit the border areas and monitor the movement of illegal paddy. During the paddy earning period at the support price, there is a possibility of selling paddy from neighboring states and selling it in the purchase centers, this arrangement has been made for prevention.

From October 15, 2018 to April 30, 2019, import of paddy from other states will be done only with the permission of Food and Civil Supplies. It is not necessary to take permission from the Director Food for the import of superfine variety of paddy which is more than Rs.1900 / - per quintal, But the importer should inform the District Food Officer, Mahasamund, for importing paddy. In charge of each checkpoint and staff posted in it, the concerned Sub-Divisional Officers will discharge their responsibilities entrusted with the continuous interaction of Revenue, Tehsils and Police Station Officer.


Raipur : Mr. Taran Prakash Sinha takes charge as Commissioner in Directorate of Public Relations

New Commissioner-cum-Director of Directorate of Public Relations Mr. Taaran Prakash Sinha has taken charge of the office today. Outgoing Director Mr. Chandrakant Uikey handed over the charges to him. On the occasion, all the officials and employees of Directorate accorded Mr. Sinha a warm welcome and bid an emotion farewell to Mr. Uikey. It is noteworthy that State Government had issued order from Secretariat on December 17, appointing Mr. Taaran Prakash Sinha as Deputy Secretary of Chief Minister's Secretariat with additional charges of Commissioner-cum-Director of Public Relations, whereas Mr. Chanrakant Uikey has been appointed on the post of Joint Secretary, Excise Department with additional charges of Director, Culture and Archaeology Department.

Bhupathi Government has given the gift of increased support price- farmer Shri Ajit Kumar Patel

Korea 20 December 2018 / Chief Minister Shri Bhuplet Baghel has said that the Government has begun to rule the hearts of the farmers by giving a new support price. Its story, said Shri Ajit Kumar Patel, the farmer of village Sarbhoka (Basanpara) of Vikakshhha Baikunthpur, Vikaskhand, saying that he has 6 acres of land, but due to the low price of crop and the concern of debt, they do not even think of doing something new Could have been But the patriarch will see that the government gave him an opportunity to think up and up. He told that he has taken a loan of 95 thousand rupees for cultivation from the cooperative bank. This year, due to not being good in their crops, they were concerned about how they would get the loan. But now they are not worried about reducing this debt. Because the Bhupathi government has worried about their debt and the support price has also been reduced to Rs 2 thousand 500. Now Mr. Patel has become free from the worry of debt restructuring and is talking about his family's development of Chaitra. They said that by investing in the education of children, the money which was spent in debt, they want to give them good education. Apart from this, he talked about improving the condition of his family by investing in Sesha Rashis in the business. In order to forgive the debt, he thanked them for expressing their gratitude towards the new Chief Minister, Bhuplet Baghel.

Collector Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the polling stations and reviewed the short revision works.

Balrampur 20 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the meeting of the officers of the District Collectorate and the meeting of officials concerned regarding the rectification of the polling stations and brief revision work. In the meeting, he gave clearances to the attendees for doing the full work according to the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India, New Delhi. On this occasion, he discussed in detail the topics like adding names and revising the name of dead voters in the electoral roll with the photo of voters who completed the age of 18 years on 01 January 2019. He said that the draft voter list will be published on December 26, 2018. Similarly, the period of submission of claim objection before December 26, 2018 to January 25, 2019, resolving claims objections before 11 February 2019, updating the database before 18 February 2019 and printing supplementary list printing and final publication of 22 February 2019 voters list Will be done.
Mr. Narendra Dugga, according to the Electoral Registration Act, Handbook related to election, etc, to the officers, to work properly in line with the directions of the Election Commission. In the meeting, he should give proper training to BLO, Supervisor, Finance Officer, Form 6 to add name, Form-7 for deletion, Form-8 for improvement, Filling correctly, Checking well and recording Provided to keep the systematic. On this occasion, officers of the revenue department, tehsildar and urban bodies were present on the occasion including Deputy Collector Mr. JN Verma.

Collector Shri Narinder Dugga appointed for the examination of Madrasa Board Examination

Korea 20 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Dugga has organized the Higher Secondary School, Higher Secondary Certificate Course Examination (First, Second and Fourth) and Urdu Adib, Urdu Master, Urdu Molim-II Year 2018 The Flying Team is appointed for the purpose. In which the examination conducted in the Ramanuj Higher Secondary School, Bacunthpur, for the examination conducted in Teknikalpur, Tehsildar, Shri Tikaram Devangan, in-charge and Development Development Officer, Bacunditpur, Mr. B.K. Dubu, in-charge of the charge and for the examination conducted in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, GodriPara Chirmiri, Kharg gan Naib Tehsildar Shani Pakra was given charge of the party in charge and assistant VIC Jakhandar Gupta has been appointed as Assistant Assistant Education Officer Khadgawan. In order to maintain the successful operation and confidentiality of the examination in the examination centers, the party has given charge and members of the members for continuous inspection using their own vehicles.

Child protection month program released

Bemetra December 20, 2018: - Child protection month will be organized from 21st December 2018 to 25th January 2019. During the campaign, the activities of national health programs related to child and maternal health promotion will be strengthened and the delivery of services will be strengthened. The dates for the campaign beginning on 21 December 2018 are scheduled on Tuesday and Friday.
Date day date day
21.12.2018 Friday to Friday 11.01.2019
28.12.2018 Friday, 15.01.2019 Tuesday
01.01.2019 Tuesday to 18.01.2019 Friday
04.01.2019 Friday 22.01.2019 Tuesday
08.01.2019 Tuesday 25.01.2019 Friday

Regular vaccination during the child protection month along with the main services offered such as immunization of 0-5 year olds, vitamins. Syrup (children from 09 months to 05 years in 6-6 months intervals) will be given, marking of iron syrup and malnourished children, will be admitted to nutrition rehabilitation center, pregnant mothers, screening of mothers, testing of tetanus tacside The iron bullet will be distributed by injection.
Total estimated population of Bemetra is approximately 1044241, in which an estimated 7,0189 children from 09 months to 05 years will be given vitamin A supplements. Vitamin A supplements are collected from 09 months to 05 years for a total of 09 times in every 09 months.

Collector collects surprise visit of Sharda Paddy Storage Center

Bemetra December 20, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware today conducted a surprise inspection of the Paddy Extraction Center and Storage Center Sarda. He told the District Marketing Officer that keeping the paddy completely in the storage centers. The Collector directed to cover the acquired paddy completely. D.M.O. to accelerate paddy lifting from the procurement centers. Guided. Paddy collection is being done under custom milling by Rice Millers of Bilaspur and Durga from Paddy Storage Center of Bemetara district, Lenjwara. 90 vehicles are coming everyday. About 300 laborers are working to unload the load of all trains. During inspection, Superintendent of Police H.R. Manhar, District Panchayat CEO S.
Alok was also present.

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