Farmers pension scheme started for farmers facing inconveniences and unable to work in livelihood One thousand rupees per month to farmers aged 60 years And farmers of more than 75 years of age get pension of one thousand five hundred rupees

According to the point number 17.2 of Mahasamund, December 27, 2018 of the Public Declaration of State Government, agricultural farmers, in the district, under this scheme, farmers who are unable to work in agriculture due to age and facing difficulties in running livelihoods. For all those 60 years of age, farmers should pay one thousand rupees a month and pension of one thousand five hundred rupees per month to the farmers of 75 years of age. The announcement went out by the state government.
Mr. VP Choubey, Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture, has clarified in this regard that only the eligible farmers in the category of farmer will get the benefit of farmer pension. For this, the name of the eligible farmer, father's name, village, development block, bank account number, bank name and IFSC code, for the photocopy of Aadhaar card, if birth date is not clearly visible in Aadhaar card If so, then it would be necessary to show any proof of date of birth. He said that along with this the farmer's farm area, photocopy of loan book along with measles number will also be provided and other details of the sources of additional income of agriculture will also be made available. He has requested all the eligible caste farmers of the district to contact the rural agricultural extension officer, farmer friend of his area, to make all the documents available within 10 days immediately. Apart from this, the Senior Agricultural Development Officer office at the development level can deposit the documents in office hours at Mahasamund, Bagbahra, Pithora, Basna, Saraypali and Sub-divisional agricultural officer, Mahasamund, Sarai Pali office.

Instructions for special promotion of institutional delivery in the district given by collector Review of various programs and schemes of the Health Department

Mahasamund, 27 December 2018 / Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain, hereby reviewed the health related activities and schemes in the district, taking a meeting of the officials of the Health and Family Welfare Department in his chamber here and directed the necessary guidelines. During the meeting the collector said that special efforts should be made to promote institutional delivery in the health centers of the district. He inquired about the status and available resources of the District Health Center, Primary Health and Sub Health Centers, including District Hospital. Review review of the financial progress of Maternity Health Program, Infant Health Program, Vaccination, National Child Health, PCPNDT, Health Centers, Family Welfare Program, National Malaria Program, National Elastic Elimination, National Blindness Control, National Tissue Control, National Health Mission Of
Civil Surgeon cum hospital superintendent Dr. R.K. Paradal gave information about various posts in the district hospital, giving details of specialist doctors, assistant medical officer, supervisor men and women, staff nurse, as well as available medical equipment, machines, garage machines etc. In the meeting, the collector said that for the betterment of the medical facilities in the district, take action plan for the Chief Medical and Health Officer and Civil Surgeon. In addition, efforts should be made to improve medical facilities in different health centers of the district. During the review meeting, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.K. Mangrulkar, Civil Surgeon Dr. SK Pardal, District Manager Mr. Sandeep Tamarkar and other officials of the Health Department were present.

Collector's review of ongoing construction, development and beneficial primary work in the district

Mahasamund, 27 December 2018 / Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain reviewed the ongoing construction, development and interest-based work in the district, meeting the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayats and officials related to Panchayat and Rural Development in the meeting room of the District Panchayat. And directed to bring necessary progress in relation to it. During this time, Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat was particularly present. In the meeting, the collector said that efforts should be made to complete the approved, commissioned and progressive works under various schemes in the district. In the meeting, he reviewed the ongoing work under MNREGA and said that its work was completed very soon and said that its work was completed very soon. Workers paid wages on time. Under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, he inquired about the targets of the district and the houses completed so far.
In the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat informed about the financial and physical condition of various construction oriented and beneficial primary activities under the Panchayat and Rural Development, operated in the district. During the review, review of overall development works including works of the Clean India Mission Rural, National Livelihood Mission and Rural Mission, MP Fund, works of the Authority were reviewed. Under the MNREGA, progress in the works of land improvement, drainage and pond deepening were reviewed. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer, Programmer, Technical Assistant, Development Coordinator of Janpad Panchayats of the district were present in particular.

Continuous monitoring by checkpoints set up in border areas of the district - collector Review of works of paddy acquisition under Kharif marketing year

Mahasamund, 27 December 2018 / Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain reviewed the work of procurement of paddy procurement at the support price under Kharif marketing year 2018-19, taking a meeting of officials of the concerned departments including food department in his chamber here today. In the meeting, the collector said that physical verification of Nodal Officer's procurement centers appointed to monitor the paddy production centers in every paddy production centers should be ensured. He said that continuous surveillance should be monitored through all the 17 check posts set up in the border areas of the district so that illegal transportation of paddy could not be done in any way. He said that there should not be any situation of paddy consumption in paddy procurement centers by illegal paddy transport, coaches and intermediaries and in this regard, they have instructed the Mandi Secretaries to closely monitor the investigations.
In the meeting, the nodal officer of the District Cooperative Central Bank conveyed that the paddy accumulated in paddy earning centers of Basna and Saraypali has been gathered in more quantity. In this regard, the collector has instructed the District Marketing Officer to review these procurement centers and take immediate steps to speed up the procurement of paddy. It has also been asked to increase the number of trucks in Busan and Sarayali collection centers. In the meeting, the District Manager, Civil Supplies Corporation, informed that in the district, there are five quality inspectors in the district, from which the daily rice procurement is done on full scale. So far, the target of 38 percent rice was procured by the civil supplies corporation. In the meeting, Assistant Manager of Food Corporation of India said that 55-60 liters of rice is being procured every day. The Collector expressed dissatisfaction over not working on the capacity of the Rice Millers and said that the millers should speed up the custom milling work in the forthcoming mandates. He instructed the CCB's nodal officer to make the payment of 100 percent of the farmers, while the DRCs directed them to purchase the Paddy Average Quality Paddy in the committees. On this occasion, joint collector Shri Shiv Kumar Tiwari, District Food Officer Mr. Ajay Kumar Yadav, District Marketing Officer Mr. Sunil Rajput, Civil Supplies Corporation Officer Shri Arumay Methra, Nodal Officer CCB Mr. DL Nayak, DRCS Mr. RD Kulhara and Mandi Secretary were present on the occasion.

Continuous inspection of collector paddy earning centers

Balrampur 27 December 2018 / Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak conducted surprise inspection of Paddy Urpajan Kaushal Kapildevpur, Kadiya and Barikikala. During this, they gave instructions to the committee managers on improving the system immediately after seeing the disorder in the Paddy procurement center.
Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak is constantly monitoring the Paddy procurement centers of the district. In the same link today the collector took stock of the arrangements of accidental inspection of Paddy Urpajan Kunda Kapildevpur, Kadia and Barikkal and conducted necessary directions on the deficiencies in checking the moisture in the paddy brought by the farmers. They should set up Naka at the entrance of the procurement center, obtaining the loan book from the farmers coming to the paddy, and matching the loan book from the Agricultural Register and for the farmers who have been issued the coupon only for the paddy straw. Asked to receive.

Continuous hard work brings success-collector Collector inspected the resolution organization

Jashpurnagar December 27, 2018 / Nivedesh Collector Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar today conducted a surprise inspection of the Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan. Principal of the institute Vinod Kumar Gupta apprised of the achievements of the educational institution of resolution. The collector met the students of the institution and went to classrooms and greeted them for their bright future. He also inspected the newly constructed building of the Sankalp institution, and gave the order to complete the construction within the time limit. During the inspection, he also met the children of Dream 30.
                Collector Kshirsagar told the students that they had heard about the activities of the resolution organization and the achievements of the students. My wish to come to the resolution organization is fulfilled today. The students of the Sankalp Institute have made their name bright in the state on the strength of their talent. To make the organization more efficient, the district administration will be contributing greatly. Increasing the enthusiasm of the students, he said that continuous efforts in setting the goal in the same direction get success. Time should be used. The best time to ride the future is. Institutional teachers were present on this occasion.

Dr. Premsay Singh Tekam touring program

Surajpur 27 Dec.

According to information received from Protocol Officer Shri KP Singh in the direction of Collector Shri KC Deesanapati, Collector C.G.D. Dr. Premasi Singh Tekam will join the program organized by the Kalyanpur Vikas block, Pratappur, at 10 am and will be attended by the party officials, at 11 am in Kharagwan, 11:30 pm Pampapur at noon, Jagannathpur at 12 noon and 12.30 pm at party in Dharampur. The celebrities will be involved in the program organized by.

Dr. Tekam will undertake a bicycle rally and Pratappur from Mr. Jitendra Dubey's house in Gurgaon at 01 noon, will lunch with party office bearers and activists at 02:45 am at Hautar, and will be involved in the program organized by party officials and activists at 4 pm on September 4. . After this, at 5.30 pm, Dr. Tekam Village will review the review meeting with the officials in Silota, then depart for Pratappur.

Minister Dr. Tekam will depart from Pratappur for Vadafnagar district Balrampur at 10 a.m. on December 29. Dr. Tekam will be in village Sarharhi from 01 noon on December 30, 2018, from 02 am in village Bhimsamura, from 03 am to Satipara, 03:30 in Gonda from 03:30, from 4 pm to 4 pm, 04:30 in village Jahari at 06.00 pm From Grams in Sonagara and from 07 in Shyamnagar, the program will be organized by the party functionaries and workers.

On December 31, 2018, Minister Dr. Tekam will start from 11 am in village Dahora, from 11.30 pm in Village Chongora, from 12 noon to 12 noon, in Govindpur village, 01 am to Village Narola, from 01:30 in village Batai,At 02.30 pm, the village Dhondha will be involved in the program organized by the party functionaries and workers in Village Dhonadha, from 03 am to village Govardhanpur, from 03.30 pm in village Rampur, from 4 pm to 4:00 pm. After this, Minister Dr. Premshi Singh Tikam will meet with party office bearers and workers at Pratappur Rest House at 07.00 pm.


27 revenue inspectors and 215 pages light in the district now

Jashpur 27 Dec.

17 Revenue Inspectors and seven new Patiala Lighters have been reconstituted in Jashpur district under section 104 (1) of Chhattisgarh Land Revenue Code, 1959 for administrative breakdown on the functioning of revenue department. In the previous district of restructuring, total 27 revenue inspector and 215 patwari have become lighter in the district. Notice of reorganization of new Patwari Lighters and New Revenue Inspector Mandal has been sent for publication in Chhattisgarh Gazette.

As per the information received from the Land Records Branch of Collector Office, a new revenue inspector board has been made in Lodam and Ara and Manora tehsils in Jashpur tehsil. Similarly, in Narayanpur and Goria in Kunukuri tehsil, Simda in Duldula tehsil, Parsabahar and Kolhenjariya in Farasabahar tehsil, Bamra, Kurog, Pardaprapat and Sarabkombo in Tahsil, Dokda in Kansabel tehsil, In the Pathalgon tehsil, new revenue inspector board has been formed in Kerakchhar, Tamta, Ludge and Kotbah. Similarly, 7 new Patwari Lighters have been formed, in which Khasidrabab and Maheshpur in Pathholgaon tehsil and Lotas, Dumoroli, Ghamaria, Ratba, and Kurukkela are included in Tahsil of the garden.

Meeting of the Standing Committee of Agriculture on January 4, 2019

Mahasamund 26 Dec.

The meeting of the Standing Committee of Agriculture has been held in the office of Deputy Director Agriculture, Mahasamund on Friday, 4 January 2019, at 1 noon. Secretary of Agriculture Standing Committee and Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture, Shri V.P. Chaube said that in the meeting, discussion on the progress of various schemes of the Agriculture Department and approval of departmental schemes, the review of fertilizer, seed and other inputs and agricultural activities for Rabi crops along with other departmental subjects will be discussed. In the meeting, all concerned have requested to be present at the appointed time.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain, the newly constituted Collector of District District Officers

Mahasamund 26 Dec.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain, the newly elected Collector of Mahasamund district, took a meeting of the District Level Officers in the meeting room of Collectorate and asked the officials to work together with team spirit in order to ensure the work of the people in accordance with the priorities of the state government. He said that keeping in view the overall development of the district, a positive initiative will be taken to reach the administration of the rural areas including rural areas and benefit the public.

During the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Ritterraj Raghuvanshi, Forest Officer Mr. Alok Tiwari, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari and other district level officers were present. Collector Shri Jain took information of various departmental activities in the meeting and guided the officials that meaningful initiatives should be taken for the availability of public services, including the availability of basic facilities to the public.

He said that initiative should be taken with accountability for availability of services given to ordinary citizens. The collector, Mr. Jain emphasized the smooth operation of these institutions, including ensuring the necessary arrangements of residential schools including ashram-hostels. The same authorities regularly directed to inspect these institutions. They directed the officers of the construction agencies to be completed in the stipulated time period including bringing the latest progress in the construction work carried out in the district.

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