Raipur : Electricity workers reached the line to improve the boat in flood, officials also said - what is the matter!

Electrical workers are risking their lives to improve the transformer and line through the boat. The chairman of the power company has also praised the employees.

Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, heavy rain has caused havoc in many districts. Many areas are submerged in water. The continuous rain for 3 to 4 days has changed the whole state. On the one hand, people's houses have been drowned, while on the other side, due to continuous rains, most areas have been flooded. In many areas, electric poles, lines, transformers were damaged due to flood water, while in many areas there was a big technical fault. Even under such adverse conditions, electrical workers are risking their lives to risk the transformer and line through boat by correcting the power supply in flood affected areas.

The power company's chairman Subrata Sahu and managing director Ashok Kumar have praised the power workers for their understanding and courage. He said that the electrical workers have completed the challenging task of maintaining the electricity supply not only in the flood prone areas but also in the areas that became hotspots during the Corona infected period.

When the electricians arrived by boat .....
In fact, under the rural distribution center of Bemetra district, the electrical personnel restored the power supply by completing one and a half kilometers of the boat by boat to repair the fault in the power line and transformer of village Usalapur, Bawa Ghantoli, Jhiria in the flood of Shivnath river. is. Similarly, supply of 11 KV Beherghat feeder was stopped due to flooding of Shivnath river, due to which the power supply of village Behinga, Beherghat, Damai, Nawagaon township of Bemetra sub division was stopped. Junior Engineer GP Banjare, Amitosh Ghosh, Line Person Ritesh, Omeshwar Sahu, Bhikham Sahu, Nagendra Satpute, Himanshu set up the electrical system to prevent accidents due to the pillars located on the banks of the river. Along with this, the electricity system of rural areas has been restored by making alternative arrangements.

Ludo was playing two close friends, a sudden fight over money, then ...

There was a lot of quarrel between the two friends playing Ludo. The dispute grew so much that one friend attacked another with a knife. He died in a fatal attack.

Raipur. A sensational case of Murder has emerged from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. It is said that two friends were playing Ludo. Suddenly there was a dispute between the two friends while playing the game. The quarrel increased so much that it proved fatal. A friend came in shock and attacked the other with a knife. The person injured in the attack died. Investigation began when the matter reached the police. Police arrested one accused in the murder case (Arrest). According to the police, a friend killed his own friend on the money transaction.

Actually, Ludo game proved to be a death game for a young man in the capital Raipur. The case increased so much that he had to die. The matter is of the assembly station area. Two neighborhood friends were playing Ludo on Tuesday in Nardaha village here. While playing Ludo, there was a sudden dispute between the two. The reason for the quarrel is being told the old transaction. The accused youth killed his friend for not returning the money.

Police arrested the accused

The house of both Kamdev Dhivar and Khileshwar Sahu living in Naradha village is nearby. Both were playing Ludo outside the house on Tuesday. During this time, Khileshwar Sahu asked Kamdev Dhivar to return his borrowed money. On this, Cupid asked him to return the money in two-three days, but Khileshwar Sahu immediately wanted money. He got upset when Kamdev Dhivar did not give the money. In anger, there was a fierce fight between the two.
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After this, the accused Khileshwar Sahu went inside his house and brought a knife from there and attacked Kamdev. Cupid Wall was seriously injured in this. He died on being taken to the hospital. After the incident, the assembly police arrested the accused Khileshwar Sahu. In this entire case, Additional Superintendent of Police, Lakhan Patale, says that there was a dispute between the two about the Peso transaction while playing Ludo. After this, accused Khileshwar Sahu attacked Kamdev Dhivar with a knife and killed him. At present, the accused has been arrested.


Gariaband: Women groups are producing organic medicines to promote organic farming: Additional income has also become a means

Important schemes like Gram Suraji Yojana and Godhan Nyaya are being operated by the Government of Chhattisgarh for strengthening the rural economy. A major objective of these schemes is also to promote organic farming and manufacture of organic manure from local resources. The fertile use of chemical fertilizers is destroying the fertility of the earth. In such a situation, the trend of organic manure and organic medicines is being promoted. Rural women are also second to none in this mission. Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Chhaura Ruchi Sharma said that this work was done by Smt. Gayatri Sahu, an active member of Jai Maa Saraswati group of village organization Jai Ganga Maiya of Tigga cluster of village Rani Pratewa under Chhattisgarh development block of National Rural Livelihood Mission (Bihan). It is being done well. Various organic medicines and fertilizers are being manufactured and used at the village level through NPM Shop, promoting organic farming under Bihan's CSMS project. Member Gayatri Sahu was told that she is herself manufacturing Nadeep Khad, Ketchua Khad, Dense Jeevamrit, Neemastra, Agnastra, Besram Patri Dawa, Dandi Dharma, Amrit Pani and Amrit Khad. Along with the manufacture, these organic medicines are being used to protect themselves from the disease and pests of the crop in the farm and field. Gayatri said that these medicines have been manufactured from local resources and the cost of manufacture is almost nil. Medicines are also being sold through Bihan's shop, due to which it has become a source of additional income. The price of these medicines ranges from 50 to 80 rupees per bottle, this price is much less than the chemical medicines available in the market. He told that through this NPM shop, she earns 5-6 thousand rupees every season. Simultaneously, Gayatri is also imparting training for its construction in other villages, development blocks and districts.

Meat was being cooked by hunting chital in the forest, hunter arrested

Mungeli The case of wildlife hunting in the forests of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve in Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh is not taking the name of freezing. After the big ruckus about leopard hunting, now the case of chital hunting has come to light. Complaints of wildlife hunting and illegal felling of lush green trees continue to be received from the forests of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve. On Monday, after a similar complaint, the staff of the Forest Department took raids. The team has arrested the poachers.

In Surhi forest area of ​​Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, poachers were preparing to eat wildlife by hunting them. On getting information about wildlife hunting from the informer, ATR sub-director Vijaya Ratre was found after which the forest team raided a house in Surhi. While preparing to cook it after hunting wildlife chital, the forest department took action and seized 5 kg of cooked meat of chital, tools used in hunting, small wire hook, ax etc.

2 accused arrested
According to information received from the forest department team, two accused Panchu Baiga and Motu Baiga were arrested. Also, the team is looking for other accused involved in the case. The accused were kept in Lormi police station. After the completion of the interrogation, the accused have been arrested by registering a case under various sections. Other accused involved in the case are also being claimed to be arrested soon.

Chhattisgarh: The number of corona patients crosses 30 thousand, the government will provide exam center to the candidates of JEE-NEET

Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, the figures of coronavirus infection are increasing rapidly. On Sunday also, the total number of new patients has crossed 1 thousand in the state. From the last one week, the number of new patients per day is more than a thousand. So far, the total number of patients of Coronavide virus Kovid-19 in Chhattisgarh has reached 30 thousand 92, while 269 patients have died due to corona virus infection in the state so far. It is a matter of relief that so far 16 thousand 303 patients have beaten the corona in the state, in which after the illness is cured, they have been discharged from the hospital.

The Central Government is conducting Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission in higher institutions of engineering amidst ever increasing cases of corona infection. Similarly, NEET exam is being taken for admission in medical. In such a situation, the Chhattisgarh government has made special arrangements to protect the candidates from the risk of infection. The state government has made arrangements to take both JEE and NEET candidates to the examination centers. For this, free transport has been arranged by the state government. Students will be dispatched from the district headquarters from today. The government has made arrangements to transport the examination centers and then back to the district headquarters. Students of districts will leave from 11 am today.

10 thousand new patients found in just 9 days
In Chhattisgarh, the number of corona infected patients has reached 20 thousand to 30 thousand within the last 9 days. On Saturday, the highest number of 1516 new patients in the state has been identified in one day. The number of active patients of corona infection in the state is 13 thousand 520. The government is claiming to do all the exercises to control the corona, but a large number of patients are getting continuously after the unlock process.

Chhattisgarh: Bought 1 kg tomato for Rs. 580 in Quarantine Center, Congress MLA said - Officers are amazing

Kanker In a quarantine center in Chhattisgarh, a case of buying tomato at the rate of Rs 580 per kg has come to light. This expensive tomato has been purchased at the Imlipara Quarantine Center in Kanker district. The local public representatives are calling it an open game of corruption, while the officers are sitting silently in this matter. During the lockdown, workers and students from other states were held at the Quarantine Center in Imlipara. The food system of these people is being accused of corruption.

Documents found under Right to Information (RTI) have revealed this matter. According to the information given, a bill has been billed to buy tomatoes at the rate of Rs 580 per kg for making vegetables in the Imlipara Quarantine Center. At the time, the maximum price of tomato is being said to be 20 rupees per kg. Also, the price of other vegetables has also been written higher than the market price.

The system was responsible for
The district administration was entrusted with the responsibility of the Tribal Welfare Department for the supply of food items at the Imlipara Quarantine Center. The responsibilities of the department have billed to purchase at a price several times higher than the market price. The department has also paid for it. Not only this, GST (GST) and Tin Number (TIN) have not been given in the bill of material purchased for the quarantine center. According to the documents, 1 crore 67 lakh rupees have been spent to make arrangements in this quarantine center during lockdown.
Officers remain silent, leaders demand action


In the Quarantine Center of Imlipara, local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary in the State Government, Shishupal Sori has demanded action for the purchase of tomatoes and other vegetables at a much more expensive rate than the market price. Shishupala said that this is an open game of corruption done by officers. The officers did a great job. They will demand strict action on its responsibilities from the government. Kanker Collector KL Chauhan was called for the administration's side in the case, no response was received after the call was received. After this, no response was received even after messaging.

CM Baghel's letter to PM Modi on plan to hand over Nagarnar Steel plant to private hands, informs privatization unfortunate

CM Baghel wrote in the letter that Naxal activities in the state have been curbed. Due to privatization of this plant, Naxalites are expected to take undue advantage of the dissatisfaction of the tribals.


 Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel (CM Bhupesh Baghel) has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a rethinking of the decision to privatize the nagarnar steel plant in Bastar. . The Chief Minister has written in the letter - The NMDC Steel Plant under construction at Bastar is likely to be commissioned in the near future at a cost of more than about 20 thousand crore rupees by NMDC. At the commencement of this steel plant, the valuable mineral wealth of Bastar will be exploited at the Nagarnar Steel Plant of NMDC at Bastar and this will help in nation building. With the start of this industrial unit, thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities will be available in the area.

Tribal community is agitating

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh said - It has been learned that the Central Government is preparing to hand over the Nagarnar Steel Plant of Bastar in private hands. It would be very unfortunate that the proposed public sector steel plant in tribal area of ​​Chhattisgarh should be privatized. This step of the central government will give a big shock to the hopes and aspirations of millions of tribals. Bhupesh Baghel said that due to this decision of the Central Government, the tribal community is agitating and there is a feeling of dissatisfaction against the administration.


Naxalites will take advantage of tribals' anger
He wrote in the letter that the state government has been successful in curbing Naxal activities with untiring efforts. In these circumstances, privatization of the Nagarnar Steel Plant will give a big shock to the Bastar people along with the state. Due to privatization of this plant, Naxalites are expected to take undue advantage of the dissatisfaction of the tribals. About 610 hectares of private land has been acquired for the Nagarnar Steel Plant, which has been taken up for 'public purpose'. With this, about 211 hectares of government land in the Nagarnar Steel Plant is still owned by the Government of Chhattisgarh. Of this, only 27 hectares of land has been given conditionally to NMDC for 30 years, the rest of the government land is owned by the Chhattisgarh government and the first condition of the land that the state government has transferred to the Industries Department is that the land by the Industries Department Will be used only for the purpose of setting up a steel plant by NMDC. It is noteworthy that PESA Act, 1996 is applicable in Chhattisgarh to protect the interests of tribals and their natural rights.

Urge to reconsider

The Chief Minister said that the state government has expanded the 4 iron ore mines located at Bailadila for the next 20 years by the state government, so that new employment opportunities will be created in Bastar region. All-round development of this region should be encouraged and the people here can connect with the mainstream of development. The Chief Minister demanded from the Prime Minister that the Central Government should reconsider the decision to privatize the Nagarnar Steel Plant and allow it to continue functioning as a public sector enterprise.

Jagdalpur: NITI Aayog praised the works of young volunteers of Bastar

The NITI Aayog appreciated the work being done by the Government of India for the rescue of Kovid-19 by the youth volunteers in the aspirational district Bastar. Young Volunteers are being encouraged by the attention of their loved ones under the program to protect the elderly citizens from Kovid-19 and to use the sanitizer and wash the hands from time to time by following the social and physical distance. Collector Shri Rajat Bansal congratulated the Volunteers for their appreciation of the awareness program of young Volunteers by NITI Aayog.

Raipur : Chhattisgarh 4th in landlocked states in Niti Aayogs Export preparedness index : Chhattisgarh in top ten with 55.95 per cent

Chhattisgarh has been ranked fourth among the landlocked states by the Niti Aayog for having the potential to become a prominent exporting state.
According to the Export Preparedness Index 2020 released by the Niti Aayog yesterday, Chhattisgarh is in the fourth position in the landlocked states category as it had initiated several measures to promote exports. Rajasthan, Telangana and Haryana are ahead of Chhattisgarh in this category.
The report noted that other states facing similar socio-economic challenges can look at the measures taken by Chhattisgarh and try to implement them to grow their exports.
Niti Aayog in partnership with the Institute of Competitiveness released the first Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020. The index ranked states in four categories: coastal, Himalayan, Landlocked, Union Territories/city states according to four parameters  policy, business ecosystem, export ecosystem and export performance.
In overall ranking, Chhattisgarh is in the top ten lists. It is in the eighth position with 55.95 per cent. The index also took into consideration 11 sub-pillars -- export promotion policy; institutional framework; business environment; infrastructure; transport connectivity; access to finance; export infrastructure; trade support; R&D infrastructure; export diversification; and growth orientation.


Raipur: Bhoomipujan of Chhattisgarh's new assembly building tomorrow, Sonia-Rahul will be witness

A new Vidhan Sabha Building will be constructed on 51 acres at Nava Raipur in Chhattisgarh at a cost of Rs 270 crore. The construction work to be done in Nava Raipur is likely to start by the end of October.


Raipur. Bhoomi Poojan of the new Vidhan Sabha Building in Chhattisgarh will take place on August 28, that is, Friday. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will also be involved in video conferencing in the Bhoomi Poojan program of this assembly building to be built in Naya Raipur. When this building is ready in Nava Raipur, after that all the major buildings of the government will be in one place. Preparations for the construction of the assembly building have started. It will be constructed on about 51 acres of land just opposite the Ministry and HOD Building. A proposal of Rs 270 crore has been prepared to construct the new building of the assembly.

After getting the approval for the construction of the new assembly of Chhattisgarh, the Public Works Department (PWD) will issue its tender. The work of building the assembly building can begin by the end of October. Government officials said that a target has been set to complete the construction work of the new building of the assembly in a maximum of two years. State government officials have started preparing for the Bhoomi Pujan celebrations of the new building of the assembly tomorrow.

Let us tell you that this week, the monsoon session of Chhattisgarh Assembly has started from Tuesday. In view of the increasing infection of COVID-19 epidemic in the state, several security measures have been taken to organize the assembly session. The monsoon session of the assembly will run from 25 to 28 August. During this time a total of 4 meetings are to be held. Assembly officials had informed before the commencement of the monsoon session that several changes have been made in the state in view of the rising infection of the corona virus epidemic. During the monsoon session, a glass wall has been made between the chairs of the legislators in the assembly, so that the standards of social distancing can be followed. The other staff of the Legislative Assembly have also been instructed to take complete vigilance and security measures during this period.

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