Revenue Department promoted employees

Balrampur 07 January 2019 / Assistant Grade-03 Shri Akram Ali Office of the Divisional Promotion Committee on the post of Assistant Grade-02 and Accountant from the Post Graduate Assistant Grade-03, under the post of Balrampur-Ramanujganj District, in the post of Accountant While promoting the new posting in the office of Collector (Food Branch) Balrampur. Similarly, promoting the post of Assistant Grade-02 from Assistant Grade-02 to the post of Assistant Grade 02, Mr. Ramashankar Patel will be given the Tehsil office, Vadafnagar, Sri Arvind Lakra, Tehsil office, Rajpur, Mr. Santosh Kumar Sahu, District election (Bal), Balrampur, Mr. Saket Ravi Food Branch Balrampur, Mr. Sapan Kumar Vishwas, Tehsil Office, Balrampur, Mr. Ashish Kumar Gupta, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Ramanujganj, Mr. Krishna Class offerings Pankra tehsil office Balrampur, Mr. Sunil Kumar Sinha SDO revenue Kusmi, Ku. Tehsil office of Sarvanti Ravi, Shankargarh, Shri Firdous Ahmed, Tehsil office, Rajpur and Smt. Phuleeshwari Prajapati, Shri Shiv Kumar Ram, Shri Prakash Karketta and Shri Shivshankar Prajapati have been posted in Office Collector Balrampur.

Report of illegal activities to the police immediately - Mr. Boonya District and Sessions Court Meeting of Li District Officers

Balrampur 07 January 2019 / District and Sessions Judge Mr. Ashok Kumar Luni has said that if any kind of illegal or inappropriate action is found to be done in any area, the concerned departments will give the information to the police immediately. He said that restraining such acts is the moral responsibility of all of us. This talk of Mr. Luni in the joint workshop of District Officers organized in Old District Panchayat Auditorium on Sunday.
      District and Sessions Court Judge Shri Ashok Kumar Luni while addressing the District Officers and Police Officers present in the meeting cum workshop said that you must discharge all your work and responsibilities honestly. He said that if any kind of illegal or inappropriate action is going on in your area, inform the police while taking necessary action on it and do not protect the culprit in any way. They spoke to the Police Department officials about presenting the court in any court case and presenting original documents and evidence immediately. Do not make any kind of flirting and overwriting with Saha's documents. Mr. Luni told the Police Department officials that it is necessary for the police officers to appear before the court on serious issues, if they are called in court, not to do so, is to violate the rules, due to which the court has to face trouble in the prosecution. . Shri Luni said that the Chief Medical and Health Officer, who has presented important documents to the post mortem report related to criminal cases, has instructed to provide post-mortem report to the immediate Police Department.
      Chief Judicial Magistrate Mr. Liladar Sai said that due to the establishment of the District and Sessions Court in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district, we have been entrusted with the task of expecting the quality of justice. With full perseverance and transparency, we have been given the responsibility of establishing faith in justice of people by being fair and fair. He instructed all District Officers present to discharge their duties to be honest and to be honest. He asked people to raise voice against injustice and raise awareness about justice. He said that no person's position, but how efficiently the person discharges his responsibility, he counts. On this occasion, Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak and Superintendent of Police, Shri T.R. Kosima also addressed the meeting.
      In the meeting cum workshop, the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal, Additional Collector Mr. Vijay Kumar Kuzur, Additional Superintendent of Police Mr. Pankaj Shukla, all the Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue, Tehsildar, all Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, all District Office Head and Police Department The officers were present.

General Meeting concluded

Surajpur 07 January 2019 / General Meeting of District Panchayat Surajpur is held today in the meeting of District Panchayat in the presence of District Panchayat President Mr. Ashok Jagte and Chief Executive Officer District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and District Panchayat Vice President Mr. Girish Gupta. Gone.
In the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat Mr. Jha said that the selection of beneficiaries at the district level has been done in the presence of the people in the presence of representatives and farmers should be benefited. While discussing in the meeting, it was informed that no post in respect of appointment to women and child development department is vacant, all the posts are being met. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, in the year 2017-18, the road for upgradation of heavy traffic from 3.75 meters to 5.50 meter has been received for approval of 04 roads in the district whose length is 64.15 km. The work of detection of roads is in progress. In the meeting, the approved works under MNREGA were discussed and it was conveyed that 11 thousand 20 sanctioned dables were being done in the district. In which 36 thousand 510 laborers are working. In the General Meeting meeting, discussing the good fortune of the Department of Electricity, it was informed that APL and BPL will be prominently benefited and electrification will be provided in every household according to the target. Under the Kaushal Vikas Yojana, 04 thousand 380 candidates have been benefited by training in the Library Head College. In which more than 500 trainees are working under CIPET, the remaining trainees are working in different areas. While discussing the social welfare department in the meeting, it was stated that online pension payment is made by the Government of India for Widow Pension, Divya Pensions and Old Age Pension. In the rural area under the Old Pension, 03 thousand 79 people and 325 Pension holders in the urban areas are paid pension. Similarly, in connection with the distribution of fertilizer seed by the Department of Agriculture in the General Meeting, in relation to road screening by the Public Works Department, regarding the relocation of the tubewell mining by the Public Health Mechanics Department, the construction of the work currently being done by the forest department Detailed review was done in
The meeting was attended by MLAs including all District Panchayat members including MLA Naresh Rajwade, Project Administrator and Additional Chief Executive Officer Mr. RK Sharma.

National Service Scheme Unit created a stop dame on the fourth day of seven day special camp by volunteers

According to the information received from Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Kendra, Surajpur 07 January 2019 / Collector Shri K.Deswarapathy, according to information received from the Principal Higher Secondary School, Kandari, on the fourth day of the seven-day Special Camp organized by Rashtriya Sewa Yojana, Through the cleaning of the Bell Sokhta drain of pandari para of village Lue water was built Dame stop for the purpose of conservation. It is important to know that the people of the village use water from irrigation to drinking and bathing from the drain flowing in pandari para of village rajapur. Most of the villages need water from this gutter. Keeping this in mind, the volunteers constructed the Nahani Ghat at different places in the Nullah and after cleaning the drain, it was informed that the importance of water conservation and promotion of rural people was created by creating a stop dam. Also, information on ways to protect natural water sources was given.
On this occasion, the Program Officer Mr. Rajiv Kumar Singh said that water security is the responsibility of all of us. They appealed to all the villagers to plant more trees. In order to make the program successful, the volunteers Ajay Kumar, Son Kumari, Chotu, Ramkumari, Sunil, Umashankar, Anju, Anita, Mamta, Poonam, Kamalabhana, Sanita etc. have an important role.

Rs. 24 lakh sanctioned to 06 beneficiaries of natural calamity victims

According to information received from Surajpur 07 January 2019 / Collector Shri KD Deesanapati, Additional Collector Shri KP Sai provided financial assistance of Rs. 24 lakh to 06 beneficiaries of natural victims. According to the release order, Rashmi Agarwal, husband of Arun Kumar Agarwal, Jatiya Agarwal, of the deceased resident of village Dhilmili, died on May 26, 2017, due to the collapse of the fall of the tree due to a storm storm, and the closest heritage of the deceased, her husband Arun Kumar Agarwal, Shivshankar Agarwal and Vikram Khand, the deceased resident of village Prasala under Surajpur Shiva Singh's self- On December 30, 2017, due to his death due to drowning in the water of the well, his nearest daughter-in-law of the deceased, his wife Babli husband, self-styled daughter Anika Angita and son Ankit, father Sw. Shiv Singh, died of the deceased resident of village Nirvai. Death on 20th March 2017, due to his death due to drowning in the water of the well, his nearest fate of the deceased, his wife Phuleshvari, husband, son of Hirasya, Raju and Rajendra Putha Due to death due to celestial death on August 18, 2018, due to death of Sukul Jati Godd, deceased resident resident of village Jhansi, died on October 18, 2018, due to the death of a native person, his father, Sukul, was born to a beautiful woman, the husband of the deceased resident of village Prashadih Due to death due to drowning in the water of the well on December 02, 2017, the death of self-borne Bamudur Ram Jati Panika, due to his daughter-in-law and death Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on 08th August 2018, the death of Jayapat husband Rupashya Jati Sori of Village Sylphili resident of village, has been sanctioned financial assistance of four lakh rupees to his son Sukul Ram. . In anticipation of this allocation, the demand number 58 will be deemed to be in the anticipation of the allocation in the financial year 2017-18 under the Top 2245 Natural Disaster Relief.

First and foremost in the male and female category of women in the district level Marathon

Surajpur 07 January 2019 / District level marathon race was held in Surajpur under the auspices of District Administration and Sports and Youth Welfare Department. In which 60 selected 60 women and 60 male participants from the development block participated. Incharge Game Officer M. Gaus Beg said that in this race, 10 km for women category and 20 km for men category was set. For the first place runner in both the men and women category, Rs. 5000 / -, 2500 / - III, 1500 / -, Rs. 1000 / -, fifth place to 500 and 6th place to get 10th position, Rs. 250-250 per cash prize. Tax was encouraged and the selected 20 runners and runners selected in both the women and men's section of the district level will get an opportunity to participate in the state level marathon race. District level winners runners will represent Surajpur district at the state level. The race started by showing the green flag by the guests in the district level marathon race. Award distribution was given by the Chief Guest, Mr. Ashwini Singh, Mr. Gabi Nath Sahu, Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Mr. Manoj Dalmiya, Zafar Haider, Rehan, Akash Sahu. Chandravati Premanagar in the women category of District level marathon first, Sonika Rajwade Premnagar second, Basanti Singh Surajpur third, Yasmin Parveen Pratappur Chatha, Tara Singh Odgi fifth, Line Ramanujanagar Chhathwan, Neha Premnagar seventh, Supriya Pratappur eighth, Sunior leader Pratappur Nava and Civil Surajpur achieved the 10th position. Similarly, in the men category, Ashlesh Surajpur got first, Banarasi suzerpur second, Mahendr Surajpur third, Indra Prasad oddi chatha, Swamendra Singh Premnagar fifth, Sohan Singh Bhayyathan, Chhathwan, Geeta Pradhan oddi seventh, Rahul Pratappur eighth, Rajendra Pakra Pratappur Nava and Shivkumar Surajpur Tenth place gained. In the marathon, the Police Department and the Department of Medicine have special cooperation. In the successful operation of the event, Dhaniram Toppo, Yashwant Pandav, G.P. Ballale, Anuragendra Singh Baghel, Sunil Sahu, Bhagirathi Sahu, Ram Yadav, Sanjay Yadav, Subhash Rajwade, Surendra Rajwade, Prabhashankar Prasad, Sahdev Ram Ravi, O.P. Verma, Motilal Singh, Balbhadra Deganan, Pankaj Dongre etc. have special cooperation.

Farmers will get water for Rabi irrigation from Kodar reservoir

Mahasamund, 07 January 2019. According to the discussions done in the interest of farmers in the meeting of District Water Utility Committee, 161 hectare in Village Kaujhar of Mahasamund Vikaskhand, 132 hectares in Gamgaon, 79 hectares in Bendidih and 368 hectares in Khairjitya, in Tendavahi 100 hectare, 380 hectares in Bhoring, 100 hectares in Kukradideh, 100 hectares in Joba 1420 hectare for rabi crops in the field of farmers Water will be supplied for Inchai. The Deputy Director of Agriculture Department informed that for this, farmers should select short-term crops, especially maize, pulses, oilseeds, these crops require less water and the crop grows in less time as well as land by adopting crop circle. The power of that remains.

Placement Camp in District Employment Office on 9th August

Mahasamund, 07 January 2019 / District Employment and Self-employment guidance center, Mahasamand on January 9, 2019, alert security service, 434 fourth floor Progressive Point new fruit market, Lalpur Raipur and Swagi Boy Call Me Services Bhainthan, Raipur 568 different posts Security Guard, For organizing placement camps for recruitment of Marketing Executive, Field Officer, Supervisor, Agent and Delivery Boy Will be done. According to information received from the District Employment Office, for recruitment to these posts, recruitment of minimum eighth, tenth pass, twelfth graduate and post graduate applicants has to be recruited. Detailed information can be seen on the information board of the District Employment Office.


Rs 16 lakh sanctioned on massacre

Mahasamund, 07 January 2019 / Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain has sanctioned financial assistance of four lakh rupees for the next of kin of the deceased in the natural calamity under Revenue Book Circular 6-4. Among them, death of Mrs. Neerabai, resident of Village Cosapali, Sarai Pali, died on June 28, 2016, due to burning on fire on June 28, 2016, to her husband, Mr Samarama Singh, and the death of Mrs. Ramesh Sahu, resident of village Shikaripali resident of village Bagbahara. But the death of her husband, Mr. Bednath Sahu, died due to drowning in the water on 14 June 2018, Devshish resident of Village Singhanpur, Basna, Vikaskhand. On the death of his father Mr. Tikamchand Yogi and Smt. Renuka Madhukar resident of village Boriyazar of Mahasamund Vikaskhand, on death of 18 August 2017, financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh was sanctioned to her husband, Shri Karan Madhukar, on death.

Meeting on candidates' election expenditure, scrutiny report and abstract accounting concluded

In the presence of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Sunil Kumar Jain and Expenditure Observer Shri Ram Singh Shekhawat, Mahasamund, 07 January 2019, meeting of election officials was organized on the topic related to expenditure of all candidates of Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 in the meeting of the District Office today. was. In the meeting, District Election Officer and Expenditure Observer informed that according to the directions of the Election Commission of India, the limits for the expenditure incurred in the elections were decided by the candidates. Within 30 days of the counting of declaration, the candidates have to submit the Commission information of their election expenditure inevitably. For this, from January 7 to January 10, the Expenditure Observer and Assistant Expenditure Observer appointed by the District Expenditure Observer and Expenditure Audit team in the District Treasury office are being scrutinized by checking their problems. Master Tea Nurse Shri Himanshu Bhawan gave detailed information about this in the matter through Power Presentation and resolved the doubts of Election Agent. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. Alok Pandey, Treasury Officer Mr. D.P. Election agents of various political parties including Verma, Accounting Officer were present.

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